Promise (2021) by TWICE

“Promise” (2021) by TWICE

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Perfect World
Release Date July 20th, 2021
Length 4:20
Label Warner Music Japan
Songwriter Karen Yamaguchi
Composer  J-Lin Ming Ji Syeon, Karen Poole, Though (B-Rock), and Ellen Berg
Genre J-pop


“I promise you, be your light,” this sentence might sound comforting. Through the darkness of life, there’s a time when someone’s presence can make everything brighter. TWICE, through their song “Promise,” makes a promise to be by your side through rain or shine.

“Promise” is the last track of the Perfect World album. The album that was released on July 20th, 2021, has ten tracks in total, and “Promise” is a comforting and perfect song to end the album with. Perfect World is TWICE‘s third Japanese album that was released by Warner Music Japan.

Background of “Promise”

The first announcement about the Perfect World release was announced through TWICE’s SNS on May 19th, 2021, with a picture of an empty chair along with the date of the Japanese release of TWICE’s third studio album set for July 28th, 2021. After the unveiling of the album release day, on June 22th, 2021, TWICE released the tracklist of the songs on the Perfect World album including “Promise” as the closing song of the album.

On June 28th, 2021, TWICE released a group teaser picture for Perfect World. It was shown with a black and red theme for the group teaser, and there’s also a group teaser picture with TWICE sitting around a chair with their white glittering outfits. After the release of the group teaser, TWICE then released a video spoiler with a snippet of all of the tracks on the Perfect World album including a snippet for “Promise.”

Story of “Promise”

“Promise” is a ballad song that is perfect to listen to when you need a comforting song to give you encouragement. “Promise,” just like the title, talks about someone promising to be the light for someone else. As someone else’s light, they promise that they will shine brightly.

The promise is also to stay by someone’s side forever, especially on days where everything feels bad and on depressing days. They promise that they will be someone’s light. The person who promises to be someone’s light has received much love from their friend, and they hope they can shower back the love they received.

Being someone else’s light might need bravery and strength, but even when they are not feeling brave, they promise that they will shine brighter than anyone to be their friend’s light, even if they are the only light their friend has. It must be comforting to hear someone say they will be by your side forever, right?

The song closed with the line “always together, be your light” as the perfect ending for this comforting song.

This song in the ballad genre shows TWICE’s vocal improvements and was written by Karen Yamaguchi. The music composers for “Promise” are J-Lin Ming Ji Syeon, Karen Poole, Though (B-Rock), and Ellen Berg. Not only taking part as music composers but J-Lin Ming Ji Syeon and Though (B-Rock) also play the part as the producers for “Promise.”