Let’s Take A Look At Rapper’s Cheetah’s Life Through MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’


Find Out More About Cheetah’s Activities In 24 Hours!

Cheetah is a female rapper from South Korea that was very popular with her appearance in Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar and got her fame after becoming the winner of the show. Nowadays, Cheetah continues her career as a rapper by producing some music and having her last comeback in May 2019 with her latest single titled “Flight” (feat. Chaboom).

Well, are you curious about Cheetah’s activity and what she is doing in the course of 24 hours? Let’s check out her daily life in MBC’s I Live Alone, in this article below!

Morning Activity

In the very beginning of the episode, Cheetah revealed her face with no make-up as she had barely just woken up from her sleep in that morning. While tidying up her bedroom, Cheetah went to the balcony and cleaned her blanket then went to her bedroom again to fold her clothes and greet her cat who went inside her room.

After that, Cheetah brought her blanket and clothes and put them inside the cabinet before doing some stretching exercises as her day started. The female rapper who was known with her song “My Number” went to clean up her cat’s litter box and light up some aromatherapy incense in her bedroom. It seemed like she went on a morning ritual to awaken her mood before beginning with activities in her schedule.


Cheetah was also seen writing down something on a piece of paper about which the MC thought was maybe lyrics for a song, but it turned out that it was nothing like that. Not a long time after writing something, Cheetah called someone from a mini-market and decided to buy the things that she wrote earlier on the note.

Cheetah’s Make-Up Style

The female rapper who won the title of champion in Unpretty Rapstar, Cheetah, did not hesitate to show fans her innocent face without wearing any make-up. In her appearance on the episode of I Live Alone, Cheetah showed another side of her that was never highlighted by the public.

If she usually appears with smokey eye make-up and short hair that somewhat makes her look scary, in this episode, the rapper who managed to get rid of her competitors in Unpretty Rapstar, did not hesitate to show her face with no make-up at all. It was clear that this girl had small eyes and thin eyebrows. But in a state with no make-up, Cheetah appears to have a sweet persona.

When she got her make-up done, Cheetah went ahead to choose a pair of sunglasses for her to wear before going to her schedule that day. The MC was so curious so he asked her, “Why are you wearing sunglasses if you’ve got your make-up done?” and she answered, “Because the sun is too bright outside.” After that, Cheetah didn’t forget to spray her perfume on both her wrists but it wasn’t the final step of her make-up routine.


The rapper-singer from the song titled “I’ll Be There” did her eyebrows again and made them become thicker with a little touch-up. Right after her make-up was done, she went to her cat again and said goodbye before going outside of her place. Cheetah only brought her phone and clutch as she went outside and the MC commented that she really has an image of Ssenunnie [strong unnie].


Stage Performance

As soon as Cheetah arrived at the University festival, the footage was shown off her performance that was followed by her fans who came to the festival and sang along with her. The MC was getting hyped as they were watching Cheetah who was performing with all of her energy and showing off her powerful rap.

Beside her image as a strong female rapper, Cheetah was friendly with her fans at the festival by approaching the front side of the audience and she also took a few gifts from her fans.


Fun Facts

  1. Cheetah has a real name Kim Eun-young (김은영) and was born in Busan, on May 25th, 1990.
  2. In January 2007, Cheetah was in a coma for several months after being involved in a bus accident while crossing the street. Fortunately, she recovered without any major complications.
  3. Cheetah has the life motto: “live with no regrets.”
  4. She used to be a member of a duo named Blacklist in 2010 but disbanded after releasing 3 songs.
  5. Cheetah is a winner of Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar Season 1.
  6. Before signing with her agency, Cheetah started her career as an underground rapper.
  7. She also made an appearance on Show Me The Money.
  8. Cheetah became a member of another duo again with Crush in 2012, but they don’t work together anymore.
  9. Cheetah was a rap mentor on survival shows, such as Produce 101, Produce 101 Season 2, and Produce 48, that were aired on Mnet.
  10. Cheetah has collaborated in designing and releasing a fashion line with brand Push Button.
  11. Cheetah released her 1st EP in 2014 with title Cheetah Itself and the lead track “Expectation” (기대).
  12. Cheetah appeared on MBC’s King of Masked Singer in October 2015 and amazed people by showing that she has a great skill in singing.

Latest News

Female rapper Cheetah was known to have a special relationship with director Nam Yeon-woo which was announced last year. The couple attended the 24th Busan International Film Festival and she shared her thoughts about working together on a film with her boyfriend.


Director Nam Yeon-woo who graduated from Korea National University of Arts – School of Drama, Acting Department, revealed that he didn’t know just how good of an actress his girlfriend was. The couple was asked what was it like to work with each other someday and Cheetah replied back, “I only knew him as an actor and my boyfriend. He definitely has a different aura when working as a director and I thought, ‘Has he always been this cool?'”


Cheetah also revealed that she just made her debut as an actress by playing a character as a daughter of actress Jo Min-soo in a film directed by her boyfriend, Nam Yeon-woo, which is titled, Jazzy Misfits. The rapper who has signed under C9 Entertainment explained, “The film was shown on October 5th and I already watched it secretly. I went with my sunglasses and a hat because I’m afraid people might not be able to fully enjoy the movie if there’s an actress who was there.”


She continued, “I ended up crying at the end and so moved about this experience as an actress. I was very happy for trying something new in my life.” Through her movie debut in Jazzy Misfits, Cheetah played the character of Soon Deok, a girl who has to act like an adult from a young age.

That was all the information about Cheetah’s life in the course of 24 hours and her appearance on MBC’s I Live Alone. Well, we all know that she is a multi-talented and hardworking artist in the South Korean entertainment industry and let’s keep supporting Cheetah in every journey of her career until her next comeback!