Here’s The Real Reason Why Sistar Chose to Disband

Goodbye to SISTAR

After 7 years of being the TOP South Korean girl group and making lots of big hits such as “So Cool,” “Alone,” “Touch My Body,” “Loving U,” and “Give It to Me,” the 4-member girl group haд to say their goodbye to fans. Officially debuted in 2010 under Starship Entertainment, Sistar (Korean: 씨스타, often stylized as SISTAR) was officially disbanded in June 2017.

Although it was certainly not the end of Hyolyn’s, Bora’s, Soyou’s, and Dasom’s career, it was still a sad decision, especially to their fandom. So, what exactly are their reasons for disbanding? If you want to find out, let’s scroll down this article below!


Sistar Announced Disbandment in 2017

On May 23rd, 2017, the South Korean music industry was surprised by the confirmation that the ‘queen of summer’ girl group Sistar announced that they will be disbanding after their new album release in May 2017.

Sistar’s agency, Starship Entertainment, stated, After SISTAR releases their last album in May, they will end group activities. We are currently in discussions with the members on their individual contracts.”

According to industry insiders, it was revealed that Hyorin and Soyou were positively considering to continue to pursue solo singing careers, while Bora and Dasom would go into acting.

Following the shocking news of Sistar’s disbandment after their last single album on May 31st, 2017, the members released hand-written messages on their official fan café.

In a touching letter, Dasom wrote, “There are so many things I want to say to you guys, but I feel agonized and cautious about what I should say first. It’s been seven years since we debuted under the name SISTAR. I want to thank you for always supporting and loving us.”

She continued to write, “I believe that we’ve been able to end this seven-year journey, which would have been a little rough otherwise, on a happy note thanks to our connection with you. We have made the tough decision to end our activities as SISTAR with this upcoming album and walk our individual paths. We hope to continue to repay our fans for the overflowing love you have given us as SISTAR through our individual activities. We will work hard to connect with you more. Please support us. Thank you.”

Bora wrote, “Star1, hello. It’s SISTAR’s Bora. Every year, I tell our fans to be happy, and I wonder if the past seven years have been happy and fun for you. The times I’ve spent with the other members of SISTAR and Star1 have been so precious and happy. I feel like my hard work never fully expressed how I feel about our fans, and the feeling of regret I have for not doing better during our time as SISTAR continues to grow. When you told me that seeing me bright and happy gave you strength, I worked even harder to be more energetic. I will continue to do so in the future.”

She added, “So many memories are flashing through my head as I write this. We’ve decided to support each other on our individual paths. However, this won’t be the last time you see us, and I will work hard to be the best that I can be as Yoon Bora. To our Star1, who have loved SISTAR and have loved Bora, thank you for always being by our side. I was happy. Let’s keep being happy. I love you.”

Soyou opened up with, “It’s already been seven years. The happy moments and difficult times have been happier and less difficult because I always had my fellow members and Star1 by my side. Looking back on our time with our fans, I feel bad and regretful because I feel like I never did enough. No matter what I do in the future, I will never forget how I feel about my fellow members and fans. I love you… I’m sorry… and I’m grateful. I’ll be back with good music. Till the very end, let’s all remember to be happy.”

Lastly, Hyorin wrote, “To Star1, who have always loved and supported us. Hello, this is SISTAR’s leader Hyorin. It’s already been seven years since SISTAR debuted. The time I have spent with my fellow members and Star1 as SISTAR’s Hyorin has been like a dream, so precious that I wouldn’t change them for the world. We will now be going our separate ways to start a new chapter in our lives.”

She continued on with, “I want to sincerely thank Star1 for teaching us how much of a joy and blessing it is to sing for someone, to perform on stage for someone, to be loved by someone, and to love that person back. Putting our regrets behind us, we hope to support each other’s dreams and do our best to grow and be better as individuals. I love my fellow members and Star1 and you will forever be in my heart. You’ve given me more love than I deserve and have given me strength, even though I am lacking in many ways. I want to thank you with all my heart. I love you.”


The Real Reason Behind Their Disbandment

Before their disbandment decision, there were discussions over a contract renewal. But, according to, a Starship Entertainment representative revealed that Sistar had a rule that the group will disband if at least one member wanted to leave. The source then stated that Sistar’s leader, Hyolyn, was the one who wanted to leave, explaining that she wanted to focus more on her growing solo career.

A rep from their agency explained, “Now or later, her wish will be the same even if they promote as a girl group for several more years. I think that’s why she brought up the courage to disband.”

Although Hyorin is well known for her amazing vocals and great leadership capabilities, both Sistar’s members and the agency decided to respect her decision.

Former SISTAR member Hyorin discussed her upcoming single and close friendship with her members.

On February 1st, 2018, Korean Magazine High Cut revealed images of Hyorin from her pictorial, along with the interview, which was taken in her personal studio, after she set up her own agency following SISTAR’s disbandment.

In the magazine interview, Hyorin revealed her decision to go solo as well as why she decided to set up her own agency, despite receiving offers from many well-known companies. Hyorin explained, “I can’t say that it’s because, ‘I had so many things I wanted to do, so I came out to do them all!’ I know that no matter what work you do, you can’t just do the things you want to do.”

She continued, “After debuting, I promoted for seven years, not for myself or anyone else, but for SISTAR’s sake. Because of that, I had a lot of concerns regarding life as Hyorin or Kim Hyo Jung [Hyorin’s birth name]. It wasn’t just me, but concerns that all the members had as well. We thought carefully, and then came to the decision that we worked hard for seven years, and we should remain good friends that support one another as we go on our individual paths.”

Hyorin’s first single since leaving Starship Entertainment, which was released on February 6th, 2018, is titled “To Do List.” Moreover, she explained about the track, “To me, the farewell that the song describes is not just about the one between men and women in love. I met up with Dasom a few days ago and showed her the song, saying, ‘You guys are included in the lyrics as well.’ She replied, ‘This is so moving?’ and seemed to like it.”

The solo artist added, “I used to refrain from saying cringe-worthy things to the members, but now that we are far apart, I’m slowly starting to. If the members say they’re going to do something, I get worried, and feel like I should go chase after them and support them.”

Now, that is what we call true friendship!