Get to Know Former Rainbow Member and Actress Kim Jae-kyung

Rainbow’s Golden Body Ratio Queen

Rainbow was once regarded as one of the top girl groups of the second generation, with fellow debutantes, such as 4Minute, Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, Kara, and many more. Unfortunately, sometime in 2015, they had to disband after years of activities and the members ended up branching out to each of their own interests. What remains of the group is the image that is ingrained in the public’s mind of the group. One of those famous artists is Kim Jae-kyung, DSP Media’s secret weapon and their most famous trainee that debuted as a member of the girl group Rainbow.

As a member of Rainbow, Kim Jae-kyung could be regarded as one of the most popular members, due to pre-debut exposure and being known as a very outgoing person on variety shows. This, partly helped in establishing her career out of the group once the group decided to go their separate ways. Nowadays, you’ll be able to see Kim Jae-kyung gracing the TV screens twice a week in a drama that she will be soon starring in. Want to find out which one it is? Or, maybe you want to learn other interesting facts about her? Well wait no more, let’s get to know actress Kim Jae-kyung!

Profile and Facts About Kim Jae-kyung

Kim Jae-kyung’s Full Profile

Kim Jae-kyung
Date of Birth
December 24th, 1988 (30 Years Old)
Mapo-gu, Seoul
168 cm
56 kg
Blood Type
Father, Mother, Little Brother Kim Jae-hyun
Academic Background
Hongik Elementary School
Shinmok Middle School
Deungchon High School
Dongduk Women’s University majoring in Fashion Design
Rainbow’s Gossip Girl EP in 2009
Namoo Actors Entertainment

Interesting Facts About Kim Jae-kyung

  • Loves calligraphy
  • As a member of the girl group Rainbow, she was in charge of the color red
  • Before fellow group member Kim Ji-sook started her well-loved blog, Kim Jae-kyung actually went ahead and did it first through her account on Cyworld. The blog discusses Do-It-Yourself costume accessory tutorials, calligraphy, and cooking
  • She often poses in selfies with her tongue out and because of it when the group takes selfies, her fellow members follow her habit of showing off her tongue
  • In her fellow member Noeul’s phone, Jae-kyung’s phone number is saved as “Mi-Jae Unni” or what the fans have speculated means “Crazy Jae-kyung Unni”
  • Jae-kyung has been said to look very similar to Ayase Haruka and Lee Young-ah among other celebrities

Kim Jae-kyung’s Pre-debut

Kim Jae-kyung’s first appearance, before her stint with the girl group Rainbow, is at the CMB event Chin Chin Star Festival, in 2003. In the music festival, 16-Year-old Kim Jae-kyung won second place singing the song “Hey Guys” thus setting off in her journey to stardom. After collecting her winnings from the festival, she trained under JYP entertainment starting from 2005.

After a few years, it seemed that she did not do well in JYP entertainment and through her connections with Lee Hyo-ri’s choreographer’s team, she got introduced to the entertainment company she debuted under, DSP Media. She then started training there and was given a variety of opportunities to appear in her seniors’ music video and such. Kim Jae-kyung, along with members Noeul and Oh Seung-ah appeared in SS501’s music video for “A Song Calling You.” Not only that, but she even had a solo appearance in A’ST1’s music video for “Dynamite.” Lastly, she appeared in SS501’s music video for “Love Like This.”

Debut with Rainbow

Kim Jae-kyung finally debuted on the November 14th, 2010, in the music show Music Core. Not only that, but she was even made the leader of the group, sporting the color red out of the seven colors of the rainbow. They debuted with the song “Gossip Girl,” that showcased each of the members’ unique voices as well as a very addictive hook. Despite it, the song received a very mediocre response by the public as they promoted alongside big hitters, such as Brown Eyed Girls and 2PM. Not only that, but the members were also in quite poor health and were not able to perform the choreography to the fullest.

Among the B-side tracks included in the mini-album, fans would have preferred if the group debuted with songs, such as “Not Your Girl” and “Kiss,” which included a more addictive hook and a more interesting concept. They would have liked if DSP Media delayed the debut just a little bit more, as they were originally planned to debut in October, but due to SS501’s comeback, it was pushed to November. If only the group debuted in December or January, they would have been a big hit. Thankfully, the group finally rose to fame after their hit song “A” was released, which became a national hit, just six months after their debut.

