Red Velvet’s Irene is a Bully?! Learn More About Her Controversy with a Stylist!

red velvet's irene

What Happened with Red Velvet’s Irene?

Do you know about the girl group Red Velvet? They have 5 charming members, and one of them is Irene! With her goddess visuals, fans might be very surprised by the allegation of Irene bullying a stylist. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Red Velvet’s Irene’s bullying scandal, so stay tuned!

Red Velvet’s Irene’s Bullying Scandal with a Stylist

red velvet's irene

Not everything about K-pop stars and the entertainment industry is good. We also have to experience the bad. Bullying controversies among K-pop stars isn’t something new but can still be shocking. Unfortunately, Irene from Red Velvet has been involved in one of these controversies.

There was an online post from a stylist who talked about her experience meeting with an anonymous K-pop star. Her encounter with the artist didn’t go well, and the artist was later revealed to be Red Velvet’s Irene. The stylist claimed Irene bullied her with malicious words and an inappropriate attitude during a shoot.

red velvet's irene

Previously, rumors were spreading about Irene having a bad attitude. Her cold expression made people speculate about it. After the bullying scandal spread, people started to wonder whether she has a bad attitude or not.

The Full Story of Red Velvet’s Irene’s Bullying Victim

red velvet's irene

On October 20, 2020, the fashion editor and stylist Kang Kook-hwa made an online post through Instagram. Through the post, she talked about her encounter with an unnamed K-pop star who bullied her and made her feel humiliated and shed tears due to the K-pop stars’ harsh words and abuse of power.

Furthermore, the editor explained that the K-pop star was “emotional” and was “insulting” her with harsh words while pointing at the stylist’s face with her cell-phone. “I became speechless as this person stung me with her words that are like electric needles.”

red velvet's irene

Before the post was deleted, the stylist included some hashtags such as #pyscho and #monster. Fans started to speculate that the K-pop star was Irene from Red Velvet. Moreover, a lot of fashion editors, stylists, and even photographers supported the post which made people think that the editor’s post was accurate.

Red Velvet’s Irene’s Apology and Agency’s Response

red velvet's irene

Shortly after the news spread, Irene made an apology. Through her official Instagram @renebaebae, she expressed an apology towards the stylist and everyone else who was hurt by her actions, “I sincerely apologize for hurting the stylist with my foolish attitude and careless words and actions.”

red velvet's irene apology

Irene’s agency SM Entertainment also released an official statement regarding the issue, “She feels sorry for causing concern with her immaturity. Our agency feels responsible for the incident, and we didn’t forget the hard work of all the representatives or staff who work together with our company and our artists.”

Furthermore, the agency promised that they will be working hard to prevent this incident from happening again. They also explained that Irene and the stylist have met personally for an apology. Following the issue, Irene was made to take a short hiatus from any activities include with Red Velvet.

Red Velvet’s Irene: Does She Really Have a Bad Attitude?

red velvet's irene

Even though Irene expressed her apology directly to the stylist, people shared various reactions. There are two different camps, one defending Irene and one judging her.

Moreover, some people think that Irene should have left Red Velvet since they don’t want the group to get a bad image due to her actions. They also talked about the rumors about Irene while scolding her manager.

red velvet's irene

A choreographer who works with Red Velvet thinks that Irene doesn’t have a bad attitude since she is a hard-working, energetic, and detail-oriented person. The choreographer also doesn’t have any unpleasant experiences while working with Irene.

The founder of Soon Soo’s Salon Soo Kyung said that Irene is the type of celebrity who knows how to express gratitude. Irene used to write thank-you notes to the whole salon staff and even gifted them vitamins.

That is everything about Red Velvet’s Irene’s bullying scandal with a stylist! Since she has expressed her apology, we do hope that the same incident won’t happen in the future. Bullying is a crime after all, right? What do you think about Red Velvet’s Irene behavior? Tell us your opinion through the comment sections, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!