What Happened With Ailee’s Latest Comeback? The Reason For Her Hiatus From The Korean Music World

Has Ailee’s Appearance Been Sabotaged By Her Former Agency?

Ailee released a comeback album, titled Butterfly, with the lead single “Room Shaker” on July 2nd, 2019. Her comeback can be considered as successful, seeing that most of the album tracks were dominating the digital music charts. But, as loyal fans, fans couldn’t help but notice that this comeback didn’t have a music show performance even though Ailee usually is active in promoting her songs.

One of the fans’ threads posted by Hadia Zafar on Quora in July 2019 wrote that the reason is that YMC Entertainment is preventing her from this promotion as a way of punishment because she didn’t choose to stay.

The original thread stated:

Fans believe Ailee’s label is preventing her from music show promotions, with her contract coming to an end soon

fans are growing concerned as rumors that YMC Entertainment is preventing the solo artist from any broadcast promotions continue to garner more and more attention on online communities.

Back on July 2nd, Ailee returned for the first time in approximately 2 years and 8 months with her 2nd full album, ‘ButterFLY’. However, after holding her comeback showcase on the day of her album release, Ailee has yet to appear on any music programs to promote her comeback title track, “Room Shaker.”

Fans of Ailee, also known as Aileeans, have gathered information floating around on various online communities, and believe that a high ranking figure affiliated with Ailee’s label YMC Entertainment is preventing her from successful promotions. The primary reason for this, fans believe, is that once Ailee completes promotions for ‘ButterFLY’, her contract with YMC will come to an end.

Quoting from Allkpop, fans have assumed that the singer was being punished by her agency due to her plans of leaving. This rumors started when the day before her comeback, Ailee made a V Live broadcasted and announced that she would not be able to perform in any music show promotions for her title track “Room Shaker.”, although she did not reveal more details nor specific reason for her decision to not perform. Well-known and active fans of Ailee’s fan club have noticed that this behavior was strange because Ailee has been known to spoil her fans by actively appearing in music shows promotion.

Some of Ailee’s loyal fans then took over SNS or online community accounts to share their conspiracy theory regarding Ailee’s decision to not promoting her music live. As quoted from Allpop, one fan posted, “There was a broadcast schedule planned before the comeback, but then it was abruptly canceled, and there was a reason…” Another fan also revealed, “I heard from a [KBS] writer that because the company is preventing it, [she] can’t go on music shows or Immortal Song or Sketchbook or anything. Do you know how many times I’ve seen her manager being ignored by the PDs.”

Following the rumors of this, Ailee then was also spotted wearing a sad expression when she appeared as a guest on KBS2’s Hello Counselor on July 6th, 2019. According to fans who showed up to see Ailee back when she attended the recording, the show took place before her comeback. These fan accounts fueled the rumors that Ailee’s Hello Counselor guest’s appearance was confirmed before her leave, and so the recording had to take place under an uncomfortable atmosphere. Additional fan accounts online also claimed that Ailee was seen holding back her tears after finishing the show’s recording. She also was seen being comforted by Hello Counselor MC Lee Young-ja.

Prior to this year, YMC Entertainment has been noted as the former management company for project groups IOI and Wanna One, who were involved in hideous scandals regarding Produce 101 rigged votes. Fans believe that a former executive of the company, known as Jo was the key figure behind these scandals, simply because he held a lot of power in the entertainment industry

Some Korean media articles, which seem to be intentionally targeting Ailee’s comeback in a negative light, such as “Despite the strong presence of female solo artists on the music charts, Ailee’s scores remain poor… Not living up to the title of ‘Chart queen’.” also raised concerns amongst the fan.

Netizens have been reacting sympathetically after seeing the post becoming widespread.

Here are a few comments regarding Ailee’s leave as quoted from Allkpop: “I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen her on TV, I had no idea TT,” “This is so evil,” “Heol… If this is true she must be feeling so horrible,” “Please move to a better company soon TT,” “How can they play so dirty,” “This is so sad… she is so talented and her songs are so good,” “I didn’t even know she made a comeback,” and more.