Up-Close with the Troubled Rapper Iron: Profile and Controversies


Learn More About the Troubled Rapper, Iron

Do you know about hip-hop survival shows called Show Me The Money? If you’ve been following this show, then you must be familiar with the name Iron! Iron is one of many rappers that came to the third season of Show Me The Money as a competitor. On the show, he wowed the producers and the viewers his outstanding and unique rapping style. However, after the show ended, many controversies involving him started to emerge. Are you curious about him and why there are many controversies that surround him? Today, Channel-Korea will explain all about the troubled rapper, Iron, so stay tuned!

Iron’s Full Profile


Full Name: Jung Heon-cheol

Stage Name: Iron

Birth date: January 8, 1992

Facts About Iron

  • Iron is a rapper that started to gain popularity because of his appearance in the hip-hop survival show called Show Me The Money.
  • His hometown is in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • Because of his unique and outstanding rapping style, he became the runner-up for the third season of Show Me The Money, while Bobby of iKon became the winner.
  • He was the part of original line-up for BTS and almost became a member of BTS, but eventually left.
  • It was said that when Iron participated in Show Me The Money 3, he was supposed to do a duo with RM, but this didn’t pan out.

Iron in Show Me the Money 3

iron show me the money

Iron appeared in the third season of Mnet’s hip-hop survival show Show Me The Money. In the show, he participated as a contestant along with another notable rappers, such as Bobby and B.I of iKon, Vasco, CJamm, Oltii, and many others. In the show, he chose the YDG team and started to get recognized because of his performances and unique rapping style. Even producers from another team acknowledged his rapping skills and praised him for it. However, he failed to become the winner and only managed to become the runner-up of the show. He also produced some great tracks while participating in the competition, such as I Am and Malice.

Iron with Daenamhyup

Underground Crew Daenamhyup

Daenamhyup which stands for “Great Southern Joseon Hip-Hop Cooperative” is a hip-hop crew consisting of i11evn, Rap Monster, Iron, Kidoh, DJ Snatch, Marvel J, Supreme Boi, Kyum2 and Samsoon. The crew started out with Marvel J (leader), Supreme Boi, Rap Monster and Kyum2 during their 9th grade, which was around 2009. As they actively performed underground, more members came, until their prime years from 2011 – 2014. Later, the crew released a collaborative EP in 2014.

Rebranding as Rockbottom

Later, the underground crew re-branded themselves as Rock Bottom. Rock Bottom is a Korean hip hop crew comprised of rappers, DJs, and Visual and Creative Directors, including Kidoh, i11evn, Supreme Boi, Hashmate, Don’t Call Me A Dog and Type -C. They even had the chance to perform overseas back in 2016.

Iron’s Discography

Iron discography

If you are curious and want to listen to Iron’s songs, you can see his complete discography here!

Studio albums

  • Rock Bottom (2016)


Title Year Album
I Am 2014 Show Me The Money 3
Blu (ft. Babylon) 2015
Rock Bottom 2016 Rock Bottom


Debut with Blu

Back in 2015, Iron released his debut song, titled Blu, by posting a music video on YouTube. However, there was an incident on the release day for the debut song. His management agency at that time, Polaris Entertainment, linked a role-playing Twitter account instead of Iron’s Twitter account in the video description. The role-play account later clarified this and gave Iron’s real account.

You can see the music video here:

Collaboration with AOA’s Jimin in Puss Puss

In addition to his solo work, Iron has also collaborated with other rappers. One of them is Jimin from AOA. Iron featured in one of her stages in the hip-hop survival show Unpretty Rapstar, performing a song titled Puss Puss. After their performance, they had dominated various music charts with the song. After the song’s release on March 20, 2015, the track managed to achieve an all-kill on different music charts in March 21. However, after their performance aired, Jimin received many negative comments regarding her stage from netizens.

Here is the video of the performance:

Collaboration with Hyorin and Jooyoung in Erase

In November, 2014, Hyorin released her collaboration song with Jooyoung titled Erase, and Iron also featured in the song. The jazz R&B track was produced by the hit team Black Eyed Pilseung. In the music video, Cross Gene’s Takuya as well as Hyorin and Jooyoung featured in it and portrayed a story of seduction and separation at the same time.

You can see the music video of Erase below:

Collaboration with SHINee’s Jonghyun in Crazy

In January, 2015, Jonghyun officially made his solo debut by releasing a music video for one of the songs, titled Crazy, from his first mini album, BaseIn the song, we can find Iron featuring in it and he also attended Jonghyun’s showcase, called BASE of Jonghyun back in January 8, 2015.

Here is the music video of Jonghyun’s Crazy, featuring Iron:

Collaboration with Choa and PRIMARY in Don’t Be Shy

Back in July, 2015, Primary released a single album called 2-3 as well as his newest music video for the song titled Don’t Be Shy. Together with ex-member of AOA, Choa, Iron featured in the song as well as starred in the music video. The video, itself, gave us a creepy and mysterious vibe, as there is a scene where doll heads are being pulled out and being hung from the ceiling. We can also see a scene where girls throw bed sheets over their heads as if to look like ghosts.

You can see the music video of Don’t Be Shy here:

Comeback with System

After being caught in a marijuana scandal, Iron made a comeback with a track titled System. However, during this comeback he got caught in another controversy, because there is a diss referring to two members of BIGBANG, G-Dragon and T.O.P, in its lyrics.

Here is the music video of Iron’s System:

First Album: Rock Bottom

In September, 2016, Iron made another comeback with his first full-length studio album, titled Rock Bottom. The album consisted of nine tracks and addressed societal issues. The title track is “Rock Bottom,” which is also the name of the hip-hop crew Iron is a member of. However, he got caught again in yet another controversy over one of his songs in the album, titled Roll, because he used word ‘rape’ in the song.

You can see the official music video below: