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If we’re talking about South Korea, one of the first things that comes up is the popularity of its music. K-music has become very famous because it’s all really easy-going to hear and easy to remember. Moreover, the singers have special characteristic and amazing visuals. It’s not limited to the pop genre, either. Korean R&B and hip-hop are both also becoming increasingly popular. Regarding hip-hop, one really talented example of a Korean hip-hop singer or  rapper is Andup.

Not very many people have discovered Andup and his music yet, so Channel-Korea will help spread the word by telling you about his full profile, Show Me The Money appearance, songs, and his latest news. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile


Real Name: Han Byul (한별)

Stage Name: AndUp

Born: March 28, 1993

Birth place: Daegu, South Korea.

Profession: Rapper, Songwriter, Actor.


  • He used to be an MC before becoming a rapper.
  • He bought a rap CD when he was 14, it was Eminem’s third album, “The Marshall Mathers.”
  • He wanted to be a rapper because he was inspired by Eminem.
  • In 2008, he participated in the Super Rookies Mixtape produced by Underground Microphone Federation (UMF).
  • He collaborated with J.Cue and Lego on “We Are Super Rookies.”
  • At the beginning of his debut, he was a guest at various events such as “Out For the Fame” or Underground Movements with famous rappers such as Dead’P, Deepflow, Vasco, etc.
  •  Andup released his first mixtape in 2009, entitled “Jackpot,” which was produced by UMF and composed by various great composers such as J.Cue and Young Boyz. He also collaborated with various rappers such as Verbal Jint, Boi.B, etc.
  • In 2010, he released his first EP, “The Speaker of Teen.”
  • In 2011, Andup released his second album entitled, “I Keep Going.”


Before Andup became a rapper, he had been an MC in various events. He’s also started doing some acting, but before that, Andup went through a long process to become a rapper and joined Show Me The Money 4.

Show Me The Money


Show Me The Money is rap competition which aired on Mnet. The program was designed to showcase all performances and abilities of the K-rappers who participated. Andup was on the show during its fourth season, which started airing on June 26, 2015. He wanted to expand and hone his rap skills and compete with other talented rappers.


In the program, the contestants were put into teams; Andup joined the ZiPal team, which consisted of several rappers from various agencies, including One (under Brave Entertainment), MINO (Winner’s rapper, managed under YG Entertainment), and Je Mezz (Grandline Entertainment). All the teams on the program competed, and then there could only be one winner.

Here’s one of his performances on Show Me The Money 4!


No discussion of a musician and their career can be complete with talking about their songs. Therefore, hare are four of Andup’s songs that you might to listen to, and even add to your playlist.

1. Geokbukseon/Turtle Ship

The song Turtle Ship was sung when he was competing in SMTM 4 (Show Me The Money 4) along with his team. Turtle Ship was composed and arranged by Zico and the lyrics were written by Paloalto, Minho, Je Mezz, and Andup. Seen from overall lyrics, is about rappers who pride themselves on their ability to defeat their opponents, and they have big dreams they’re planning to reach.

The team performed Turtle Ship on Episode 6 of SMTM 4, and you can watch AndUp and his team’s appearance down below!

2. It’s Me

This song was released in 2015, and the music video was uploaded to YouTube on October 19, 2015. In this song, Andup did a collaboration with Incredivle, another rapper who was competing with him on SMTM4. In the lyrics and the song title, it’s clear that in this song is about what he feels, and he doesn’t care about anything because everything he did was for his family.

For more details,  you can see and listen to the video below.

3. What You Gon’ Do

This song with the hip-hop rap genre was released on April 14, 2017, and the music video was uploaded by the Genie Music YouTube channel. Still same “It’s Me” MV, in What You Gon’ Do shown Andup’s visual who look stunning and his rap skill.

Let’s watch the video below!


4. 잠깐 Wait A Sec

잠깐Wait A Sec is a song from Andup’s mini-album titled AFTER THE HEART BREAKER, that released in 2018. This song was produced and arranged by Hansen, and written by Andup and Hatts. Not only did he help write the lyrics, Hatts also collaborated with Andup in this song.

The video for this song was released on January 18, 2019. The music, rap, and Hatts’ voice are so sweet, especially with the visuals that are shown in this music video This song is often underrated, but it’s a great song and very easy to listen to!

Racism Controversy


When Andup participated in Show Me The Money 4, he received a lot of criticism about what he said to SEVENTEEN’s Vernon. The controversy began because there were International netizens who mistranslated what Andup said in his performance on the episode of SMTM 4 that broadcast on July 3, 2015. A mistranslated tweet that spread on social media said that Andup made a racist comment to Vernon because he is half white and half korean.

That statement immediately led Andup to getting blasted by people in his social media account. What Andup said to Vernon wasn’t actually racist at all. Reported by Allkpop, Andup actually said, This (SMTM 4) is Korea’s unique hip hop show and I think only those who are actually talented should be on it.” After Vernon’s performance, Andup said I don’t know why he passed.”  “I don’t know how he passed either.

Andup didn’t say it because he hated Vernon’s ethnicity, but because, at that time, Vernon’s performance was arguably still lacking to be able to compete in SMTM 4. Andup felt sensitive to an Idol-rapper that had a bad performance or seemed untalented.

At that moment, Tablo responded to Andup’s comment, as quoted from Allkpop The thing is (irony), some of these so-called idol rappers are better at rapping than the under rappers who have been rapping for a long time.” Andup then explained that he feels “no hostility towards those who have the talent,” and that he believes “Bobby deserved to win last season.” The main point of his statement was he actually didn’t hate all talented Idol-rappers, and also he admitted that in the previous season the rapper who become winner in that competition is Bobby.

That statement was misinterpreted by International netizens who might not understand Korean language thoroughly, until it gave rise to the statement that he made racist remarks against Vernon. Because of this, AndUp even apologized on his Instagram by saying, “To the person who mistranslated what I said: Everybody makes mistake. Ask somebody who are good at korean language enough to translate before uploading something next time. You made me a piece of trash for hours.” He also posted a photo of post-it note with “Please forgive me.”