Check Out Irene’s Moments as The Reliable Leader of Red Velvet

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About Red Velvet’s Leader and More Details

You must be familiar with the girl group under SM Entertainment named Red Velvet, aren’t you? Consists of 5 members, all of them are gained a lot of attention and are praised for their skills and their visuals. Moreover, many people admire how each member is looking very close and have a strong bond in the group’s relationship.

Well, thanks to Irene who is also known as Red Velvet’s reliable leader. On many occasions, the members have always been showing off how they care for each other, especially with Irene who is responsible to make the group remain solid.

Some of you might wonder, why did she become the leader? Or how did she got selected as the group’s leader? In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you about Irene as the leader of Red Velvet, so keep on reading!

Irene Became the Leader of Red Velvet Because of Her ‘Mom’ Personality

red velvet irene

Ever since her trainee days, Red Velvet’s Irene has been practicing a lot, but at the same time, she was known for her leadership and reliable personality.

In addition, Irene is the oldest one in the group which made the rest of her groupmates consider them as their ‘Mother’ and ‘Unnie’ as well. She always pays attention to small details and makes sure that the members are doing well. With that kind and loyal personality, no wonder the agency has chosen her as the group’s leader!

Red Velvet’s Irene and Her Motherly Personality

red velvet irene

Some people might think that Irene has a cold personality due to her outside appearance. But deep inside, she is very caring and showing-off her motherly side very often, especially toward the other Red Velvet members!

Simply, that moment when Irene became the ‘Mom’ of the group was caught up on many occasions. There was a time when Red Velvet was in the airport, then Seulgi was seen in a quite thin sweater despite the cold weather. Irene has been noticed that, and she quickly ran to Seulgi, wrapped her arms around her just to keep her warm.

red velvet's seulgi and irene

The fellow members also revealed that Irene was bought them many drinks or foods very often. Moreover, she was the one who brought a drink for the members as well! As tough as she is, according to other members, Irene always encourages them to talk whenever the members have problems.

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Meanwhile, Irene herself never seemed to bother to talk about her problems just so the members won’t be worried. With that thoughtful action and personality, Red Velvet’s Irene has been an amazing leader!

Red Velvet’s Irene Got Praised For Her Leadership Skill

red velvet irene

Aside from her motherly personality, many people have praised Irene for her great leadership skill. As the group’s leader, she has to make sure that every member including herself to stays healthy, safe, and keeps up the good work.

There was a moment when Red Velvet attended Gaon Chart Music Awards in early 2022. Due to the COVID-19 situation, everyone should have been wearing their mask, so did Red Velvet members. When the members arrived on the red carpet, many photographers have asked them to took off their masks so they could get ‘better’ images.

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However, Irene politely declined the favor. Her action got many praises from the fans, even that moment was also becoming a trend on social media. People have praised Irene for her brave ‘guts’ to decline the favor to keep the member stay safe and follow the health protocol. Well, she is truly a great leader for Red Velvet, isn’t she?

How SM Entertainment Choose The Group’s Leader

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Every K-Pop entertainment label should have their company’s terms, including how they choose a leader for a certain group. In the SM Entertainment case, the company has its ‘standard’ on how to choose a leader. In many SM Entertainment’s groups, the leader was chosen by their age. The oldest one in the group commonly becomes the leader.

Just like how Irene became the leader of Red Velvet, Leeteuk became the leader of Super Junior, Karina became the leader of Aespa, and many more. Despite the exception of the EXO group, where Xiumin wasn’t the leader although he is the oldest, most of the SM Entertainment group’s leaders were chosen by their age.

Red Velvet Irene

That’s everything about Red Velvet’s Irene as the reliable leader of Red Velvet! With her sense of responsibility, her motherly side, and her love toward the members, Irene successfully gained more strength for the whole group. We couldn’t even imagine any other leader of Red Velvet than Irene, right?

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