Do You Know The Red Velvet Members’ MBTI Types? Let’s Find Out More, Here!

Red Velvet MBTI

Learn More About All the Red Velvet Members’ MBTIs!

Not only fans are interested in the zodiac signs of their favorite idols, but recently, they have been getting increasingly curious about finding out their idols’ MBTI personality types. MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is a self-report designed to identify a person’s personality type, weaknesses, strengths, and preferences. This psychological test has 16 types of personalities, and this is what Reveluvs are curious about: what are all the Red Velvet members’ MBTI types?

In this article, Channel-Korea has provided all the information about Red Velvet members’ MBTIs for you, so keep reading this article.

Red Velvet Members’ MBTI Types!

Red Velvet MBTI

First of all, we should know what the 16 kinds of MBTI are: ISFJ, ISTJ, INTJ, INFJ, ISFP, ISTP, INFP, INTP, ESTP, ESFP, ENFP, ESTJ, ESFJ, ENTJ, and ENFJ. Among the 16 personalities, there’s one type of MBTI that Red Velvet members have. Red Velvet members talked about their MBTI types during the animation Trolls World Tour and in interviews. So, here are the true MBTI types of Irene, Wendy, Yeri, Seulgi, and Joy!

Red Velvet’s Irene’s MBTI ISFJ

red velvet irene mbti

This oldest member of Red Velvet is ISFJ. People with this type are called “Defender” and introverted, they always follow their heart in every step. As an ISFJ they’re very detailed about everything and are always careful with anything around them. This suits Irene very much as she is called the “Ice Princess” when she is approached by other male K-pop idols.

red velvet irene male idol

However, being an ISFJ is sometimes too tiring. They push themselves to do anything, they are overly protective of other people to be perfectionists. Behind all of that, an ISFJ type is a loyal person and supportive.

red velvet irene sm rookies

As we know, Irene was a trainee for 5 years since 2009, until finally, she was introduced as a member of SM Rookies in 2013, and then a year after that she debuted with Red Velvet. Before joining SM Entertainment, Irene had failed once in the audition, it was because she hadn’t prepared well. But then, her patience and hard work really paid off.

Red Velvet’s Yeri’s MBTI ENFP

red velvet yeri mbti

Red Velvet’s Yeri’s type is ENFP, known as “Campaigner.” People of this type are very charismatic, energetic, and have good social and communication skills. This extroverted type is very curious about anything and is kindhearted. If we compare it to Yeri’s personality, we can see that this type really suits her. Even though Yeri is the youngest member, she is known for her energy and sociability; she has many idol friends.

Red Velvet’s Wendy’s MBTI ESFJ

red velvet wendy mbti

As ESFJ, Wendy has a character who loves to work in harmonious environments. They’re very loyal and kind-hearted, which is also the case with Wendy. She’s a caring person and a good observer, Wendy was even willing to stay up late to make cakes for her beloved Red Velvet members.

Beside that, this type is often worried about their social status. They think too much about other people’s points of view.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s MBTI INFJ

red velvet seulgi mbti

Seulgi belongs to the “Advocate” type because of her MBTI, which is INFJ. This type is estimated that just 2% of the population in the world have. In general, people with this INFJ personality are very helpful, sensitive to feelings, and supportive.

They’re highly passionate about what they like and are interested in. This characteristic suits Seulgi very much: she’s organized, creative, and passionate when she makes a choreography for her dances. Seulgi is known to have a calm person and is very friendly, she has many friends among fellow K-Pop idols.

Red Velvet’s Joy’s MBTI ESFP

red velvet joy mbti

The last member is Joy, she is an ESFP type called “Entertainer”. Usually, people with this personality are very friendly and have many connections, especially in friendship building. ESFP type of personality is known as an entertaining person who likes to be the center of attention: this really describes Joy’s personality.

Among the Red Velvet members, Joy is the one who gets a lot of attention and support from fans or her friends’ circle. Joy is also known for her friendliness, for example, she has many close friends from idols to actors, they are Ex-GFriend Yerin, Cha Eun-woo, BTOB’s Changsub, actor Lee Seo Won, Park Jong Hyuk, and many more.

So, that’s all the information about the Red Velvet members’ MBTI types. Among the 4 personality types, which one member has the same MBTI type as yours? Please kindly write your answer in the comment section below.

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