Do You Wanna See Red Velvet’s Irene’s Funny Moments on ‘Running Man’? Check This Out!

Red Velvet's Irene

The Stunning Leader of Red Velvet, Irene

What fan wouldn’t recognize Irene from Red Velvet? Her real name is Bae Joo-hyun, but on stage, she’s more famously known as Bae Irene or Red Velvet’s Irene. She was the leader of Red Velvet, as well as a singer, actress, and television host. In addition to all that, Irene is also the brand ambassador for some very famous brands, from clothing to cosmetics.

The performer has also participated in some variety shows, like Running Man. Want to know what happened during her appearance on Running Man? Check out this article to find out.

Channel Korea will introduce you to Red Velvet’s Irene, and show you some of her appearance on Running Man!

Red Velvet’s Irene on Running Man Episode 376

Red Velvet's Irene

Irene appeared on Running Man in episode 376! Have you watched it? If you haven’t, don’t worry, we’ll give you a little recap. In this episode, the guest stars were Red Velvet’s Irene, Red Velvet’s Joy, Super Junior’s Donghae, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Super Junior’s Leeteuk, and Super Junior’s Yesung.

running man

In this episode, all of the guests and hosts were divided into two teams, and each team had to collect money to be named the winner. Each team had a spy to help them keep track of the other team’s progress. No one knew who the spies were, so each team must figure it out.

Irene and Joy from Rev Velvet also showed everyone some dance moves, such as Joy’s iconic slapping dance. Irene also participated in that dance!

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Another of Irene’s Appearance on Running Man, Episode 426!

Red Velvet's Irene

Irene also appeared in episode 426 of Running Man! Both Irene and Joy were guests, again. This time, the guests and the hosts were divided into teams based on a picture of someone that was shown to them.

Red Velvet's Irene

Irene was really surprised when she saw pictures of herself, which had been modified with Se-chan, one of the regular cast members on Running Man.

In this episode, both Irene and Joy showed off a preview of Red Velvet’s new single, Really Bad Boy. When the two of them were showing off some dance moves from Really Bad Boy, the people there were amazed by their performance and really enjoy it!

The male hosts and cast members tried to impress Irene by using three-line poems. She was really impressed by Se-Chan’s poem, even though the poem ended up with a statement from CF line. Irene was laughing really hard. Se-Chan wasn’t the only one who tried, the other hosts and team members also tried to impress her with their poetry, even to the point of plagiarizing, but sadly, it didn’t work.

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