Do You Want to Look Chic Like Red Velvet’s Seulgi? You Can Copy Her Style, Here!

Red Velvet’s Own Fashion Icon!

Red Velvet has been one of the top groups in K-Pop today, with hit after hit dominating the charts, charming the hearts of both fans and netizens alike. Although their music is not their only point of interest, with fans increasingly becoming interested in the members’ hobbies and interests, as well as their fashion and style. The members have always showcased their unique, individual styles and pulled off a whole lot of extravagant looks, but no one quite did it like Seulgi has throughout the years.

Being one of the members who appears the most often in fashion magazines and at fashion weeks, there is just something about Seulgi’s look that is not only inspiring for designers but also so effortlessly stylish that you just can’t help but look. Her looks are mostly simple and understated, but pack a big punch that leaves everyone’s jaws on the floor, enraptured by her beauty. Not only can she dress it up, but she also looks amazing dressed down in the way she pairs some more high-fashion pieces with simpler, more affordable ones. Are you curious as to Seulgi’s journey in being named the group’s fashion icon? Well, wait no more as we dive deeper into Seulgi’s fashion styles throughout the years.

Kang Seul-gi in Seoul Fashion Week

As one of the most prominent girl-groups in the scene today, is it to no ones surprise that brands have invited the members of Red Velvet along to make appearances at their Seoul Fashion Week shows. Seulgi, in particular, has gone to every Seoul Fashion Week since 2016, when she was first invited along with another member, Joy. The dress that was chosen for the occasion was a simple black and white color-block dress with red detailing. The style is unbelievably simple and understated, but created an impact nonetheless.

The next year, she went with members Irene and Wendy, instead, having once again been invited to make an appearance at one of the runway shows. The three were dressed to the nines for the KYE runway show that they were invited to, all with different styles to match of their personalities. While Wendy opted for a red crushed-velvet shirt and Irene went with a studded blouse, we see Seulgi in a tight-fitting black mesh top with wide legged pants to match. She smartly accessorized with a long teardrop earring, a black purse, and topped it all off with a slicked-back low ponytail to complete the fierce look.

In 2018, however, Seulgi was not invited just once, but twice, to different shows in the Seoul Fashion Week lineup. She sat front-row at the Low Classic and Primadonna runway shows, rocking two different outfits for those two different days that equally showcased her minimalist yet effortlessly stylish looks. First up, she wore a classic black silk wrapped dress that was slightly deconstructed to shape and drape on the body more elegantly. She paired the look with some strappy heels that perfectly matched her dress and the more elegant look that she was going for.

For the Primadonna show, Seulgi opted for a sparkly two piece, more reminiscent of the outfits she wears on stage rather than red carpets and events. Once again in black, she spiced things up with the all-over sequin detailing, a bright teal mini purse, and black booties. The looks is much more youthful than her previous one, which matched well with the brand’s image and identity.

Kang Seul-gi’s Styles: Steal Her Style!

As the fashion icon of the group, Seulgi has impeccable taste when it comes to fashion pieces, both the high-end and the affordable. She pairs them well together in order to fit her aesthetic and create a cohesive look. As she has a very minimal and simple fashion preference, she usually amps it up through accessories and outer pieces, as she more often than not will don basics such as t-shirts and jeans. Not only that, you could see this trend in both her red carpet and off-screen fashion, so let’s take a look at some of the most iconic pieces that you can copy now!

Rita Monica is a jewelry brand in Korea that offers contemporary pieces for quite an affordable price, especially in an industry that is dominated by giant brands such as Tiffany and others. The earring that she opted for comes from the Paris collection, a collection of earrings that are designed and crafted in an elegant fashion, featuring colorful gemstones and pearls, which is exactly on trend for F/W 2018 and carries through in the year to come. She pairs the over-the-top pieces with a simple white blouse in order to balance things out and look formal without being overdressed. Other celebrities who have been spotted with earrings from this collection are Risabae, WJSN’s Eun-seo and (G)-IDLE’s Su-jin.

Next is a more casual look that she wore to the airport, which resembles an outfit that most idols would be more likely to wear to practice than to the airport. The athleisure style is something that has been big since 2017, thanks to Kanye’s Yeezy line, which was popularized during the F/W 2016 season. Seulgi expertly combines both domestic and international brands into this one cohesive outfit through the use of accessories that compliment the red windbreaker and jeans she has on. The outfit features a Low Classic cap, a Balenciaga cross-body mini bag and a Moschino phone case. These little touches definitely add to the outfit and just tie it all together without being too flashy.

Another airport look has Seulgi experimenting more with various patterns and textures in accessories. The items she incorporated into this look are more mid-range than high-end, thus fans and fashion enthusiasts alike will still able to copy the look at an affordable price. This particular look focuses on the colors black, white, and red but Seulgi has put it in a very inconspicuous way that it does not overpower her usually minimal aesthetic at all. The Girl Crush fanny pack with the red label and the Girl Crush bucket hat with the red panelling is a good example of how to incorporate bolder colors into an outfit

In terms of patterns, Seulgi got creative and had the fanny pack in a checkered pattern, something that is very trendy, yet hard to master because it is such a bold pattern when incorporated in the form of pants or blouse. Tiny details such as the Comme de Garcons heart logo on the sneakers and MSGM logo on the track pants add to this athleisure aesthetic as well.

In terms of outers, Seulgi has experimented with a few before, one of them being a thick and cozy leather jacket that is sure to keep her warm in the winter winds. Leather jackets are usually a symbol of rebels and very distressed fashion looks, but nowadays they have seamlessly transitioned into an outer that can be worn with more simple, preppy, even girly pieces to revive an outfit and break up more formal looks. As seen above, Seulgi paired the heavy studded leather jacket with a simple black turtleneck and blue jeans, for a minimal, sophisticated look that is still somewhat tomboy-ish.

Oversized blazers have also been a trend recently in South Korea and Seulgi seems to have taken a liking to neutral colored blazers to pull together a look for the cold months. The first time Seulgi was spotted with a blazer like this, it was one made by the brand NAIN, the features a clean plaid pattern. The oversized blazer is paired with a white blouse and blue jeans, basics that Seulgi has been spotted with before. The blazer cleans up such simple basics and gives them a polished look while also not being too overdressed, perfect for a night out or dinner with friends.

Seulgi was spotted in another neutral oversized blazer, but this time it was a smaller, checkered plaid pattern, although it has a similar tone and cut to the previous blazer. This particular blazer comes from the brand The Studio K and is styled quite differently then her previous look, as she opted for a black turtleneck instead of the white blouse before, signaling the versatility that the outer has with her very minimal and monochromatic wardrobe. This definitely sets a precedent for other fashionistas out there that you do not need an excess of color in order to switch up your looks.