Rainbow’s Official Disbandment

On October 28th, 2016, the group Rainbow finally announced their disbandment through an official statement issued by the group and their company, DSP Media. It was revealed that the members’ contracts with the agency will end on November 12th and due to it, the company has decided to go into discussions with the group members as to their plans for the future. DSP Media stated, “Although we discussed with Rainbow members Kim Jaekyung, Go Woori, Kim Jisook, Noeul, Oh Seungah, Jung Yoonhye, and Jo Hyunyoung about their future, they have decided to go their separate ways.”  Then they added, “We hope that like a rainbow that shines bright anywhere, the members will be remembered for their bright, positive image and that people will continue to send their wholehearted support and encouragement for their future activities.” The agency also thanked the fans for their support of the group for the past seven years.

Kim Jae-kyung’s Solo Discography

Just after the disbandment of Rainbow, Kim Jae-kyung unexpectedly participated in the variety show, The King of Masked Singer. This marks her first ever appearance after the group ended their promotions after 8 years together. She starred under the disguise of Marie Antoinette, completed with tall wigs and ball gown. In the first round, she was matched against Ballerina, singing “Happy Birthday to You” by Kwon Ji-won. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the first round and revealed her identity through a performance of BOBO’s “Late Regrets.” During her solo performance, she cried as she was touched by the support people had given her as a member of Rainbow and the group itself.

During the Q&A session after the performance, Kim Jae-kyung revealed her dwindling interest in singing and becoming an idol in general, stating, “Rainbow is very grateful for the support we have received until now, but slowly our interest and confidence in music started dwindling. I am hoping that through the support Rainbow received in this show that the passion we have once felt might slowly return.” Other than her stint in the variety show, she has also filled in for the OST of the dramas she has starred in, such as God’s “Quiz 4.” Not only that, but she was also featured in the song “Macaron,” in Crazy Music’s Project No.1.

Acting Career

After the disbandment of Rainbow, Kim Jae-kyung signed a contract with Namoo Actors, to focus on her acting career. As the company name implies, the company specializes and only focuses on actors and actress, thus they do not have a single singer or idol under their company so far. With her move to this new company, she has starred in numerous dramas across all the big name networks, let’s check out the works she has been in below!

Kim Jae-kyung’s Filmography

TV Network
Na Yu-mi
Inspiring Generation
Mei Ling
God’s Quiz 4
Im Tae-kyung
Drama Festival – Turning Point
Maeng Ran-young
Noble, My Love
Cha Yoon-seo
Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist
The Miracle We Met
Life on Mars
Han Mal-sook
Bad Papa
Cha Ji-woo
The Secret Life of My Secretary
Veronica Park

Kim Jae-kyung’s Award and Nominations

As seen above, Kim Jae-kyung has worked very hard after the disbandment of the group Rainbow. Through her numerous appearances in notable works, she has earned herself an award for her acting. Let’s check out the details of her winnings below!

On December 30th, 2018, at the annual MBC Drama Awards, Kim Jae-kyung snagged herself an award in the category for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the drama series Bad Papa. What was surprising about her win is that she was able to reunite with fellow Rainbow member, Oh Seung-ah, who won the Best New Actress Award for her participation in the drama Secrets and Lies. In her winning speech, Kim Jae-kyung mentioned her appreciation and thankfulness for all the support and love that she has received as an actress that allowed her to achieve such an award. Not only that, but she also thanked the director that helped her get the said role in Bad Papa.

On the 31st, Kim Jae-kyung commemorated the precious moment by uploading an Instagram post with Oh Seung-ah. The caption reads, “To be able to spend this happy moment together made today even happier #Rainbow and #Rain-nous.” The Instagram post included a photo of herself with Oh Seung-ah, both rocking stunning floor-length gowns and sparkling new trophies. This just proves that the power that Rainbow holds surpasses the lifetime of the group itself.

Kim Jae-kyung’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Due to her immense popularity even before she debuted, many have speculated that her beauty might have been the work of a plastic surgeon. This was definitely the case as some fans and netizens started collecting photos from her middle school and high school days to compare them with her most recent photos. As seen above, she mostly retains her look with no significant beauty which signifies a lack of plastic surgery. The only notable difference is the lack of baby fat which has resulted in a stronger more pronounced jawline. Her eye-line and eye-shape seem to be something she has genetically inherited as she always had such big, wide eyes as well as a definitive nose bridge.

In 2012, amidst raging plastic surgery accusations, Kim Jae-kyung and her company, DSP Media, decided to file a lawsuit against one of the people who used her photos as a way of promoting his plastic surgery clinics. They sued the CEO of the company under the charges of using her pre-debut photos as the “before” photos, scamming others into getting plastic surgery with false photos, and using her photos as a promotion tool without permission and under false pretenses. With this, DSP Media also released a statement that Kim Jae-kyung has never done any form of plastic surgery in all of her life.