Red Velvet’s Maknae Yeri: Her Friendships with Other Idols and Plastic Surgery Rumors

Yeri’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Previously, fans have speculated that her visuals might be part of the reason why she is so well liked in the industry, and this led to a full-on investigation of her visuals and how it came to be with fans tracing back as far as her middle school pictures to find proof of her plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a very common and instant way to achieve the ideal visuals for both non-celebrities and celebrities, thus it is only natural that Red Velvet enthusiasts are curious whether or not Yeri went under the knife.

The pictures that surfaced started with ones taking during pre-debut times, with selfies and graduation pictures as the two main suspects. Fan analyze each and every one of her features to determine what kind of surgery she could possibly have gotten to achieve the visuals she is so famous for today. As seen above, there seems to be no distinct change in her features that warrant a plastic surgery rumor, the only possible one being an eye surgery such as lid threading or corner cutting but even if she had gotten those the results will be very minimal and subtle to the point people without a keen eye cannot tell the difference.

The picture above is taken when she first debuted with Ice Cream Cake as Red Velvet’s new maknae. Her pose is reminiscent of ones found during her pre-debut era, but the facial expressions she makes is quite different, thus there is no way to tell if she really did get the surgery or not. Some might even argue it proves that she is natural beauty at this point as to the lack of evidence.

During Red Flavor, there are some speculations of eye threading, as has been brought up before, due to the teaser above as you can a very distinct and clear eye fold that is not present in the very first picture of Yeri. The fold could be the result of the droopy expression is she making but it could also be the result of the procedure.

Yeri’s Latest News

The most recent of Yeri’s activities is her feature in the song Hair in The Air with NCT’s Jaemin, Jeno and Renjun as part of the SM Station and the original soundtrack for animated movie Trolls. The song is a two-part collaboration with the movie itself and is now new when it comes to SM artists. Previously other idols from SM such as SNSD and f(x) have done work with other animated movies, such as dubbing and also OST. This collaboration is special as it features idols who are relatively the same age, with the NCT members being only a year younger than Yeri herself.

Judging based on the content they have released so far, such as music video, behind the scene pictures and also footage, the four are really close with one another. This is due to their relatively similar training period, also debuting not too far apart from each other. Previously, Red Velvet has also invited NCT members on stage during their music show wins encore stage, so their relationship is definitely closer than most senior-junior relationships in other companies. The unit is a refreshing take on a co-ed concept with a cute twist. Check out the music video and behind the scenes footage down below!

Other than that, Red Velvet is also scheduled to tour the US in 2019, still, under the Redmare concert series they have been using to tour around Asia and surrounding areas. The marks Red Velvet’s first American tour featuring 5 cities coming in February next year. Check out the dates places down below!

Feb. 8 – Los Angeles, CA – Pasadena Civic Auditorium
Feb. 10 – Dallas, TX – The Theatre at Grand Prairie
Feb. 13 – Miami, FL – Fillmore Miami Beach
Feb. 15 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre
Feb. 17 – Newark, NJ – NJ Performing Arts Center

Yeri’s Instagram

Yeri is very active on social media, particularly Instagram, as she always contributes to her group’s official Instagram and uses it as a basis to her friendships such as with SNSD’s Tae-yeon and actress Kim Sae-ron. Here are ten of Yeri’s most recent posts featuring a behind the scenes look to Red Velvet’s Really Bad Boy promotions, SM Station’s Hair in The Air, their Etude brand ambassador activities and SM’s annual Halloween Party.

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So, what do you think of Yeri’s cutesy and charming self? Did she warm her way into your heart? Do you admire her ability to socialize with practically everyone? Comment your thoughts down below!