Breaking News: Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush Are Officially Dating!

joy red velvet and crush

The Sparks Between Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush

You must be one of the K-pop fans who has been shocked about the dating announcement of Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush! They were famously known for the hit collaboration through the “Mayday” single, and their chemistry developed into something more intimate and romantic. Let’s get to know the full details about Joy and Crush’s dating news through the article below by Channel Korea!

How Did It Start: Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush’s Relationship

red velvet joy and crush

Many K-pop fans have been very excited after the news that Joy and Crush were officially dating. For those of you who don’t know, Joy is an actress as well as a member of Red Velvet and has become one of the most influential K-pop stars. Meanwhile, Crush is popularly known as a solo singer, songwriter, and producer as well.

You will be familiar with his voice since he participated in a lot of OST appearances like Goblin, Crash Landing on You, and more. Among the fans, Joy has the kind of pure image that they easily fall for. She and Crush met for the first time during the collaboration process of the single “Mayday” in May 2020. Turns out, the relationship between seonbae and hoobae turned into a romantic relationship as a couple!

Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush’s Moments

red velvet joy and crush

Even before they officially started dating, there were a lot of precious moments between them. Here they are:

Their first encounter occurred in 2020. Both of them were being shy at first but were instantly comfortable around each other! Crush started to explain the collaboration song with Joy, and there was something between them that was right on cue!

red velvet joy and crush

While preparing for the collaboration single “Mayday,” both of them were having fun together. They adorably played the recorders and sang together!

red velvet joy and crush
red velvet joy and crush

Turns out, Crush used to reveal that his ideal type is Red Velvet’s Joy! The confession also made everyone gasp, and his ideal type has become his girlfriend for real!

When Joy appeared as a guest in Happy Together, she amazed everyone with her standout vocals while singing “Alone,” an original song by Crush!

Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush’s Dating Announcement

red velvet joy and crush

On August 23, 2021, Reveluv (Red Velvet’s fandom) and Crush fans were surprised after the South Korean media Sports Chosun released the announcement that the two K-pop stars were dating. Not only that but there was also their dating picture together. Just like common couples, Joy and Crush were walking around their neighborhood in comfy outfits while taking their puppies to walk around with them.

red velvet joy and crush
red velvet joy and crush

Happily, many fans were supporting the dating news of them! Aside from that, many fans started to realize that both Joy and Crush have hinted at something in the past. Through their interactions and their thoughts on each other, they believed that it was love at first sight!

Official Statement From Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush’s Agencies

red velvet joy and crush

Shortly after the dating news started spreading, both SM Entertainment (Joy’s agency) and P NATION (Crush’s agency) confirmed that their artists are dating: “They had a senior and junior relationship, but they started dating recently with a good feeling toward each other.”

Red Velvet’s Joy also gave her official statement regarding the news. Through Lysn, Joy greeted the fans and explained the news. She felt sorry because she couldn’t explain in advance since the news has spread, and she hopes that the fans will always support her with Crush and her work as a K-pop star!

Fans’ Reactions

red velvet joy and crush

A lot of fans are being very supportive of Joy and Crush’s dating news, and they started to root for their relationship! They even made Joy and Crush become worldwide trending topics on Twitter. Here is what they said about them:

“Joy found her crush, and crush found his joy”
“Joy, congrats. Crush is cute!”
“I like their voice colors so well!”
“Cute, both of them are raising dogs too. What a match!”
“I hope that Joy and Crush are both happy”

That’s everything you need to know about Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush’s dating announcement! It is such a pleasure to see them being happy as the fans also support their relationship. Do you also think that Joy and Crush look good together? Leave your comment down below and share some love for them!