Let’s Steal Red Velvet’s Yeri’s Simple Yet Elegant Fashion Style That You Should Try On!


As a woman, of course, many women wear dresses when attending formal events or to hang out. Some of Yeri’s fashion looks below will show you how beautiful she is in her dress. You can also take or be inspired by her looks while wearing a dress to try a new style other than casual or sporty. By wearing a dress, of course, women will look more beautiful and highlight their curves that support the appearance and confidence as a woman. Let’s look more thoroughly at some of Red Velvet’s Yeri’s performances by wearing a dress in this section.

Red Velvet’s Yeri attended the photo session for ‘Marie Claire Magazine.’ With the black and white filter, we can still see how beautiful Yeri is by wearing a long see-through dress that, after finding that the original color of the dress is yellow. With a brightly colored dress, it is very suitable to wear out during the summer because it shows vibes that are very cheerful and happy. Red Velvet’s Yeri wears an all-in-one brand from PINKO with a Paneled Lace Dress that costs $ 375, a Fitted Biker Jacket that costs $ 406 and a Crossbody Bag that costs $ 375.

Who said that Yeri was a member of Red Velvet who lacked confidence? As time went on, Red Velvet’s maknae, Yeri, grew older, and this made Yeri more confident in her appearance. Like the image above, the photo is a sneak result from ‘Singles Magazine’ and shows that Yeri wears a $ 131 Belted Ribbed Knit Dress and a $ 160 Tara Floral Embellished Leather Platform Sandal from Michael Kors. With a broad smile and a very bright beach background, Yeri looks very beautiful and confident with the green dress.

For the ‘Dazed Korea May 2020 Issue’ photoshoot, Yeri is seen wearing a black dress for $ 1,550 from MARNI and making her appearance more mature than her previous look. Red Velvet Yeri also wears bold makeup with red lips making her appearance more sensual. This dress looks beautiful with its folded edges and front chest that has a heart shape. Not only that, but this dress is also a long dress with sleeveless cut so that it shows the upper body perfectly.


Because seen to be always a stylist, Red Velvet’s Yeri looks quite often wearing several different fashion looks. One of them is a swag look. Usually, this look becomes one of the main appearances for someone who has a unique personality and accentuates their aura of fierce with a mix and match of clothes and bold fashion items. Red Velvet’s Yeri also wore swag looks, though not too often. Are you curious about Red Velvet’s Yeri look with her swag style? Let’s look at some inspired looks from Yeri that you should try.

One swag look from Red Velvet’s Yeri is her mix and match with a casual look that is her mainstay. In the photo above, her swag look can be taken from the Smocked Floral Halter Top that costs $ 11 from Forever 21 and the Oversized Jeans that she wears. Besides that, her casual looks can be taken from Lambskin Mules in Black that costs $ 925 from Chanel and the Mini Coind Bag in Pale Purple Belt that costs $ 187 from Minitmute, which looks very cute when worn.


Summer Look

Summer is one of the favorite seasons in South Korea, and most of the moments where girl groups or boy groups make their comeback during the summer. Yeri is also one of the idols that are very suitable for summer resembles because her personality and some comeback that has been held by Red Velvet during summer are very positive vibes for fans and many fans of the Hallyu wave. Let’s look at some fashion items inspired by Red Velvet’s Yeri for you to try during the summer.

In a photoshoot for ‘Singles Magazine,’ Red Velvet’s Yeri wore an $ 84 Mixed Floral Top, $ 139 Stretch-denim Shorts, and $ 49 Tara Leather Slide from Michael Kors. With a matching color from head to toe, making Red Velvet’s Yeri look very fresh with a beach background that is perfect for summer, where everyone will spend their summer vacation time to have fun on the beach all day.


For one of Red Velvet’s comeback in the summer, Yeri wears a $ 351 One Off Shoulder Mini Dress from MSGM and Summer Heals with flower accessories on the front and a coke for heels on the back that shows the uniqueness of the shoes from Dolce & Gabbana. This outfit is one that is unique with off shoulder dress motifs and high heels that are different from their usual shape. If this unique summer look can invite your attention, this means that you should also try something unique inspired by Red Velvet’s Yeri’s one of summer look.


Beside fashion items, accessories are items that must be used to support a look for idols and models. Not only bags or shoes, but there are also even accessories that are important to wear, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts, rings, and many more. Let’s see what accessories that was wear by Red Velvet’s Yeri to mix and match her fashion look. Scroll down in this session to find and get inspired by Yeri’s accessories that she wears.

Red Velvet’s Yeri is seen wearing a long coat with the most prominent accessories, which is Riser Crossbody bag that costs $ 450 from rag & bone New York. This milky white and crescent-shaped bag is arguably effortless and unique to be an additional accessory in a fashion look. Not only that, but this bag can also look very suitable and a stylist if you mix and match with the right outfit too.

Besides sling bag, Red Velvet’s Yeri also spotted by wearing other accessories, namely bracelets. Maknae that was known to be close to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon wearing a Cuff – Rose Gold and Silver for $ 55.63 and makes her simple appearance look more elegant with these two bracelets. This accessory can also be inspired by your look to mix and match with a simple outfit and can look more attractive if you use a bracelet like this.

One of the Instagram stories that were uploaded by Red Velvet’s Yeri also caught the attention of many people because she posted one of the FILA X SUBWAY Jagato Sneakers that costs $ 63.69 which is still fresh unboxing and looks neat with mixed accents of green, yellow and mostly white in these shoes. Previously, the fans also remembered that Yeri likes to exercise, especially pilates because Red Velvet’s maknae often posts her photos when doing pilates.

Well, some of the sections above have shown the fashion style and outfit that was used by Red Velvet’s Yeri. Are you interested in trying the looks of Red Velvet’s Yeri? Some of the outfits worn by Yeri every day can be said to be very casual and simple, but some also look unique and show beautiful body shape. So, if you want to try a different look than usual and want to raise your level of confidence, what are you waiting to imitate the style of Red Velvet’s Yeri above?