K-Drama Review: Choi Kang-hee and Kwon Sangwoo Are Back on the Screen Again in ‘Queen of Mystery 2’!


Latest Installment of Queen of Mystery

Top ratings don’t accurately predict or indicate the quality of a drama, but that is definitely the case with “Queen of Mystery”, which has returned for a second season after the hype it received in the first season. With off the charts ratings, beating the likes of “Switch” and “Hold Me Tight” for the spot of Wednesday-Thursday drama slot, what makes it so special? Let’s go and find out more about the latest installment of the mystery-comedy drama, Queen of Mystery 2!

Queen of Mystery 2: Review

Choi Kang-hee and Kwon Sang-woo are back at it again as partners in crime to solve mysteries in their neighborhood, reprising their roles as Yoo Seol-ok and Ha Wan-seung in “Queen of Mystery 2.” The two coming back to their roles definitely added some depth and connection for longtime fans of the show, as they slipped into their characters from before and went on naturally with new cases along the way. Sadly, they were the only two to reprise their roles regularly, others only popping in for cameos or not even coming back at all, this mostly applied to the side characters.

Premise-wise, the show stays with the same structure and plot, in which a housewife leaves all her responsibilities behind in order to solve crime with her neighborhood detective, from murder to sexual assault cases. What’s different is in the way they address the cases, which felt a lot more detached than in the previous season, as well as lacking connective tissue to the growth of the main plot, revolving around Seol-ok and Wan-seung’s relationship and loose plot threads from season 1.

Season 2 also has a recognizable difference in tone, with the first season feeling more sincere, the comedy came more from the situations Seol-ok found herself in, so it was completely relatable and the mini cases not only blended into the main mystery of the series, but also served as a strong foundation for Seol-ok and Wan-seung to build their relationship on. Season 2 leaned into the over-the-top comedy and all of the cases felt very disjointed. It was weird. Almost like from season 1 to season 2 there were different directors and production teams. 

The sudden appearance of Ha Wan-seung’s brother, who was never mentioned in season 1, and the introduction of a major plot point towards the end isn’t the best, structure-wise, but each individual character and their performance definitely made up for it. It was the connection between the viewers and characters that they already knew that definitely kept most viewers going, as well as the anticipation of having closure and tied-up plot threads by the end. Sadly, that was not the case at all.

The big mystery from season 1 we were all expecting to get answers and a conclusion for never went anywhere substantial. Instead, we were subjected to unnecessary twists and a bizarre new villain who felt totally out of place most of the season. This included the romance that showed so much promise in the beginning, but eventually led nowhere. 

Queen of Mystery 2: The Casts



  • Choi Kang-hee as Yoo Seol-ok
  • Kwon Sang-woo as Ha Wan-seung


  • Park Byung-eun as Woo Sung-ha
  • Kim Hyun-sook as Kim Kyung-mi
  • Lee Da-hee as Jung Hee-yeon / Seo Hyun-soo
  • Kim Tae-woo as Ha Ji-seung
  • Park Ji-il as Kang Bo-guk

Jungjindong Station

  • Kim Won-hae as Station Manager Jo In-ho
  • Oh Min-suk as Gye Seong-woo, Violent Crimes Division Unit 1 Team Leader
  • Hong Ki-joon as Sergeant Yook Seung-hwa
  • Kim Jong-soo as Station Chief Shin Jang-gu
  • Kwon Mina as Officer Shin Nara, Shin Jang-gu’s daughter

Mystery Squad

  • Kim Min-sang as Team Leader Hwang Jae-min
  • Min Sung-uk as Corporal Gong Han-min
  • Dindin as MC J Bang Jae-soon
  • Jang Yu-sang as Kim Mun-gi
  • Kim Jong-hyeon as Officer Lee Seon-ho
  • Jo Woo-ri as Yoon Mi-joo

Queen of Mystery 2: The Soundtracks

The quality of the OSTs in “Queen of Mystery 2” is a step above the rest with the track list gleaming with recognizable names from the idol industry. Let’s check out some of them below!

Starting off we have the main OST, sung by Oh My Girl’s leader and main vocalist, Hyojung! Known for her sweet voice and high notes, she is the perfect fit to sing the song that perfectly captures the essence of the drama. The song, titled “SARR”, tells the story of the budding romantic feelings between to potential lovers over an upbeat, acoustic melody.

Next we have ballad princess and Lovelyz’s main vocalist, Kei! She has been known to have the potential to be a balladeer, with appearances on vocal-centric variety shows and various drama OSTs. This time, with the song “These Days You & I,” Kei challenges herself with a more acoustic tone, but the bright and clear tone that she is known for still shines through.

Lastly, we have BTOB’s leader and main vocalist, Eunkwang, on the list as well! Eunkwang has been recognized time and time again for being a very talented vocalist with a wide range that can do well practically any song you give him. This song in particular, titled “Dreaming of Spring,” is one that shows his skills to advantage.