Up-Close with the Troubled Rapper Iron: Profile and Controversies

Scandal and Controversies Involving Iron

Throughout his career, Iron has been caught in many controversies. Are you curious what kind of controversies he had been caught in? Let’s take a look at it!

Marijuana Scandal

Iron controversy

One of his famous controversies is one relating to marijuana use. On April 1, it was reported that 10 individuals were booked without detention on charges of smoking marijuana on several different occasions. One of these individuals was revealed as Iron. The scandal was revealed after a thief stole a bag and cash from a composer-producer named “Kang.”

While the police caught the thief, they also noticed Kang’s odd behavior and conducted a drug test on him, in which the result came out as positive. He later confessed that he smoked marijuana with his nine friends. After the police arrested and investigated them, it was later revealed that they smoked marijuana because it gave them confidence and helped them to focus.

Because of this, Iron has been prosecuted without detention. He and another rapper, Kidoh, had been sentenced to probation for smoking marijuana. While Iron received two years of probation in place of an 8-month jail sentence, Kidoh received one year in place of six months. Not only that, they also had to pay a fine and attend 40 hours of rehabilitation.

Using ‘Rape’ Word in Roll

Iron Kidoh

In one of his songs, Iron got caught in a controversy because of the use of the word ‘rape’. The song is a song where another rapper, named Kidoh, featured in it, titled Roll. In the song, there were lyrics that went like this:

I heard you said, “Boy, just rape me”
I think I’m sober, not crazy
This is my play gym for you
Play around all you want my babe

Because of these lyrics, Iron received many angry and critical comments due to the use of the word. To defend their use of lyrics, Kidoh uploaded a post on Twitter to explain that it was not their intention to write a song about a rape. Rather, it seemed like they intended for the song to have some kind of 50 Shades of Grey nuances, but failed to interpret it the right way. On Twitter, Kidoh also apologized if there is anyone who felt offended because of the song.

Dissing BIGBANG Members in System

iron system

Another one of Iron’s scandals is his lyrics in one of his songs titled System. In the song, it was found that Iron didn’t only dissing police and reporters, but also two members of BIGBANG, namely G-Dragon and T.O.P. The lyrics where he dissed the two were like this:

“GD cheating on a fan and pretending he was dumped. Convert to acting instead of rap eunuch T.O.P.”

In this lyric, Iron referred to G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal, where he received a suspension of indictment for using marijuana back in 2011. At that time, G-Dragon was suspected to have shavee his head because of a drug test, while the prosecutor’s office stated that G-Dragon shaved his head two months after the case was closed.

In response to the lyrics, T.O.P responded with his own way, and much more sarcastically. We can see on one of his posts that there was a fan who said that there are many bugs buzzing around, asking whether if maybe they want some attention in the comment. T.O.P later responded to this comment and said “Let’s say fighting (for him)” and added a comment where he laughed.

Assaulting Ex-girlfriend

Iron dating violence

Another controversy that surrounded him is relates to his ex-girlfriend. It was reported that Iron was accused of having been arrested for violent assault toward his ex-girlfriend. After that, he revealed that his ex-girlfriend is actually on the cover of his first album, Rock Bottom. This revelation made his ex-girlfriend’s Instagram become exposed to the public, and there are many shocking photos that can be seen on her Instagram. Because of this, she received many hate comments from the public and set her Instagram to a private account.

After this incident, her current boyfriend uploaded a post to defend her. He said that while they were dating, they fought a lot and in the end, didn’t contact each for a while. During this period, the woman was dating Iron, and her current boyfriend knew this fact because she told him herself. However, one night, she suddenly called her current boyfriend and asked him if she could come over to his house, but he rejected her request because he wanted to end his relationship with her.

Later, Iron contacted him and asked to meet him. While they were meeting, Iron said that they should work together if their relationship with his ex-girlfriend became problematic. Of course, he became suspicious of Iron and found out that Iron actually had been assaulting his ex-girlfriend. He expressed his regrets because he didn’t permit her to come over to his house and felt sorry as she couldn’t report Iron properly because she was afraid of the consequences. He also expressed his disappointment because she had to suffer through cyber-bullying on top of the assault because of Iron’s interview. Later, he said that Iron’s ex-girlfriend would take legal action against anyone who posted any hate comments or false rumors about her. In the end of his post, he revealed a chat between Iron’s sister and his ex-girlfriend where they tried to reach an agreement.

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Originally, we can see his updates on his latest activities as he has an Instagram account. However, currently his Instagram account has been set in private mode. If you are still curious and maybe wanted to try and follow his account, you can find him on @mightyirony!