Profile and Facts of UNIQ’s Wang Yi-bo

uniq's wang yibo

Learn More About Wang Yibo

Uniq is a five-member Chinese-South Korean boy-group, which was formed by the Chinese company, Yuehua Entertainment, in 2014. One of the members of the group is Wang Yibo, who is the main dancer and the group’s maknae. He is also the group’s rapper, vocalist, and visual.

Wang Yibo was born on August 5, 1997. He comes from Luoyang, China, and can speak both Chinese and Korean. He attended Hanlim Multi Art School. He is quite tall, with 179 cm, and he weighs about 59 kg. His blood type is A. In addition to his other talents, he also does beatboxing. His hobbies are skateboarding and playing yo-yo.

Wang Yibo Became a Mentor in Produce 101 Tiongkok

uniq's wang yibo

Wang Yibo is a mentor in the survival program, Produce 101 Tiongkok. He mentors for dancing, since his own dancing skills are so great. Take a look at this choreography Wang Yibo arranged. It’s totally killing with some of the girly movements.

Does Wang Yibo have a girlfriend?

uniq's wang yibo

There’s a rumor that Wang Yibo is in a romantic relationship with a Chinese heiress. On June 12, according to Chinese online outlets, UNIQ’s Yibo has become wrapped up with this rumor.

The rumor said that the heiress is named Qi Mei He, and her father is the owner of a major luxury automobile brand distributor in China. However, Yibo’s label, Yue Hua Entertainment, denied the accusations, according to Chinese sources.

Wang Yibo has always said his ideal type is a girl who’s loyal, filial, cute and sexy. What do you think about it? Do you believe that Wang Yibo is in a romantic relationship?

Wang Yibo’s Facts

uniq's wang yibo

For those who want to know more about Wang Yibo, here you go. Wang Yibo’s favorite movies are Spider-Man and Fast and Furious. He’s the most talkative member in the group, even though he’s the youngest. His favorite sports besides skateboarding are swimming, bowling, and playing basketball. Some of his favorite artists are BigBang, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP, and Beyonce.

If you’re one of his fans and you want to give him a gift, maybe you can try to give the products by Givenchy, Balmain, HBA, or Nike Air Jordans, because those are his favorite. But it doesn’t mean you should literally surprise him with that, we’re just saying, hahaha. Also, Wang Yibo appeared in the Chinese drama When We Were Young (2017) and Love Actually (2017).