Did They Breakup? Learn More Relationship Between Rapper GREE and His Girlfriend


News About The Relationship Between Rapper GREE and His Girlfriend

Do you know MC Gree? A South Korean rapper who was born on November 10th, 1998 and has a real name Kim Dong-hyeon (Hangul: 김동현), who is actually the son of the famous MC from various TV shows, Kim Gu-ra. MC Gree (Hangul: MC 그리) signed under Brand New Music agency and is known for his debut single titled “Nineteen (열아홉)” and is currently using the stage name Gree.

Gree debuted gaining increased popularity from his father and received the public’s attention with his rapping skills taking a different path from his father, Kim Gu-ra. As a teenager, Gree was also known for his dating rumor with some girls that were supposedly non-celebrities.

Well, if you want to know more about Gree’s relationships and the latest news about his breakup with his girlfriend, get ready and check out the article below!

GREE and His Girlfriend

Gree was a rookie back when he debuted in 2016, but he had already been involved in many rumors and controversies stemming from his personal life, especially when it came to romance and the relationships he had with girls.


As reported from Allkpop, Gree once appeared as a guest on Arirang Radio Super K-Pop, aired on October 17th, 2016. When the DJ asked whether he has an ideal type [referring to a girlfriend], the rapper, who had also joined the survival show Highschool Rapper in 2017, responded to DJ Sam Carter by saying that his girlfriend is actually the ideal type for him.

Gree expressed how grateful is he to be a loving boyfriend to his girlfriend, “She is [his girlfriend] adorable and her small figure makes me adore her even more,” he added while smiling from ear to ear.


A while ago, Gree attracted attention by uploading photos of him and his girlfriend showing their affection for each other in public, on his personal Instagram account.


On February 11, 2017, Gree also appeared on the television program True Dad Confession, aired on Channel A, with his father, Kim Gu-ra. Once again, his dating rumor and relationship with his girlfriend got special attention in this show.

When Gree was asked about his schedule during the weekend, he said: “I will be meeting with my girlfriend.” And when he was asked if he has watched the movie The Wailing (곡성), the rapper who sang the song “Doves,” responded by saying that he’ll be watching it with his girlfriend later.

This was the nth time that Gree confessed his love for his girlfriend through a television program and during the interview with the production team, he even wrote, “My girlfriend is my first love and a happy virus.”

As far as we know, when you’re in a public with your parents, sometimes it makes us feel embarrassed. On June 15th, 2016, Gree also had to appear as a guest in his father’s talk show, Radio Star.


The filming was going smoothly until Gree’s girlfriend was mentioned at a certain point. The MC brought up the news about him admitting that he’s currently dating someone and he eventually revealed that it’s been 177 days since he and his girlfriend started going out.

When the MC asked him what kind of nicknames they have given to each other, Gree opened up by saying that he calls his girlfriend wifey, which caused one of the MCs, Yoon Jong-shin, to burst into laughter and say, “I can see Kim Gu-ra becoming a father-in-law soon.”

The rapper who was featured in San-E’s single, “On Top Of Your Head (어느새 크리스마스),” said that his father is actually concerned about their relationship and that he fears that they will break up, but just can’t hold such an opinion and negative thoughts. Gree said that he wanted to be just like a normal high school student who has a dream to be in a refreshing relationship and he’s happy that slowly his dream is coming true.

On March 13th, 2016, Gree and his father, Kim Gu-ra, appeared on Happy Together 3 and he complained about his father who suddenly became a matchmaker and set up dates with some young models as his future wife, such as Kim Yoo-jung, Kim Sae-ron, and Kim So-hyun.


The rapper, who rapped with Jessi Ho in Highschool Rapper Regional Competition, Pt. 2, and sang the song “I’m Good,” continued by saying that he never responded to anything that his father has said. But since his father kept talking about it everywhere, he had to take all the blame from his fans.

Gree added that he once told his father to watch his mouth while talking about him, to which everyone responded with laughter. Kim Gu-ra, as Gree’s father, also revealed that his son is currently in a relationship with someone and often comes home late after midnight.

On June 27th, 2017, Gree had an interview with a reporter from INHA University. The rapper who appeared in the drama King of Kimchi (김치왕) revealed that he has written a song for his girlfriend.

The reporter asked him about how many songs he has written, to which Gree answered, “Individual songs, there are 4-5 songs and we are planning to have a regular album this year,” and he added “How We” as a track.

“It’s actually a song written for my girlfriend,” he said.

Gree appeared on the MBC radio star last year and said, “I have an older girlfriend.” Since then, he gained attention by saying that “Our 500 days will be coming in May,” in True Dad Confession, aired on Channel A, which was broadcasted in April 2017.

Gree’s dedication to his loving girlfriend continued reaching another, higher level on October 25th, 2017, when he appeared as a guest in Kim Chang Ryeol’s Old School, aired on SBS PowerFM and shared his thoughts about writing the lyrics for his upcoming songs while letting his girlfriend work together with him on the first verse.

