Find The Sweet and Sad Moments of Red Velvet’s Joy on ‘We Got Married’!

Joy and Sung-jae’s “Young Love”

joy sungjae

“Young Love” is a song that recounts Sung-jae and Joy’s relationship since they first met. The two of them, who were at a very young age, were discovering the fascinating thing called love.

The lyrics of the song were taken from the poems that they themselves wrote when they visited an art gallery. “Young Love” was produced by Hyun-sik, who is a member of BTOB. Sung-jae asked his brothers to help him complete the series of surprises he prepared for Joy. This song sounds very beautiful, especially when Joy’s soft voice is combined with Sung-jae’s sweet voice. To finish the song, they produced a music video as well. Filming at a zoo and studio, Sung-jae became a director and was assisted by several profesional crew members. The stars of the video are Sung-jae and Joy.

This song was sung live at the farewell episode of Bbyu Couple or the last episode. While they were performing it live, Joy showed her ability to rap, which is actually Sung-jae’s part. The farewell ended with a smile on both of their faces.

Joy and Sung-jae Reunite After The End of Their ‘Marriage’

Even though the MBC Variety program, We Got Married has ended. Celebrities with the same jobs often meet at various events. The first event that united Joy and Sung-jae after We Got Married was Oppa Thinking. At that time, the host made Sung-jae panic because he said that Sung-jae has got a video message from an important person related to his past. And that person was Joy. She gave Sung-jae an encouraging message that made him embarrassed and moved. Joy also said that she wanted the relationship between the two to remain close.

The two also met at the program, JTBC Sugar Man 2, where Joy was the MC with Yoo Jae-suk, Yoo Hee-yeol, and Park Na-rae. In that episode, BTOB’s vocal line unit, BTOB Blue, were the guest stars of the program. The hosts were discussing their past relations again, which made both of them shy. When the MC asked the two about their actual personality Sung-jae answered first, “Soo-young is really innocent and emotional. Because she is very honest, she looks like a child.” Meanwhile, Joy answered “Sung-jae oppa is really mature. He led me well, so I’m thankfull to him.”

They also met at the music events where they demonstrated their close relationship outside the camera. Both of them were attending the KBS Youth Music Concert in 2016. Both groups, Red Velvet and BTOB, were standing next to each other. They looked so close chatting and joking. And at the end, Sung-jae was waiting for Joy and they had a chat while walking outside the stage. Even though the virtual marriage was over, they were apparently still good friends.

In 2018, a beer product announced their new ambassador models which were BTOB’s Sung-jae and Red Velvet’s Joy. As a fresh couple, they believe both Joy and Sung-jae can produce a refreshing beer commercial. In the interview of the new models of the brand, they were joking with each other and showed their closeness.