Details on Rapper Loco’s Military Enlistment


Swag Rapper Loco

Kwon Hyuk-woo is known better as South Korea Loco (rapper), who got his start as a winner in the first season of Mnet’s rap competition Show Me the Money in 2012 and signed under AOMG, Loen Entertainment, the label which is a K-pop leader in hip-hop and R&B. AOMG Label was found by singer Jay Park in 2013 and has represented artists including Simon Dominic, Gray, Loco, Code Kunst, Woo Won-jae, Hoody, Elo, Ugly Duck, DJ Pumpkin, DJ Wegun, and Cha-cha Malone.

The thirty year old rapper with the cute face, warm smile, and crazy performances who can get his fans all fired up with his strong rap has gone to fulfill his military duty as of February, 2019.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Loco, starting with his impact in Korea, enlistment news, his military duty, his label talked about his military, his new song project, and more. Let’s check it out!

Loco’s Enlistment News


On February 7, 2019, Asian rapper Loco was confirmed to have entered the military by his agency. As a loyal South Korean citizen, Kwon Hyuk-woo has joined the army to do his military service for 21 months as a conscript policeman.

Before he enlisted, a report from a media outlet claimed that Loco was spotted at an interview site for potential conscripted officer candidates. Recently, Loco was spotted by fans doing his military duty in the Gwanghwamun area of Seoul, South Korea. Fans were able to see the swag rapper in his police officer uniform on the streets as he was managing traffic in the bustling city, as part of his mandatory service instead of serving in the military, proper.

AOMG Confirms Loco’s Enlistment


Before AOMG rapper Loco went to prepare for his enlistment in early 2019, the news had already spread among the media and fans. Considerate about that news, on August 2018, Loco’s agency, AOMG, confirmed the report through an official statement, “He plans to enlist and serve his military duty.”

On November 26, 2018, AOMG released the official statement again about Loco’s enlistment. The statement said, “Loco is confirmed to enlist in the military as a conscripted policeman on February 7, 2019. Prior to enlistment, he will release a new digital single with Gray on November 28, 2018.” Loco and Gray’s new song was released on November 28, 2018, in South Korea.

Release EP, HELLO

ep hello

Saying goodbye means to meet again. That why the 30-year-old rapper Loco prepared his goodbye album before he was sent off to his military service. AOMG Entertainment confirmed that their artist Loco would be releasing his EP, Hello, which would have six tracks, with the main song track “It’s Been A While”, on February 7, 2019, the same day he entered the military. Loco even posted about his latest album in his official Twitter account and wrote a caption for a farewell gift for his fans, “Hello, my new album Hello will be released at 6 p.m. tonight. Please enjoy listening to the album.”

loco gray

In the album, Loco worked together with several artists, including his label mate Gray. The EP Hello has six tracks in total: ‘NOTHING’, ‘It’s Been A While’, ‘Tangled’, ‘Some Beatmaker’, ‘Goodbye’, and ‘HOW’. The track “It’s Been A While”, featuring Zion.T, was close. He felt like sending his fans a playlist before his hiatus for years to come. This song was produced by GRAY, who helped Loco to work on this album. The rest of the tracks were produced by others producers, such as, GooseBumps for ‘NOTHING’, Thurxday for ‘Tangled’, KITSCHES for ‘Some Beatmaker’, and WOOGIE for ‘Goodby’ and ‘HOW’.

Please listen and support Loco’s EP Hello until his comeback!

AOMG Artists Took Loco to the Military

aomg 2

The AOMG’s artist family showed their support to send off their label mate to the military and give rapper Loco a warm farewell. On Wednesday, February 7, 2019, AOMG’s artists drove Loco to the Nonsan Training Center to officially start his service as a conscripted police officer.


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내 동생 혁우ㅜ 아프지말고 몸 건강히 잘 다녀와💛

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잘댕겨와👋🏻 @satgotloco 💛

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However, AOMG labelmate GRAY posted about Loco entering the military with a farewell in his official Instagram, including other artists from the AOMG family, like Simon D, Code Kunst, DJ Pumpkin, Ugly Duckling, Woo Won-jae, and Elo along with caption, “My dear Hyuk Woo (Loco’s real name), don’t get hurt and make sure to comeback healthy.” The  AOMG artist family showed their support for their friend, even standing and waiting until the last minute when Loco entered the training center.

Other Artists Who Joined the Military the Same Day as Loco

loco, hoya, minhyuk, hanhae

The same as with Loco, several other artists, such as BTOB’s Minhyuk, Hoya, and Rapper Hanhae also began their military service on the same day.

BTOB’s Minhyuk

minhyuk btob

Lee Min-hyuk would be enlisted for his military service as a conscripted policeman and entered his military at the Nonsan Army Training Center on February 7, 2019. Before his enlistment, Minhyuk released his album “HUTAZONE” as his latest gift for his fan, Melody.

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진심으로 고마워

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He also took a photo with his fellow group member, Sungjae, and posted it in his official Instagram with the caption, “Seriously, thank you.”



On February 5, 2019, the charismatic, handsome, and undeniably cool singer Hoya posted his hand-written letter on his official fancafe to tell fans that he would be enlisting in the military after holiday.

hoya letter

Rapper Hanhae


With revealing the track list for his upcoming mini album “About Time” and posting his new haircut in his official Instagram, Hanhae gave a warm farewell to his fans before he enlisted to the military on February 7, 2019. Rapper Rhymer, who is the CEO of Hanhae agency, Brand New Music, also showed his sendoff for Hanhae with a post in his official Instagram, in which he was posed together with Hanhae.


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한해야 몸 건강히 잘 다녀와💪 항상 고맙고 사랑한다

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He wrote the warm words, “Hanhae, be safe and return safely. Thanks you and love you, always.”  Hanhae’s new mini album was released on February 8, 2019.