Gree is proud of his own achievements. He said that the president of his label, Rhymer, was happy for him and got complimented for the songs he wrote. He also commented that his father, Kim Gu-ra, encouraged him to write songs and he didn’t forget to mention his girlfriend again because she’s just so happy and excited for him. There are hidden words in the lyrics that represent his girlfriend, in the song “Yellow Hair,” because it resembles his girlfriend’s appearance right now.

Buying a Ring

On December 28th, 2017, Gree appeared on the Trick and True talk show, aired on KBS2. While the show was still on the air, Gree told the other members who were on the show that he wished that the recording would end up early, because that day was a very special day for him. The cast members of the show were suspicious after hearing Gree’s statement and asked him what was so important and special about that day.


Gree then answered, as the show was still recording, by saying that day was the 1-year-anniversary of his relationship with his girlfriend. The rapper who also appeared as a cast member in the drama Golden Rainbow (2013), explained without any hesitation that he needs to spend the time with her. What made the audience and members of the show shocked about Gree’s explanation was that he also said that he has already prepared the first engraved couples ring for his girlfriend as a gift.


The MC of the show, Jun Hyun-moo responded back in a joking manner and said that Gree needs to come back soon in this show to film together with his girlfriend but he also included a thankful comment because Gree could spare his time to come as a guest on this show.

Before wearing the couple rings given as a gift for his 1-year-anniversary with his girlfriend, Gree used to wear a lucky ring that he once uploaded a photo of on his personal Instagram account.


Gree posted a photo on February 19th, 2017, on his personal Instagram account with a caption, “My Lucky Ring Always On TV.” He later uploaded a photo of his and his girlfriend’s fists wearing their couple’s rings.

Getting a License to Drive With His Girlfriend

On December 14th, 2017, Gree appeared as one of the cast members in the television program True Dad Confession, with her father, Kim Gu-ra. During one of the episodes, Gree was studying for the written exam of the driver’s license test.

Kim Gu-ra once told his son that he should buy a car that’s suitable for his age, but first, he needs to pass the test to get a driver’s license so his dad would teach him how to drive a car. After he has accomplished all of the terms, he can buy a city car.

When Gree was asked by his father, what he wanted to do the most when he gets a car, the rapper who sang the song, “Don’t You Love Me,” confessed that he just wants to drive around the city with his girlfriend and drive to work by himself.

Kim Gu-ra is known as a supportive dad, he taught his son by buying a practice exam book and letting his son try a simulator to drive a car. However, Gree jokingly said at the end that his father is not really helpful which was followed by a burst of huge laughter from the audience.

Marriage Rumors

On September 28th, 2017, during an episode of True Dad Confession, Gree surprised everyone, because his father, Kim Gu-ra, found out that he filled for a marriage license without telling his parents first.


The first thing that made him realize there was something fishy in that situation was finding the marriage license form that had been filed and folded inside a pocket. Kim Gu-ra asked his son, Gree, if the thing that he found is true, whether Gree and his girlfriend actually filled the marriage license form.

Kim Gu-ra, as the most popular TV host, questioned Gree a lot and scolded him saying that if he’s really about to file for a marriage license he has to tell his parents first. At the end of the filming, Gree told the producers that he got information that a marriage license could be printed out and he filled it only to surprise his girlfriend and submitting the form later on.

Two years later, after the marriage license form had blown up the whole nation, MC Gree appeared as a guest in an episode of Knowing Brothers, aired on JTBC, on May 5th, 2018.


At this time, Gree looked more mature with his changed appearance and he decided to clarify the controversy that he had made in the past. In a previous television program, the rapper who joined as a contestant of High School Rapper (2017) aired on Mnet, revealed that he has a positive side of himself when it comes to love. His relationship with his girlfriend has been going on for 3 years and he said that they will be going on a short picnic to see the cherry blossoms at the traditional village.

When the cast members of Knowing Brothers asked him about the marriage license that brought controversy in his life, Gree responded by saying that he wouldn’t regret having a public marriage with his girlfriend. The real situation was explained by Gree, saying that they simply went to the government office and saw the marriage license, so they filled the form just for fun, but didn’t actually submit it. A few moments later, Kim Gu-ra, his father, found out about the marriage license form in his son’s pocket and that’s how the story blew up during the filming of True Dad Confession.

So then, the marriage license that Gree filled with his girlfriend is indeed true, but they haven’t submitted it for real because they are still concerned with their personal life.


After 3 years of dating each other, Brand New Music as Gree’s agency released a statement about the news of their artist’s current relationship status.


The rapper, whose real name is Kim Dong-hyun, himself stated and confirmed through the representative from his agency, that the relationship between him and his girlfriend of 3 years has actually ended. The agency did not explain the details about the actual reasons for the breakup of the 3-year-long relationship out of respect for his privacy.

Gree was really confident showing off his relationship with his girlfriend since 2016 and expressing how grateful he is to be a loving boyfriend. His girlfriend is a non-celebrity woman and they probably knew each other from school.


Well, those are all the information about Gree’s relationship in the past and his breakup news. Let’s hope for all the best in his career in the future and pray he finds the next girlfriend soon!