Meet The Fierce Rapper, Cheetah: Profile, Dating Rumors, and Latest News


Cheetah’s Instagram account is @dhdldzlzl. Currently, it has more than 255 thousand followers, follows 366 people, and has made 179 posts. Let’s see updates on her account!

This is her last post that was updated on February 14th. The caption is “This week, Yuri Ryojun Boyfriend. The medicine is for the pharmacist. The anniversary gift is for the anniversary. # Zea # Cheetah #” She has also posted videos of some events in these two weeks. Here are the posts:

In this post, Cheetah put a video with a girl that seems to be the MC of the three previous posts. The caption is “NG but my sister is so cute … 👉🏻👈🏻💕 Life is straight ahead !!!!!!!’ If you have a topic that you would like to discuss on Zeia X Cheetah’s 100,000% carbon dioxide consultation. Please send it to [email protected]
YouTube Channel –
# Zea # Cheetah # Sang My Way # Room # Sister # Sisters in the station”

Cheetah posted a video of her singing at an event on MNET. The caption is: “[Special Publication] National treasure Honey! Your lipstick 6 One time lipstick of the topic Public stage # Cheetah ver (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) Lip-skimming Go to
# Your name is 6 # You can see your voice 6 #Mnet #tvN # Yellow tooth # Lee Sun Bin # Kim Jong Kook # Kim Min Kyu # Cheetah #”

Video of Cheetah in Kill Bill. The translation of her caption is: “# Killbill January 31st first time
Home: # MBC every Thursday at 11 o’clock
Return: #MBCPlus (music, every1, drama) Friday at 10 pm
# idg # Mountain # Rhythm Power # Jesse # Ax # Cheetah # Biwi”

Another video of her performing at Kill Bill. The translation of the caption is: “#killbill First broadcast on Thursday, January 31st!
# idg # Mountain # Rhythm Power # Jesse # Ax # Cheetah # Biwi”

Cheetah posted a selfie of herself with the SBS Award Trophy. Here is her caption: “SBS Entertainment Award ‘mobile icon award’ Thank you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I will be with you for next year’s sparkling story. I want to thank you again and again ❤️❤️❤”

Latest News

Cheetah will participate in Kill Bill

Cheetah returns to the main status of her crush girl, a female rapper of MBC’s upcoming rap survival program, Target: Billboard – Kill Bill!

In her individual teaser, Cheetah shows a glimpse of the first, charismatic jaw-dropping event she described as, “Cheetahs are Cheetahs. No one can put on a similar stage.” You can also witness a number of different moments between former Unpretty Rapstar rival Cheetah and Jessi, as they face each other in the spirit of competition.

Target: Billboard – Kill Bill (short Kill Bill) stars top Korean rappers, like Yang Dong Geun, Dok2, Jessi, San E, Cheetah, Rhythm Power, and BewhY, as they compete to get the chance to collaborate with American Producer DJ Khaled and possibly the first Korean hip-hop artist to be ranked on the Billboard music charts.

What do you think about the Kill Bill teaser so far? The first survival show starting on January 31st!