Meet The Fierce Rapper, Cheetah: Profile, Dating Rumors, and Latest News


About the Rapper Cheetah

Kim Eun-young (Hangul: 김은영; born May 25th, 1990; age 28), better known by the stage name Cheetah (치타), is a South Korean rap singer. Cheetah became famous after becoming a winner in the Unpretty Rapstar TV competition. She debuted in 2010 with the song “Stop (Money Can’t Buy Me Love)” as part of the Blacklist duo and has currently signed a contract with C9 Entertainment.

Profile and Facts


Full Profile

Stage Name: Cheetah (치타)
Real Name: Kim Eunyoung (김은영)
Date of Birth: May 25th, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Official Site: Cheetah
Instagram: dhdldzlzl


Before debuting in the music industry, Cheetah initially appeared as an underground rap singer on the streets after dropping out of school. However, in July 2010 she officially debuted with the song “Stop (Money Can’t Buy Me Love)” as part of the hip-hop duo, Blacklist. Together with members of Lucy, they released two songs, “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Stop.” However, the group broke up shortly afterward.

After Blacklist, Cheetah made several solo appearances, including appearing with other rap singers and appearing on rap shows, such as Show Me The Money. In 2012, she joined the hip-hop artist Crush in another duo group, called Masterpiece. The duo released a single, “Rollercoaster,” in May 2012. The group performed poorly and ended with dissolution.

In 2014, Cheetah released her first mini-album, titled Cheetah Itself. The mini-album featured her rap which was full of energy and attracted attention with her talent as a solo artist. This album helped her to be included in the list of participants in the Unpretty Rapstar rap program.

In early 2015, Cheetah was revealed to be one of the participants in the Unpretty Rapstar TV show. This competition featured Jessi from Lucky J, Jimin who was a rap singer from the female A-A K-Pop vocal group, and other underground female rap singers. At the end of the event, Cheetah was announced as the winner.

Because of her increasing popularity from appearances and being a winner at Unpretty Rapstar, Cheetah appeared in several fashion advertisements and magazines. She also participated in designing and releasing fashion brands in collaboration with Push Button.

In March 2015, Cheetah was reported to be preparing a new album, which was to be released the same year. Cheetah released her first single since appearing in Unpretty Rapstar. The single “My Number” was released on August 2nd, 2015. In October 2015, Cheetah collaborated with Kim Junsu on her mini-album and appeared on the “Midnight Show” song. The same month, despite being known as a rap singer, Cheetah appeared on the MB of King Singer Mask variety show as a jazz singer. In January 2016, she appeared as a mentor in Produce 101 and continued her role in Produce 101 Season 2 and Produce 48.


-She debuted in 2010 as part of the Blacklist duo, but they broke up after releasing three songs.
-She appeared briefly on Show Me The Money.
-Before signing a contract with an entertainment company, Cheetah was an underground rapper.
-In 2012, she collaborated with Crush for the Masterpiece duo, but they parted soon after.
-She released her first solo EP in 2014.
-Cheetah comes from Busan.
-She has appeared as rap mentor in Produce 101, Produce 101 Season 2, and Produce 48.
-She is the winner of the first season of Unpretty Rapstar.
-Even though she is a rapper, Cheetah can also sing well. She appeared on King of Masked Singer in October 2015.
-She has participated in designing and releasing fashion lines, working with the brand Push Button.
– In January 2007, Cheetah had a bus accident while crossing the road and spent several months in a coma, of which she recovered without major complications. This experience made her “live without remorse.”


Extended plays

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Cheetah Itself ·         Release Date: June 27th, 2014

·         Label: C9 Entertainment, CJ E&M

·         Formats: CD, digital download

28 Identity ·         Release Date: February 28th, 2018

·         Label: C9 Entertainment, CJ E&M

·         Publisher: Loen Entertainment

·         Formats: CD

“—” denotes releases that did not chart.


