Profile of Shinhwa’s Andy Lee: Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Mother, and Company

TOP Media Entertainment Company


TOP Media is a South Korean Entertainment Company founded by the maknae of Shinhwa, Andy Lee and led by Lee Jae-hong as CEO. TOP Media provides services such as artist management, contents planning, contents producing, global marketing and new content development. This entertainment company is one of the labels that is being distributed by LOEN Entertainment for Korean releases and Universal D for Japanese releases. 

TOP Media was first founded in 2005 by Andy Lee with the name ND (New Dream) Agency. The agency housed Jumper, Teen Top, 100% and UP10TION. Although its first intention was to cater to Andy’s solo schedule, ND Agency debuted Jumper, a two member boy group, in 2009. Despite releasing two singles featuring prominent idols such Shinhwa’s Eric and KARA’s Jinyoung, Jumper did not meet their popularity expectations and disbanded shortly after their second single was released. TOP Media revealed another boy group a year later with the name Teen Top, it consisted of six members; C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, L.Joe and Changjo. The group reached its fame immediately after releasing its first single, however, L.Joe left the group in 2017, rearranging the group’s line-up into a five members.

List of Artists under TOP Media


  • Andy
  • Niel (Teen Top)


  • Teen Top
  • 100%
  • UP10TION


  • Niel
  • Changjo
  • Park Dongmin

Musical Actors

  • Chunji
  • Ricky
  • Rockhyun

Family Relationship; Mother and Father

Despite having been able to taste fame from quite a young age, Andy Lee didn’t always have a upbringing. Although not much is known about the rapper’s personal life, especially that concerning his family, it is a well known fact that his parents had a divorce during his teenage years.

In 2001, around the release of Shinhwa’s fourth album Hey, Come On!, Andy disappeared. There were many rumors regarding his departure to the US, starting from leaving for his studies to the extreme rumor of him not being able to take SM Entertainment’s treatment towards him. It was only in 2012 that he, and fellow member Jun Jin disclosed about their traumatic experiences at KBS ‘Kim Seung-woo’s Seung Seung Jang Gu’.

During his appearance in the show, Andy revealed that his departure to the US was actually to take care of his sick mother. He said that he had to leave to the U.S. for 3-4 months to take care of his mother’s health, which he somehow couldn’t reveal to his fellow members. The extremely expensive hospital fee forced him to fly back to Korea with his mother, staying with her all night and day and missing the promotion period for the group’s fourth album. He also revealed that during his “disappearance” he rented a guest house and grew his hair, disguising himself so that no one can recognize him. All of these he did to take care of his sick mother, Cha In-sook.

Andy Lee’s Love Life; “Wife” and Girlfriend

Shinhwa Andy

Debuting at the tender age of seventeen, Andy Lee has basically lived his life behind the camera, including his love life. In 2008, Andy joined the virtual marriage variety show, We Got Married. In the show, he was paired with Solbi, a singer, and spent seven months on the show together with her. In the show he was dubbed as the perfect son in law because of how nice and obedient he was to his virtual wife, Solbi.

Aside from his made-up love life, Andy actually has an actual love life. Two of his relationships were made public, be it by consent or leaked by news portal. His first public relationship was with Sung Hyun Ah, actress and second runner up for 1994’s Miss Korea and his second one was with Kim Gyu-ri, a famous TV personality. At first, Andy tried to deny the dating rumor between him and Gyu-ri, but they were spotted dating at 2 a.m. in Seoul and were even caught in a club once.

Unfortunately, though at an age fitting for marriage, no news of marriage is connected to the 37 year old man. He did however say on Cultwo Show, a famous radio program, that if one of the members of Shinhwa got married, the other members will follow suit. Hopefully this means Andy will soon follow in his leader, Eric Mun’s, footsteps soon.