Here’s The Real Reason Why Sistar Chose to Disband

Where Are The Former Members Now?

Years after the disbandment of Sistar, let’s check out how our beloved idols are doing.



After leaving Sistarthe ex-leader changed her stage name to Hyolyn.

Finally, after two years of going solo, Hyolyn announced her fan club name on March 27th, 2020.

The solo artist held a live broadcast where she revealed that she will now be calling fans Bae, after being suggested Hyottie or Lyon previously.

She wrote on Twitter afterward, “My BAE. Today was so much fun. Let’s meet a lot on YouTube in the future. Promise. Love u Bae!!!”

Bae is also the reference of Hyolyn’s single title that she released in the summer of 2018.

In her last Instagram post from April 7th, 2020, the singer took a selfie with origami paper. In the caption, she wrote, “🌹.”



After Sistar disbanded, Bora started to pursue an acting career seriously and signed a contract with Hook Entertainment, the same agency that managed Lee Seung-gi.

Her last drama appearance was the SBS Dr. Romantic 2 as the nurse Joo Young-mi.

On February 16th, 2020, Bora thanked labelmate Lee Seung-gi for thoughtfully sending support to the set of her drama. She posted an update on her Instagram, revealing photos and videos showing the food trucks sent by Lee Seung Gi. She wrote, “Seung Gi oppa, I’ll eat well! #DrRomantic2.”


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The banner atop the first snack truck read, “Get a taste of the snacks prepared for Nurse Joo. Cast and staff of Dr. Romantic 2, bon appétit!! From Lee Seung Gi.”

The second truck, a coffee truck, had a banner on top of it that said, “Dol Dam Hospital is peaceful (?) today as well. I am cheering for nurse Joo Young-mi and the Dol Dam family. Please take good care of our Nurse Joo. From Lee Seung-gi.” The banner to the right of the truck read, “Wow! Good understanding, quick thinking, and even a coffee truck~ She has completely shaken up the emergency room. Truly the best nurse, Nurse Joo, fighting!”




Same as Hyolyn, the main singer Soyou also focused on pursuing a solo career after Sistar’s disbandment. On top of that, she is also on YouTube now!

On March 19th, 2020, the singer started her channel with a video describing her thoughts about the channel.

Soyou said that many fans had asked her to open a YouTube channel for a while, but she was hesitant due to concerns about constant uploads and difficulties of being a creator.

Explaining the name of her channel, Soyougi, she stated, “It means that it’s a record of Soyou’s everyday life.” She also candidly revealed that she isn’t talented at filming, named some video requests she had received such as dieting tips, eating broadcasts, and ASMR, and asked fans to leave other requests in the comments.

She asked fans to look forward to the video and burst into embarrassed laughter while asking fans to press subscribe and like and shared her first official video chronicling her first trip to Switzerland with her older sister.

Check out Soyou’s new channel and first vlog below:




After Sistar disbanded, former maknae Dasom got herself busy with acting and reality show deals. She got on board as one of the cast members of the newest episode of SBS’ Law of the Jungle. She even surprised viewers when she began hyperventilating while diving in the ocean.

In the February 15th, 2020, episode of the survival reality show, Dasom dived the ocean to look for manta rays, saying, “I like water a lot, and I really like the ocean. I had confidence. I thought that we would find them right away.”

Despite her confidence, she began panicking when she saw the ocean water was murky. Dasom said during her interview, “I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see the scuba-diving instructor either. It was a bit scary. I couldn’t see, so my breathing started getting unstable. I swallowed a lot of water too.”

She added, “I think I thought of it too easily. It was scary because it had been a while since I’d done it. I began hyperventilating.”

It seems like things are okay now. On April 12th, 2020, she updated her Instagram feed with a selfie taken from her car. She wrote, “Match selfie 🐒” in the caption, highlighting her matching clothes and make-up.


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