Get To Know Female Rapper, Kasper: Profile, Survival Show Appearance, Becoming a YouTuber, and More

Mnet’s Show Me The Money Season 6

Kasper indeed loves challenges. She challenged herself again to join Show Me The Money Season 6 after not succeeding with the two previous rap competitions. The competition was aired from June 30th to September 1st, 2017.

She passed the first and second round. For the third round, the 1-on-1 Rap Battle, the contestants were randomly selected one at a time then they had to choose one opponent that they thought they can beat. The two rappers had to prepare a performance in front of the judges to be evaluated. The winners go on and the losers go home. Kasper chose Grxxd (a contestant who was known as Milan in Show Me The Money Season 5) and managed to beat her so she could continue the next round.

In round 4, Team Choosing or known better as Cypherthe contestants were divided into 5 groups of seven members selected by the production team and each had to do a freestyle rap. The order of team performance was determined through the producer team’s live performance with the most audience votes prior to this round. After each cypher round, the judges would rate the performance from best to worst. The best one from each group got to select which production team they want to be in and the worst ones got automatically eliminated. The remaining rappers were selected by judges until each production team was filled with five members and the unselected ones were eliminated. Kasper was in Group 1 (along with Double K, Young B, Maniac, Hanhae, Mike Choe, and Ice) which performed Kendrick Lamar – “Humble” and Lupe Fiasco – “Jump.” She later was ranked 6th out of 7 so she was saved from the automatic elimination. Unfortunately, Kasper didn’t get selected by any production team so she had to leave the competition.

Solo Debut

After receiving recognition from her previous survival show appearances, in the middle of 2016, Kasper signed an exclusive solo contract with DSP Media. According to some news media, the agency released an official statement regarding the newly joined rapper, “Kasper is a hip-hop singer where she has the potential to improve and have good energy. She has the kind of image where she will be good at acting as a lover or girl crush. We will try our best for Kasper to become a better artist.” On January 28th, 2017, the rapper made her solo debut under her new agency with the single “Lean On Me” followed by the music video on DSP’s official YouTube channel.

It was reported that the rapper decided to move to her new agency DMIL Entertainment in 2017 due to unspecified reasons. In August 2018, Kasper surprised her fans through her social media announcing that she would release her first album Time Is Up on August 8th under her new agency. A day before, she released a music video teaser of the album title track “Clouds.” Just like the title, the teaser video is filled with homey scenery and clouds with beautiful color.

The album was released on August 8th along with its music video and all the official audio tracks were released separately on the same day through YouTube. The album consists of five tracks, including the title track “Clouds,” “The Tomorrow Song Intro,” “Time Is Up” (feat. Jaehee Sim), “Playlist,” and “Hate You” (feat. Asol). The “Clouds” music video is very aesthetic so it’s pleasing to see. Check it out below!

The rapper also uploaded the behind the scene video for the album on her own YouTube channel.

She dropped another music video for the other track in the album “Playlist” on August 11th. The concept for the music video is a bit darker than the previous one.

On October 31st, Kasper announced about her upcoming second digital single “3 Months.” On November 11th, she released the single along with the official audio on YouTube. Later, on November 24th, the rapper dropped the official lyrics video through YouTube.


Extended Plays

Release Date Title
August 8th, 2018 Time Is Up |


Year Title Album
2017 “Lean On Me” non-album
2018 “Clouds” Time Is Up
“3 Months” non-album


Featured Artist

Year Title With
2015 “Don’t Stop” (prod. by D.O) Heize, Ash-B, Hyolyn, Yubin, Gilme, Ahn Soo-min, Yezi, Sua, KittiB, and Truedy


Music Videos

Year Title
2017 “Lean On Me”
2018 “Clouds”

Television Shows

Year Title Network Role
2015 Show Me The Money Season 4 Mnet Contestant
Unpretty Rapstar Season 2
2017 Show Me The Money Season 6
Society Game tvN


Other than YouTube, Kasper has her own Instagram account (@kasperxxi). Her first post was uploaded on December 27th, 2016. She posted a picture of her and her friends inside a big barbie box.

She posted about her first single after joining DSP Media and she thanked the people who helped her to release the song.

She also posted about her appearance as a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar Season 2.


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5 🤓👏 #ㅋ

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She became the cover of The Bling magazine with the others.

She has many tattoos and confidently shows them off sometimes in her photos. She even talked about her tattoos in one of her videos on YouTube.


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I’ll be in Chicago and NY for the next two weeks! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Any musts!? 🙂 #시카고 #뉴욕

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Looks like she is on vacation in Chicago and New York right now, looking at the caption of her post and the date she uploaded it.

Kasper is another underrated Korean female rapper. She has her own color and genre in her music but unfortunately, she hasn’t gotten the attention her work deserves yet. Let’s all give her more support and look forward to her music in the future!