Find The Sweet and Sad Moments of Red Velvet’s Joy on ‘We Got Married’!

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A Little Information about the Series We Got Married

We Got Married is an MBC Entertainment program, running since 2008, that brings together two celebrities who don’t know each other to act as a husband and wife. This program is often called virtual marriage variety show because the couple first meet each other when filming for the program. This program is very popular and controversial. Both celebrities, acting as a married couple, must make a romantic relationship in front of the camera without a script, so this program goes according to the couple. But usually, every week, couples are given a mission to complete, so the program becomes more interesting and fun. There was a segment where they will interview celebrities to uncover their thoughts and feelings.

Joy is The Only Member of Red Velvet Who Has Joined We Got Married


Joy is the stage name of Park Soo-young, the former maknae of the famous idol group Red Velvet. Red Velvet debuted with four members, namely Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy with the release of the single “Happiness.” When they released the song “Ice Cream Cake,” the new member Yeri, as the youngest, joined. Joy was born in 1996 making her the youngest member to have joined the We Got Married show. Also, Joy is the first and the only member of Red Velvet who has taken part in We Got Married.

Who was Joy’s Virtual Husband?


The man who is Joy’s virtual husband is Yook Sung-jae, a member of BTOB. Sung-jae has always been doing activities with BTOB since his debut in 2012. In addition, he has also performed as an actor in several dramas, such as Plus Nine Boys, School 2015: Who are You, The Village: Achiara’s Secret, and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Sung-jae is the youngest member of BTOB, born in 1995 making him a year older than Joy.

The Exciting Moments of Joy and Sung-jae’s First Encounter

joy sungjae

In early June 2015, Joy from Red Velvet and Sung-jae from BTOB were confirmed as a virtual couple. Many Korean netizens disagreed with the arrangement of this couple, and Joy ended up getting a lot of hatred. Because both of them are members of idol groups, many of their fans didn’t like their idols taking part in this program. And like that, this pair brought controversy from the beginning of their appearance.

They met for the first time in a park, but both of them already knew who their partner would be due to the articles that were previously published. But still, they felt embarrassed and awkward. Joy was hidden in a gift box and gave Sung-jae a surprise. She prepared a snake rubber toy, and couple shirts for the two of them to wear. At the beginning of the program, Sung-jae was very shy, while Joy was very brave and led the couple well. However, both of them were very cheerful and fresh, which made them a very refreshing couple among other couples in the program. The couple was called Bbyu Couple, an abbreviation of a Korean term, a married couple which means Bubu (부부) and can read as Bbyu (쀼). This cute idea came from Sung-jae and was immediately approved by Joy.

joy sungjae

No longer awkward, the couple became closer since their holiday together in Jeju for a photo shoot. With a yellow raincoat, both of them pose cutely while squatting together. In addition, they also showed sexy poses wearing swimsuits. Besides Jeju, they also vacationed in tropical countries according to Joy’s wishes, namely Hainan. They were very close and romantic while spending time together in Hainan. During the day they played on the beach and at night they rested sleeping together on the terrace, while Sung-jae sang a lullaby for Joy.

As time went by, their appearance and way of thinking grew more mature than when they first met. Sung-jae was no longer shy but became more attentive and took care of Joy. Whereas Joy, who found out about Sung-jae’s change, who became more courageous, started acting shy.

In the winter, they did a lot of activities in their apartments. Playing traditional Korean cards, eating crabs, decorating the rooftop with flower plants, washing blankets, and other fun activities. The spent the winter warmly.

joy sungjae

To show his romantic side, Sung-jae organized a surprise event for Joy. He played the piano and prepared various candies, which displayed Sung-jae’s cute, romantic side and made Joy feel entertained. As part of Sung-jae’s event, he asked other BTOB members to help Sung-jae and Joy to record a song.

When the time came to separate, in the last episode of the Bbyu Couple, both of them couldn’t hide their sadness. They sang a song to each other. The farewell also celebrated Sung-jae’s birthday with a small surprise from Joy, where she brought a cake to the stage while singing him a birthday song. But when Sung-jae sang “Hug Me” expressing everything he couldn’t say to Joy all this time, Joy regretted it by crying while hugging him. Sung-jae continued to sing while calming Joy.

joy sungjae

Although netizens disagreed with the couple at the beginning, in the end, the two of them were able to make them sad over their separation.