Are You Curious About Rain and Kim Tae-Hee’s Baby Daughter?

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The Celebrity Couple Family, Rain, and Kim Tae-Hee

According to Entertainment Weekly, Rain and Kim Tae-Hee first met while filming a commercial for Coupang, an online shopping service similar to the United States-based company Groupon, together in October 2011. They then started dating in late 2012. A confidant said, “Rain is the kind of person that is very forward with his feelings. Even after his entrance into the army, he won her over with frequent talks and conversations,” as reported by Allkpop.

After about five years of dating, Rain and Kim Tae-Hee officially tied the knot on January 19, 2017, at a Catholic church in Seoul and invited their families and closest friends.


After the ceremony, they released their handwritten letter. Rain posted a sweet handwritten letter on his personal Instagram account on January 19, 2017.

“This is Jung Ji Hoon (Rain’s real name). Already 16 years have passed since I debuted. The fans that were with me all that time have become beautiful women and mothers. Now I, as the oldest son in my household, also seek to become a great husband. Kim Tae-Hee has always been there for me, unmoving, in sad times and in happy times, and she never fails to amaze me. Our trust and love for each other are as strong as ever, and we’ve decided to leap. As the current times are unstable, we will be as quiet and humble as possible with our wedding ceremony. As such, we apologize for not revealing details to the public. Thank you again to everyone for sending me so much love over 16 years. I will continue to move forward with my career, both as a singer and actor, with responsibility and modesty. She is the best present for me,” as translated by Soompi.

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Following Rain, Kim Tae-Hee has been released through her agency thanks to her fans about her wedding.

“Today is the first day on the long journey we will embark on together, and we wanted to take that first step with the support of all the fans who have loved us and cared for us. We will take care of each other, respect each other, and do our best to help each other work on what we lack. With the warmth that I have learned from your overflowing love, I will do my best to repay you as a better actress and do my best as a family’s wife. The man who will be my life partner and me will support each other and give each other strength. I hope no one catches a cold in this cold weather, and I pray that you are healthy and happy in the new year. Once again, I want to thank you all,” as translated by Soompi sincerely.


On December 5, 2017, Rain went on a three-day trip to Taiwan and opened up about his wedding on JTBC’s variety travel show Carefree Travelers.

Rain shared, “My wife was the first to say she wanted a small wedding at the Catholic church without empty formalities and vanities. I wore a tuxedo that I already owned, and we didn’t do a wedding photoshoot. We didn’t hire a photographer either. The guests acted as photographers, and we put those photos together and made a video. Honestly, I have a lot of regrets about the wedding. There were lots of things I wanted to do for my wife on that day. I even opened the installment savings account for the wedding. The actual total cost of the wedding came out to a little over 2 million won (approximately $1,840),” as reported by Soompi.


Rain and Kim Tae-Hee’s First Child


Before their marriage, Kim Tae-Hee appeared on KBS2’s variety show Return of Superman on December 11, 2016. Kim Tae-hee told Lee Beom-Soo, who was visiting her with his children, popularly known as the Soda Siblings that she wanted to have a daughter. She said, “In the past, I wanted a son, but now I want a daughter who is like a friend,” as reported by CLEO.


On May 14, 2017, Rain made a special guest appearance on KBS2’s Return of Superman‘s last episode of Lee Beom-Soo and his children, the Soda Siblings. In this episode, Rain showed his joy for children by answering Da-Eul’s question, “Can uncle come to my house now?” attentively and trying to chat with Da-Eul, who was timid. Lee Beom-Soo said, “Uncle Rain’s wife is Aunt Tae-Hee,” which was then responded to by So-Eul, who said, “Beautiful!”


When asked about whether he preferred a son or a daughter with the other guests, Rain responded with a smile, “Uncle really wants to have a beautiful daughter like So-Eul. I want a daughter.” After treating the guests to a barbecue dinner, Lee Beom-Soo’s children gifted Rain with two pillows with his photoshopped future babies printed on them. Rain immediately responded with a cheerful smile, “If they come out like this, I will have highly succeeded.”


Their child was conceived during the couple’s honeymoon getaway in Bali. They shared the news of Kim Tae-Hee’s pregnancy in May 2017. After 9 months of marriage, Rain and Kim Tae-Hee officially became parents. On October 25, 2017, Rain uploaded a picture of a pair of cute baby socks on his Instagram account and announced with a caption, “Thank you… She is a beautiful princess~ We will raise her well to be a child that helps the world. #Blessing.” According to several Korean media news outlets, Rain accompanied Kim Tae-Hee during her postpartum hospital stay and was given a pardon from his schedule due to their child’s birth.

After all, sadly, you can’t see their first child’s face now because all the information about their little princess has been kept private. Many of their fans piqued much curiosity and even used their photography skills to recreate Rain and Kim Tae-Hee’s baby’s image from the couple’s faces.


On November 27, 2017, on JTBC’s Carefree Travelers episode, the host asked about their daughter’s appearance. Rain replied without any hesitance and expressed his happiness, “First, she has double eyelids.” The hosts gave him congratulations and said, “It seems that she bears a resemblance to her mother, Kim Tae-Hee.” As for the daughter’s name, he explained, “It implies the meaning of superiority.”


Kim Tae-Hee’s agency revealed that Kim Tae-Hee would be on hiatus for a long time because of her first baby. She is focusing on her little daughter, “Kim Tae-Hee has just given birth to a healthy baby. Right now, only the family is gathering to celebrate her birth,” the representative of her agency explained. The representative also revealed that even though Rain is busy with various activities, he continued to stick beside his little daughter, “Rain himself will be preoccupied with his comeback schedule and participating in The Unit program. However, he kept sticking to his daughter’s side.”


After a long hiatus, on March 12, 2018, Kim Tae-Hee posted lovely selcas for the first time since having her baby through her Instagram account and left the caption, “How has everyone been ^^~? I’m at an ad filming set for the first time in a while. The weather seemed to be warming up, but it’s suddenly cold again~!! Don’t get caught off guard, and be careful of the cold~~ I’ll try to greet you guys with a good production soon. Until then, always be healthy and happy. Let’s fighting~~!” as translated by Allkpop. Many of her fans complimented Kim Tae-Hee’s unchanging beauty and expressed delight.

Rain and Kim Tae-Hee’s Second Child

Rain and Kim Tae-Hee's Second Child

On September 19, 2019, Kim Tae-Hee’s agency announced that Kim Tae-Hee had effectively given birth to the second child from her marriage with Rain. She gave birth to her second daughter on Tuesday morning at a hospital in Seoul, as per her agency, Story J Company. Both the mother and the daughter are “healthy,” they said.

Story J Company stated, “We want to deliver the good news that the power couple Kim Tae-Hee and Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain) have welcomed another member to their little family. On the morning of September 19, 2019, Kim Tae-Hee gave birth to her second child, a healthy baby girl, at a hospital in Seoul.”

The agency reassured fans that both mother and the child were healthy by giving an additional statement.

“The mother and the baby are both healthy, and they are resting with the care and blessings of their cheerful family,” the representative said. “We offer genuine gratitude for the thoughtful congratulatory messages and warm interest sent.”

So, that’s the brief information about Kim Tae-Hee and Rain’s little family. Both artists have been clear with their intention to keep detailed information about their children away from public attention. And as fans, we have to respect their decision.

However, if there are more updates regarding their little family in the future, we will let you know. We will do our best to provide any information that might surface regarding Kim Tae-Hee and Rain’s children. Thus, if you’re curious about this little family, always keep your eyes on Channel Korea to keep up-to-date.