Get To Know Korean-American Rapper Flowsik

Appearance On Mnet’s Show Me The Money 5

show me the money 5

Flowsik performed for the first time on Show Me The Money 5 in front of Zion.T, Simon Dominic, Gil, Dok2, and special guest judge Timbaland, and he set a high bar for both American and Korean contestants. With his husky voice and razor-sharp meters, Flowsik had all the judges and fellow American contestants raving about his rapping ability. Even Timbaland said, “My favorite [performance] from today would be Flowsik. Sick flow, or flow sick. Either way it goes, he does both. Flows sick, and he’s a sick flower.” When the former Aziatix star swung by the SnackFever HQ just a month ago, we were excited to see what he could do on SMTM5. To see him garnering universal praise from the judges makes us proud to support him!


He really loves to share his daily activities with his fans from Instagram.






Latest News

Until now, there is no news about his new or next album. But if he makes a new song or releases a new single we will share with you all the information from his social media. But for now, we can still enjoy his music from his last solo album and listen to all the singles from the album. Don’t forget to watch his music video and keep in touch with his Instagram. Not just Instagram, but also his Twitter, so we don’t miss anything about him.



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