Funny and Inspirational Quotes From MBLAQ Members


Do You Know MBLAQ?

MBLAQ debuted on October 9, 2009, at Rain’s Legend of Rainism. The group consists of Seungho, G.O, and Mir, and formerly Lee Joon and Thunder.  After the two members left, the group came back as 3 with “Mirror“. But not long after their comeback promotion, all of them went their separate ways to focus on individual activities, and they even signed with different agencies.

In February 2016, G.O enlisted in the military which he will serve in for the next 2 years. It’s been confirmed that Mir and Seungho have also enlisted for their mandatory military service which happened in 2017. The members all seemed super popular at one point, but considering two members left and the remaining three members went their separate ways, MBLAQ is pretty much disbanded. However, there is no official statement from J.Tune Camp because the agency is confirmed to be basically gone.

Well, who knows what’ll happen in the future anyway? Let’s support all of them and hope MBLAQ will rebrand as 5 members in future! Also, they may disbanded but let’s not forget about every meaningful and hilarious thing they’ve ever said! Check their quotes below^^

MBLAQ’s Seungho Quotes


“…We have a relationship that even surpasses the feeling of a family. We are the kind of friends that can openly talk to each other just like childhood friends. And that is MBLAQ’s good point.”

“I’m sure that other groups get along just fine too, but we pride ourselves in the close friendship that we have and the fun we have because of it.”

“It’s because the ones who cheer loudly will be chosen in the audition. If you can’t reach above a certain level you can’t join our fanclub (laugh).”

“Rather than changing our style, I think it’s a part we have originally. How to express that? It’s only that the way of expression is different according to the song, and the chic feeling as well as the bright feeling are both our appearances.”

“When Mir is not here I do the rap, and I’ve sung on behalf of Joon. I’ve also danced Cheondung’s part and sung the main vocal on behalf of G.O. At that time I acutely felt that each of us is necessary in MBLAQ. I usually don’t realize that, but when anyone is missing I feel that’s a very lonely place. If we are not 5 people, I can’t live.”

“Keep challenging new things is always good. When you stop challenging youself, it means you cannot improve anymore.”

“Because I’m the leader of MBLAQ, I always try to be aware of my responsibility.”

“We don’t want to end up becoming a popular idol group. We want to keep growing as musicians who love music. This is the shared goal of MBLAQ members.”

“I think that if I go forward with a big dream and hope, even if it doesn’t come true, I can reach half of it.”

“Rather than thinking, ‘What do we do if we don’t do well because of other artists?’ we were happy with the fact that in the midst of all that, people did not forget us and they recognized MBLAQ.”

“Truthfully? I don’t lie. I say what I can, but if I can’t, rather than lie, I don’t answer.”

“I don’t like lying so I try to show my true self. If someone told me to manage my image, I don’t think I could do it.”

“In Korean culture… just eat, no speak.”

“I don’t think there is a member that makes my life difficult.” – (Sesame Player Ep8)

MBLAQ’s G.O Quotes


“MBLAQ and A+ let’s become lovers that will never break up and stay together for so soooooooo long.”

“Even if we only have one fan remaining, MBLAQ will still sing to the very end.”

“I’m actually the most mischievous in our group. I’m such a goof that I can’t stand being curious about something and I’ve always had everything my way. I pulled a lot of pranks on my younger sister in particular — shooting BB guns into her room if the door was left open or I would pee in her room. I once also let crabs run loose in her room after catching them at the beach. Hahahaha. I know it may seem like I’m crossing the line at times but I’m just helping them discover their true self. No matter how quiet someone may be, their true personalities will come out when they’re with me.”

“Sadness or happiness, the five of us will go through it together.”

“Fanchant. Nothing can make me happier than the loud cheer does.”

“As long as I work as a musician, I always wanted to be able to compose myself. So I worked really hard last year. I gained some knowledge and I came to deeply think of MBLAQ’s originality more.”

“I treasure every single moment. We’ve been through a lot as MBLAQ. The happiest thing that lately happened was our solo concert.”

“We are not particularly aware of it. We just follow the image of the songs. We comprehend the songs, and grasping the true nature of the songs and what kind of things that we want to sing is important. From that we make our image.”

“Attitude to challenge things is meaningful.”

“No matter how great the lyrics are, meaning and feeling inside won’t be expressed properly if we sounded unnatural.”

“Happiness or saddness, the five of us will go through it together.”

“It’s not only on stage, but in life that I try hard as well.”

“I think I want to be told ‘MBLAQ is the best!’ anytime. And not only by fans’, but it will be nice if we become everyone’s MBLAQ.”

“Everyone’s love is our energy.” – (Asian Cross Road Interview)

MBLAQ’s Mir Quotes


“I want to become good at rapping. For that, there’s only practice!”

“Joon is so popular but he doesn’t realize it because he is so shy. I really think he is a cool guy and he is likely to get married first among the members in real life.”

“I’ve always been monitoring and it shows that our fans have been going through a lot. Honestly speaking, 2nd place is an extraordinary thing. Saying that you’re sorry for not being able to make us 1st place doesn’t make sense. So whenever you guys say that my heart really hurts.” – (Making The Artist Ep3)

“If I sleep now, I can dream. If I stay awake, a dream can come true.”

“Friends are like giant rocks, they’re always in the same place. I hope these guys stay like this forever.”

“G.O. is the one who is in charge of summing up what we say. He’s good at pointing out the essence of what we say. And Joon is the one who gets the most easily excited.”

“We have the same heart that we had for the past 6 years since our trainee days. The only difference is our choices.”