Get to Know Former Rainbow Member and Actress Kim Jae-kyung

Kim Jae-kyung’s Dating News and Ideal Type

In an interview with Newsen, in 2015, Jae-kyung was asked something most idols were asked before, whether or not she had a boyfriend. Jae-kyung elegantly answers, “I’ve always dated in secret. But right now, I really don’t have [a boyfriend]. It’s a period where I want to get married, but also one where I am being careful, so I’m thinking a lot. I’m thinking more because I’m at the age where my friends are getting married and having kids.” This addresses the fact that she has reached the age where she seriously considers the prospect of marriage and that dating should not be considered so lightly.

She then added, “I’d never be in a public relationship. It’s complicated enough with just the man and the woman, but with my job, if we go public with our relationship, there will be a lot of talk about our relationship. I don’t want to make an issue even more unmanageable.” Later, she spoke a little bit about her ideal type, saying, “I like people who I can have a good conversation with and have an opinion. I also like people who love themselves and so can love others, and I hope that he is someone trying to find out more about himself.”

On another variety show, Radio Star, in 2018, Jae-kyung addressed the topic of secretly dating. The idol-actress made everyone laugh when she said, “I thought that I wasn’t at a level where it would become a hot topic even if an article was published.” The hosts joked that it seemed like her first tip was to not become famous. She added that she also told her younger brother, N.Flying’s Jaehyun, “Date a lot while you’re not famous.”

Not only that, but Kim Jae-kyung also added a second tip about good places to date that would not be easily figured out by fans. First explained that she really enjoys traditional Korean things, such as palaces and hanbok (traditional clothing). She said, “One day, I realized that there were only foreigners there, so I came up with the method of wearing hanbok and going to the palace. Since there are many foreigners there wearing fancy hanbok, there isn’t the danger of being noticed.”

Kim Jae-kyung and Her Brother, N.Flying’s Jaehyun

During Kim Jae-kyung’s stint in the variety show Happy Together 3, she spilled a little bit about her relationship with her younger brother, Kim Jae-hyun, who also happens to be an idol under FNC Entertainment and appeared alongside his older sister. Kim Jae-hyun debuted in 2015 with the group N.Flying, as their drummer, who is such a charmer on variety shows. During the talk sessions, the MCs asked him whether or not it was hard for him growing up, having an older sister who is an idol, he responded that his brother-in-law is around 300 people. This seems to be an allusion to the number of boyfriends that his sister has had.

Despite it, Kim Jae-kyung stated that during her time as a trainee she didn’t date much due to the fact that she was on a one-track mind towards the possibility of debuting, having no time to date at all. After debuting though, she has made time to date and enjoyed her life in her 20s. This bleeds to the advice she gives her brother, encouraging him to date secretly as long as he is not caught by his entertainment agency.

After their appearance in Happy Together 3, which was done while Kim Jae-hyun was still a trainee, he has finally debuted, with the full support of his older sister. Kim Jae-kyung briefly appeared in N.Flying’s variety show titled Cheongdamdong 111, which focuses on N.Flying’s debut process as well as other artists under the FNC label. The two were spotted in the show having lunch together as Kim Jae-kyung gives advice and supports her little brother. On his debut, Kim Jae-kyung posted a photo of Kim Jae-hyun’s teaser photo on her Twitter profile to show support.

Kim Jae-kyung’s support and love for her little brother did not end there. During their time promoting as idols, some of their schedules overlapped, like during their time at Idol Star Athletics Championship. The two shared a selfie together that was then uploaded on Kim Jae-kyung’s Twitter, showing off their tight bond with each other. They posed in tandem with peace signs and Vs filling up the screen. Can you imagine a cuter pair of siblings?

Kim Jae-kyung’s Instagram Feed

Kim Jae-kyung’s Instagram is filled with her daily activities and her hangouts with fellow celebrities. Not only that, but she posts teasers about her upcoming projects through her account, too. So, let’s check out some of her posts below!

In the post above, we can see Kim Jae-kyung sharing a teaser about her role in the upcoming drama The Secret Life of My Secretary, playing the role of Veronica Park. The style of the character suits her, as she is dressed up glamorously in designer clothing. She is fiery and confident, much like Kim Jae-kyung herself.

In another selfie, Kim Jae-kyung shows off her affinity for the new season. Posting a selfie with a flower in her hand, it is meant to signal the start of the spring season. The caption also alludes to the fact, as it is just a row of cherry blossom emojis. Kim Jae-kyung has also dressed for the occasion with a lovely pastel purple jacket and a teal cross-body bag.


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One of her other posts shows her with former 4Minute member, Kwon So-hyun, who is also her co-star in the upcoming drama. The two are seen as close as ever in their own individual styles, as Kim Jae-kyung is dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans, paired with a black beret and black blazer. While, Kwon So-hyun opted for a more casual look with her white t-shirt and jeans, paired with a bucket hat and striped oversized blouse.

Latest News of Kim Jae-kyung

For an actress active in the Korean entertainment industry right now, it is only a matter of time until she announces her newest project. This comes in the form of the drama The Secret Life of My Secretary that will start airing sometime in May 2019. Announced on January 16th, the drama features actors, such as Kim Young-kwang, Jin Ki-joo, and Mu Jin-sung. The drama tells the story of a cold-hearted boss and his hot-tempered secretary who clashes as they meet in the professional world. Actor Kim Young-kwang is set to play Do Min-yik, the cold-hearted boss at T&T Mobile Media, while Jin Ki-joo is to play Jung Gal-hee, the secretary who is diligent and finishes all kinds of tasks put upon her by her boss.

Kim Jae-kyung will pay the character Veronica Park, as she has already hinted in her Instagram, the CEO of the film production company Cine Park. She is the type who knows that she is capable of and shows it off to others, despite her messy and out of control personal life. This will create tension between the four main characters. Completing the quartet is Moo Jin-sung who plays the role of Ki Dae-joo, Do Min Yik’s best friend and the chief of Team 2 at T&T Mobile Media. He will steal hearts with his talent as well as his gentle and sweet personality.

Regarding the chemistry of the four leads and the progress of filming so far, the production team commented, “It is a lovely, bubbly, and bright drama that is fitting for spring,” and continued, “Kim Young-kwang, Jin Ki-joo, Kim Jae-kyung, and Moo Jin-sung will act out characters that elaborately suit each of their images. We ask for viewers to show anticipation and interest in the synergy of the four actors.”

So, what do you think of Kim Jae-kyung and her career after Rainbow disbanded? Do you think she will win another award in the future? Or, will you be waiting for a Rainbow reunion a decade from now? Comment your thoughts and opinions in the section below!