60 Inspirational and Fun Quotes from SHINee Members

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SHINee Quotes Compilation

SHINee has already been in the entertainment industry for 9 years. They have been through many hardships and difficulties in their career paths as an idol group. From every shows and concert they attended until now, they have always shared some of their thoughts with their fans and the public. Here is a compilation of their best quotes.

SHINee Onew Quotes

Onew 2017

“There are no boundaries or limits when it comes to love.”

“When you laugh, you receive luck.”

“Yoogeun’s a global baby now. Golbae.”

Yoogeun pronounces watermelon(subak): “You know he’s saying 2pac?”

“I’m happy~ I ate chicken yesterday, but it looks like I’m going to eat it again today.”

Do you like chicken or Yoogeun better? “Chicken. I like chicken a lot more. It’s because chicken has been with me for 22 years.”

“Our chicken maniac, tell us how we can eat it deliciously?” “There’s no time for that.”

“Don’t be sad; tomorrow and forever, we’ll be together.”

“If you’re afraid, can I hug you lightly underneath the light?”

“I want to become the SHINee that will exist in your hearts and be remembered forever”

SHINee Jonghyun Quotes

Jonghyun 2017

“My goal is to become a songwriter, so if I cannot do that, I don’t want the money.”

“I think I like skinship too much.”

“Today, because we are all together, I can feel your love for me. So thank you very much. I wish that even in the future, we’ll continue to be together. Together will all the (SHINee) members too. I miss my members a lot.” – X Inspiration Concert 2016

“I wanted to show the real side of me because of the unfair things that people said about me, but I realized that it was impossible and tried to think of why people thought of me in that manner.”

“No matter what I say, honestly, people will only judge me the way they want to.”

“SHINee is like family.”

“Let’s be together until the end.”

“The morning comes. Wear the tiring mask of an adult again.”

“Even though we can’t communicate using the same language, we use music instead.”

SHINee Key Quotes

Key 2017

“My dream isn’t to be the best, but to be who I’m not ashamed to be.”

“I can’t hide who I am. I can’t say things I don’t mean, say that I like things I hate, or that I hate things I like. And more than anything, I can’t lie to myself.”

“Whether you do well on stage or not, it’s the whole experience that counts.”

“I don’t want to~” – Rich Man Poor Man parody

Tell us what you did well. “I can’t pick one because there are too many.”

“AH! WHY AM I SO BAD AT THIS (ChamChamCham game)?!”

SHINee Minho Quotes

minho 2017

“Do not forget that all of you are always shining within SHINee’s hearts…”

“A formula that will never be broken for a lifetime, SHINee + SHINee World = LOVE.”

“My competitiveness is spreading around the world.”

“I hope to become someone comforting to people’s tiring and difficult moments; Someone who can give out positive energy to a lot of people. Of course, I’m human too. I have times when my emotions are unstable, tired, or irritated but I have to strive hard to find a place of my own. It always comes across my mind that there are people who face worse than me. If I can control my emotions, wouldn’t the people who look at me also gain some positive emotions?”

“I know about women. I know that they’re not men.”

SHINee Taemin Quotes

taemin 2017

“I think everybody in this world should be loved!”

“Dance? dancing is like walking. People always walk, right? for me, I always have to dance.”

“Minho hyung, please love me even more.”

“I think I look too easy to Yoogeun.”

“Everything you believe in is the truth.”

“I lie more than I tell the truth to protect my privacy.”

“SHINee is like the weather. Everyone has their own personalities and it’s something that is essential to Earth”

SHINee’s Inspirational Quotes

shinee knowing brother

“There is no shortcut to perfection, all it takes is hard work, and more hard work.” – Jonghyun

“If you don’t give up your hopes and dreams, then there will always be a good ending.” – Minho

“As I go on with life, I find that there can be bad moments. But I have to be positive and change so that the bad thing doesn’t happen again.” – Taemin

“To choose our own way is not an easy thing to do, but everybody has their own choice.” – Key

“I promised my mom when I was a kid that I will be a good-hearted person and always optimistic. Even though life could be so hard, we should always smile and see it as a good thing.” – Taemin

“Fight for something as if it is your last fight… as if there would be no more chance to do that later.” – Minho

“Do not remain where you are right now, stand out and present yourself.”— Lee Taemin

“When something’s hard, smiling helps us in the end, and it becomes fun.” — Lee Taemin

“Life is full of chances. Take it lightly.” – Jonghyun

“I believe that you can change a life with just one word.” – Onew

“My dream is to do things until ‘I have no regrets’.” – Taemin

“A person who dreams for a long time becomes similar to his/her dreams.” Taemin