K-Drama Review: Choi Kang-hee and Kwon Sangwoo Are Back on the Screen Again in ‘Queen of Mystery 2’!

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Queen of Mystery 2

Binge-worthy Drama

The show follows the protagonist of the previous season, making it a prime watch for returning viewers, but also for those of you who wants a quick dose of mystery and comedy. The drama is definitely binge-worthy now that it has completed its first and second season, making it a whole, 32-episode spectacle that is definitely worth watching in one go!

Refreshing Mystery Genre

The drama revolves around a new case every week, ranging from psychopaths to serial killers, while still incorporating elements of the main pairings’ love line, creating an interesting dynamic. Despite it feeling a little disjointed, the character element definitely shines through in creating a refreshing mystery genre that is unlike anything you can find in other Korean dramas.

Hilarious Romantic Encounters

The two main leads, Yoo Seol-ok and Ha Wan-seung have an interesting dynamic, driven by the difference in their backgrounds and their perspective of having to deal with the problems as well as each other. How did they end up becoming partners in work, but maybe even more? Tune in to find out!

Star-Studded Cast and Cameos

While the main leads might not be some of the more recognized names in the industry at the moment, the drama features stars such as Lee Da-hee and Oh Min-suk as recurring characters, before they made it big in their current work. Not only that, the cast also features AOA’s visual, Min A, as a side character. How could you not be excited?

Possibility of Season 3?

The open ending left at the penultimate episode might just a be a cue that the drama may be getting a third season sometime in the future, after the success of the first two seasons. There were still some plot lines left untouched and unsolved by the end of season 2, such that fans are just begging to get another season.

So what do you think of “Queen of Mystery 2”? Are you excited to watch the drama or will you skip this one in favor of another mystery drama? Comment your thoughts and opinions down below!