Title Year Peak chart
Sales (DL) Album
As lead artist
“Expectation” (기대)
feat. Morra
2014 N/A Cheetah Itself
“Coma 07′” 2015 4 KOR: 426,120 Unpretty Rapstar 1
“Like Nobody Knows” (아무도 모르게)
feat. Ailee
4 KOR: 691,246
“My Number” 18 KOR: 151,734 Non-album singles
“Star Wars” N/A
“Not Today” 2016 KOR: 16,373
“Style Diet”
feat. Kangnam
2017 N/A
“Blurred Lines”
feat. Hanhae
“Stagger” 2018 28 Identity
“My Type”
with Jessi feat. Kangnam
2015 3 KOR: 778,193 Unpretty Rapstar 1
“Can You Feel Me” (사랑이 온다)
with Baek Ji-young
2016 7 KOR: 281423 Non-album singles
“Get It?”
with Younha and Ha:tfelt
2016 N/A
“Don’t Speak”
with Ali
2017 N/A
“I Am”
with Lee Hong-gi
2018 N/A DO n DO
“—” denotes releases that did not chart.


Variety shows

Year Title Network Episode Notes
2012 Show Me The Money Mnet All Contestant
2015 Unpretty Rapstar Mnet All Contestant (winner)
I Live Alone MBC Episodes 107-108 Guest
King of Mask Singer MBC Episode 27 (with stage name Naratmalssami)
Get it Beauty Onstyle August 26 episode Guest
Witch Hunt JTBC 118 Guest
Taxi TVN March 31 episode Guest
Yaman TV Mnet Episode 12 Guest
You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook KBS2 Episode 283 Guest
2016 Hip Hop Tribe JTBC All Producer
Produce 101 Mnet All Trainer
Hip Hop Tribe 2: Game of Thrones JTBC All Producer
Two Yoo Project Sugar Man JTBC Episode 18 Contestant (with Kangnam) (Winner)
Hello Counselor KBS2 Episode 266 Guest
Happy Together KBS2 Episode 438 Guest
2017 Produce 101 Season 2 Mnet All Trainer
Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend KBS Episode 303 Contestant
Strong My Way SBS Mobidic All Cast Member
Fantastic Duo SBS Episode 20 Special Appearance
One Night Food Trip Onstyle Episodes 15-18 Guest
Taxi TVN Episode 486 Guest
2018 Living Together in Empty Room MBC Episodes 24-26 Landlord
Produce 48 Mnet All Trainer
High School Rapper Mnet All Mentor
Mimi Shop JTBC All Cast Member
Hello Counselor KBS2 Episode 381 Guest
Strong My Way 2 SBS Mobidic All Cast Member
2019 Target: Billboard – KILL BILL MBC Contestant

TV Series

Year Title Network Notes
2016 My Horrible Boss JTBC Episode 13 (cameo as herself)


Unpretty Rapstar

Cheetah participated in Unpretty Rapstar and made it to the final. In the final episode, she attracted a lot of attention when people wondered who would be the final winner of the show. From the very beginning, this event attracted attention because it revealed the harsh truths of the hip-hop industry, “beat or get beat” in Korea, and the fierce female competitors who kept making steps to succeed.

Even though the girls showed themselves the toughest in front of the camera, everything seemed inevitable to shed tears, overcome with emotion when the show ended. Jessi, Cheetah, and Yook Ji Dam were the final contestants, and the three were seen performing together, by presenting Ailee, to fight for first place.

When the show reached its conclusion, Cheetah was named the final winner of the show and footage from her recording session with Ailee for the last song, “Like No One Knows,” was included, wrapping up the program. Look at the last song “Unpretty Rapstar,” which displays Ailee and is produced by MC Mong, below! You can see Cheetah’s victory above.

Rumored Girlfriend and Sexuality

According to some websites, there is no exact evidence about Cheetah’s sexuality, either she is straight, bisexual, or a lesbian. However, there are photos of Cheetah and her rumored girlfriend. Do you think they are in a relationship with each other or not?


Plastic Surgery

There is no exact evidence about whether Cheetah has done plastic surgery or not. Cheetah is always appearing completely covered with makeup, making her face look fierce, so it is difficult to tell the difference of her face shape throughout the years. However, in an episode of MBC’s I Live Alone, rising female rap singer Cheetah appeared and revealed her makeup-less face to the public.

In that episode, Cheetah shared a different side of her, not the one she puts on-stage, a ferocious and charismatic player. Instead, this woman rapper made a complete 180-degree transformation just by putting on her makeup. Showing a sweet personality, Cheetah revealed her daily life when she removed the cat hair from her blanket from the window, cleaned her cat’s litter, and much more. After lighting a candle in her room, Cheetah could be seen writing some rap lyrics on a notepad on the night table before making a call. Here is the video: