Get To Know RED VELVET’s Wendy: The Main Vocalist and English Spokesperson of The Group


Let’s Meet Red Velvet’s Kind-Hearted Canadian Girl, Wendy

Who doesn’t know Red Velvet? No, it’s not the red velvet cake that we’re talking about. It’s the popular South Korean girl-group debuted under SM Entertainment in 2014. The group has already stolen a lot of fans’ hearts, both male to female ReVeluvs (the fandom name of Red Velvet’s fans). It’s not only because of the pretty faces and visuals of the five members, Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri, but also because of their amazing talent.

However, we’re not going to talk about Red Velvet in general.In this article, we’re going to talk about the kind-hearted member who is not the leader, but is still as caring as Irene is towards other members. It’s Wendy Son, also known as Wendy!

Wendy is the main vocalist of Red Velvet, along with Seulgi. With that powerful voice of hers, she sings a lot of songs outside her group, as well, including duets featuring Eric Nam and John Legend, singing original sound tracks for dramas, etc. If you’re curious about Wendy, just scroll down and get ready to fall in love with this girl!

Wendy’s Full Profile and Facts

Name: Wendy

Real Name: Wendy Son

Korean Name: Son Seungwan

Birthdate: February 22, 1994

Born: Seoul, South Korea

Position: Main vocalist

Education: Shattuck-Saint Marry’s School, Richmond Hill High School

Specialties: English, expression and reaction, guitar, piano, flute, cooking, etc.

Nicknames: Olaf

Wendy’s Family Background

Wendy was born in Seoul, South Korea, with the name Son Seungwan. She spent her childhood there, with her older sister and parents, until she was in 5th grade. Wendy never really revealed her parents’ names or their occupations, maybe because she wanted to preserve their privacy.

Wendy and her family moved to Canada and she continued to pursue her studies there. When she was 12 years old, she used the name ‘Wendy Son’ as her English name. She also learned to speak English, French, and Spanish since those languages are also spoken in Canada.

As you know, Wendy has been a smart girl since she was a kid. Even when she was living in Canada, she won a lot of awards. One of them was an Outstanding Academic Excellence award, and at the time, it meant she got to meet the American president, Barak Obama.

Not only that award, she also received an award from her school, along with her sister, Seunghee, who is three years older than she is. They both attended the same middle school in Canada, and they both won the same award as loyal and smart students.

Wendy and her family are really generous, right? No wonder Red Velvet has a main vocalist who is so talented!


While in Canada, Wendy was selected as one of finalists in an audition called “Koreaboo: Cube Entertainment Global Audition 2011”. With her powerful voice and ability to play several musical instruments, Wendy was picked from among more than 5,000 participants and she made it to the final round of auditions, which were held in Vancouver. After that, she auditioned for SM Entertainment’s “SM Global Audition” in Canada, and the rest is history.

On April 19, 2014, Wendy was introduced to the public along with other SM Rookies that already has been introduced, such as Irene and Seulgi. Later, Wendy, Irene, Seulgi, and Joy, who had never been introduced as an SM Rookie, finally made a debut under the name Red Velvet. The four pretty and talented girls were getting a lot of attention with their debut song, called “Happiness”.

During that era, the Red Velvet members used different ombre hair colors. Wendy was in charge of blue one, and she looked extra pretty with this hair style and color!

In Happiness, she also showed her powerful voice during her solo part. What do you think about her “Shine on me”? The lights are literally shining on Wendy, right?

As a Red Velvet main vocalist, she already sings a lot of songs, not only with Red Velvet, but also her own solo projects. She has collaborated with a lot of musicians, from Yuk Ji-dam, Eric Nam, and even the international singer, John Legend, for SM Station. Are you curious about her full discography? Let’s take a look at it, down below!

Wendy’s Discography

Red Velvet

Studio Albums
  • The Red (2015)
    • Dumb, Dumb
    • Huff n Puff
    • Campfire
    • Red Dress
    • Oh Boy
    • Lady’s Room
    • Time Slip
    • Don’t U Wait No More
    • Day 1
    • Cool World
  • Perfect Velvet (2017)
    • Peek-a-Boo
    • Look
    • I Just
    • Kingdom Come
    • My Second Date
    • Atta Boy
    • Perfect 10
    • About Love
    • Moonlight Melody

  • The Perfect Red Velvet (2018)
    • Bad Boy
    • All Right
    • Peek-a-Boo
    • Look
    • I Just
    • Kingdom Come
    • My Second Date
    • Atta Boy
    • Perfect 10
    • About Love
    • Moonlight Melody
  • Ice Cream Cake(2015)
    • Ice Cream Cake
    • Automatic
    • Somethin Kinda Crazy
    • Stupid Cupid
    • Take it Slow
    • Candy
  • The Velvet (2016)
    • One of These Nights
    • Cool Hot Sweet Love
    • Light Me Up
    • First Time
    • Rose Scents Breeze
    • One of These Nights (De-Capo Version)
    • One of These Nights (Joe Millionaire Version)
    • One of These Nights (Piano Version)
  • Russian Roulette (2016)
    • Russian Roulette
    • Lucky Girl
    • Bad Dracula
    • Sunny Afternoon
    • Fool
    • Some Love
    • My Dear
  • Rookie (2017)
    • Rookie
    • Little, Little
    • Happily Ever After
    • Talk To Me
    • Body Talk
    • Last Love
  • The Red Summer (2017)
    • Red Flavor
    • You Better Know
    • Zoo
    • Mojito
    • Hear the Sea
  • #Cookie Jar (2018)
    • #Cookie Jar
    • Aitai-itai
    • Cause It’s You
    • Dumb Dumb (Japanese version)
    • Russian Roulette (Japanese version)
    • Red Flavor (Japanese version)
  • Summer Magic (2018)
    • Power Up
    • With You
    • Mr. E
    • Mosquito
    • Hit That Drum
    • Blue Lemonade
    • Bad Boy (English Version)
  • RBB (2018)
    • RBB (Really Bad Boy)
    • Butterflies
    • So Good
    • Sassy Me
    • Taste
    • Really Bad Boy (English Version)
  • Sappy (2019)
    • Sappy
    • Swimming Pool
    • Sayonara
    • Peek-a-Boo (Japanese Version)
    • Rookie (Japanese Version)
    • Power Up (Japanese Version)
  • The ReVe Festival: Day 1 (2019)
    • Zimzalabim
    • Sunny Side Up!
    • Milkshake
    • Bing Bing
    • Parade
    • LP
  • The ReVe Festival: Day 2 (2019)
    • Umpah Umpah
    • Carpool
    • Love is the Way
    • Jumpin
    • Ladies Night
    • Eyes Locked, Hands Locked