Funny and Inspirational Quotes From MBLAQ Members

(Former) MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Quotes


“No pain, no gain.”

“Every stage I go on in the name of MBLAQ remains in my memory.”

“If you think in such a large field of view, the earth is only a tiny spot. When I think of space, all my worries or thoughts seem to be tiny things which makes me feel at ease.”

“I’ll say just one thing. Thank you. I’m really so thankful that I could go crazy.” (he’s saying thank you to A+)

“I don’t set goals. It’s more important to focus on present and seize the moment.”

“There will be good things if one lives like water flowing naturally. I live with an open attitude.”

“My wish is to become the artist who is proud of himself.”

“I have always worked hard. Comparing what I was doing both in the past and when I was just doing acting now, I cannot say that I am putting in more effort now. I worked hard then, and I am working hard now. I am the same … My first specialty was dance. I’ve done Korean dance, ballet, and I was a singer. However, out of all the different areas, acting is the most interesting. I think I will have the most fun with this. Nowadays, there’s not as much prejudice against idols who act, right? Idol-actors aren’t necessarily bad at acting. After School’s Nana gets good reviews, and she was an idol for a long time. Siwan is a singer, but he is also doing great as an actor, so I think the fact that starting off as an idol and your acting ability have nothing to do with each other. To be honest –and I think everyone will agree –if you are an idol, it is easier to get casted. But strangely, I used to not get cast all that much.”

“I don’t and I can’t forget things. It’s impossible to make things that existed before to disappear in my mind. I can forgive that person but I don’t forget that memory.”

“Every stage I go on in the name of MBLAQ remains in my memory.”

“Acting is my life. I want to pursue it without taking any breaks. And I want to keep looking at scripts. I actually had been a bit proud because my acting debut was in a Hollywood film. And after that, I’d been preparing to shoot a war film with other actors my age but it got cancelled after I had become familiar with the script. I was sad but I believe there are things I learned from the process of preparing for it.”

(Former) MBLAQ’s Thunder Quotes


“I like creating songs by my senses in an hour and half. I don’t try too hard when nothing comes up. That’s the key to creating good songs.”

“Dreams are supposed to big.”

“I think everyone feels lonely even if they pretend they don’t.”

“The music style of MBLAQ is one of my favourites, to be part of the group and perform the music makes me happy.”

“Even if you fall down and tumble, do not give up.”

“My sister Sandara has praised me since I was young saying that I’m good looking and tall. My sister is just like that — she’s good to my younger sister and the whole family. I also met my seniors in boyband 2PM in person before and Nichkhun was so good looking. Then I was once on a plane to Japan when a lady said hi to me thinking I was Nichkhun. I felt so happy at that moment. She then looked and Mir and thought he was Hong-ki from FT Island. But she looked so serious that we couldn’t tell her that we were MBLAQ so we just smiled.”

“I’ll put my life on the line for this.”

“I would like to say that I’ve always tried to show who I was and never once lip-synced my part. It’s always been me since our second album, so I hope that you continue to give us your love. Thank you.”

MBLAQ Funny Quotes


“I’m an expert in acting as a loser.” Seungho

“I don’t have aegyo.” Seungho

“Mir is so shameless!!!” Seungho

“When G.O. first joined our agency, rumor spread that a very good-looking guy had joined. But I knew it the moment I saw him. The word ‘mischievous’ was written all over his face. Hahaha. I was waiting to see when he would cause trouble and he’s been meeting up to my expectations so far. It’s amazing to see the pranks he pulls off on the female trainees at our agency. Even if you don’t know where it’s coming from, if you hear a scream, that means G.O. is there. For sure. Hahaha.” Seungho

“Well, I’m happy though, when I grow up and get rich, I won’t get a clothing line like Jihoon hyung, I’m gonna have my own fragrance line!” Mir

“Joonie hyung, my chest is always open to you.” Mir (Hello Baby Ep8)

“One day MBLAQ got a new house. Everyone’s happy. Wow! Wonderful! Great! Tomorrow MBLAQ’s five members, everybody goes to the second house. Right now sleeping.” Mir

“A good thing comes along like being loved. A bad point is being bullied. When you get bullied once a day by a hyung, which means 4 times for me. And G.O hyung means 10 people and Seungho hyung for 7.” Mir (he’s talking about what it is like being the youngest)

“My image just went to hell.” Joon (Hello Baby Ep2)

“My charm is a drug.” Joon

“I’m really a pervert.” Joon

“Because of my sisters, I received their clothes as hand-me-downs, including their skirts. I would wear their skirts and go around calling them unnie.” Thunder (Hello Baby Ep8)

“I am really cute!… Sorry.” Thunder (Asian Cross Road Interview)

“I like One Piece, but I also love Naruto!” Thunder