Red Velvet Reveals Their Fandom’s Name: “ReVeluv”


Calling Out ReVeluv, Get Ready to Know More About Red Velvet’s Fandom!

In the K-pop world, it is important to note that official fan-club names and colors are essential for an idol group to have. These are ways for fans to show their loyalty to their favorite artists, as well as adding a way to easily identify a group’s fandom.

As you may already know, RED VELVET (레드벨벳) is a five-member girl group under SM Entertainment which debuted on August 1, 2014. The group was originally composed of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy, however, in March of 2015, Yeri was added as the fifth member. After almost 3 years of promoting, Red Velvet finally revealed that their official fan-club name was going to be “ReVeluv!” Do you know the meaning behind the name?

RED VELVET’s Fandom Name and Official Color


Official Fandom/Fanclub Name : ReVeluv

On the night of April 26th, 2017, the girls greeted fans with a video via Instagram. After a long wait, they said that RED VELVET’s official fandom/fanclub name has finally been decided. It’s “ReVeluv”!

Official Color : Pastel Coral [pictures here]

Their official color is a very pale red with pink tones. The color can be found on HTML: #FFD1C3. Their official light-stick looks like this.

ReVeluv’s Meaning


It was reported back in January of 2017 that a source from SM Entertainment revealed that RED VELVET’s fan-club name would be determined by the fans. They would gather suggestions from fans, and then the members themselves would choose the name they think is the best. The agency accepted entries until February 5, and the fan whose suggestion was chosen would also be awarded a handwritten note and signed CD from the Red Velvet members themselves.

After vetting through all of the fans’ suggestions carefully, ‘ReVeluv’ was picked because the girls wanted the name to represent the loving relationship that RED VELVET has with all of the fans. RED VELVET announced their official fan-club name as they were also celebrating the 1000th day anniversary of their debut. This came as great news for RED VELVET fans that had been waiting for the announcement since the previous year.

“Reve” (rêve) in ReVeluv means “dream” in French. The story behind the name is that the fans, us, make RED VELVET’s dreams come true, so in return, RED VELVET gave us their love.

In addition, fans also commented that “ReVeLuv” may have two meanings : the name being a combination of the words Red Velvet and Love, and a play on the words “Level Up!” when pronounced in Korean. Congratulations to the girls for earning a fandom name!

The caption below the video said, “Everyone! Were you surprised? An official fan club name was finally decided! We decided on it after gathering all of your thoughts and thinking very carefully! We chose it because we wanted the name to represent the loving relationship that Red Velvet has with all of you. So let’s love each other and treasure each other for a really long time! #ReVeluv #WeLoveYou #RedVelvet #YouFinallyHaveAName!“.

RED VELVET’s Official Site


ReVeluv in Hangul


“ReVeluv” is the official name for Red Velvet’s fan-club/fan-base. It is pronounced as “Re-Ve-Love” because the fans love Red Velvet and Red Velvet loves their Fans. In Hangul, it would written like this : 레베럽. It appears, however, that the fan-club also has a nickname! It is called “러비” or “Ruby”.

As an SM Girl group, RED VELVET receives huge support from their female fans, however there are quite a lot of male fans too. At this time, the ratio of men and women is around 4:6. As can be seen in the steadily growing number of record sales, it is a fandom that has been steadily growing since its debut.