Seyoung from “Cross Gene” – Profile and Facts

Seyoung of Cross Gene

Seyoung is a member of the Korean boy group Cross Gene based in South Korea, which  debuted in 2012. Since then, they have experienced several member changes. The group currently consists of: Shin, Sangmin, Yongseok, Seyoung, and Takuya. Although he is the oldest member, Seyoung was the last to join Cross Gene. Want to know more about Seyoung of Cross Gene? Check out this list!

Cross Gene’s Seyoung Profile

Real Name: Lee Seyoung (이세영)
Stage Name: Seyoung (세영)
Nickname: Miracle Gene
Position: Lead Vocalist
Nationality: Korean
Birthday: February 8, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Languages: Korean, Japanese
Instrument: Piano
Instagram: @cg_seyoung

Fascinating Facts About Cross Gene’s Seyoung
  1. Seyoung is the oldest member of the group.
  2. Seyoung joined the group after J.G (a former member of Cross Gene) left in January 2013. This made him the last member to join.
  3. He had already completed his military duties before debuting with Cross Gene.
  4. He was born and raised in South Korea.
  5. Seyoung is apart of Cross Gene’s vocal line-up. His strong point is his husky voice, yet he is also able to hit the high notes.
  6. He plays the piano while singing.
  7. He was nicknamed “Miracle Gene” after he mastered more than 20 of Cross Gene’s songs and choreography in under three months before their Japanese debut.
  8. He showcased his vocal talents on the OST of The Witches Castle titled Without You.
  9. In 2014, Seyoung participated in a theater performance along with Yongseok, another vocalist from Cross Gene.
  10. Seyoung acted in a movie called ZEDD with other Cross Gene band members in 2014.
  11. Seyoung, Sangmin, and Yongseok performed as a sub-unit called XHEARTS (crosshearts), which performed mini concerts throughout South Korea.
  12. He has one older brother.
  13. Seyoung has liked insects since he was young, and he enjoys catching and collecting them.
  14. If Seyoung was not in Cross Gene, he would like to be a veterinarian.
  15. He loves chocolate.
  16. Other members have said that Seyoung takes the longest to wake up in the morning.
  17. According to an interview, Seyoung’s ideal type is someone with a pure heart.
  18. Cross Gene’s Sangmin has said that Seyoung will be the last member to be married because he’s a little crazy and has very high expectations for women.
  19. Seyoung enjoys watching girl group videos in his free time.
  20. In a zombie apocalypse, Cross Gene’s Takuya said that Seyoung would likely be the first to die because he wouldn’t know how to handle the zombies.
  21. Seyoung has the least amount of clothes. In an interview his band members revealed that there are less clothes in his room than anyone else’s in Cross Gene.
  22. Cross Gene thinks that Seyoung is from another dimension because he believes that  aliens exist, and collects alien-related stuff.

Seyoung is a Prince?

Not too long ago, there were a lot of rumors circulating on the internet about Seyoung. Many people were speculating that he is of royal blood and is actually a prince. This rumor is going wild at the moment. There’s no evidence or official statement regarding this matter, but there are many people speculating and making their own versions and stories. The rumors that say Seyoung is a prince have gathered a lot of attention, not only for CandY (Cross Gene’s fans) but also people in general.

It turns out that this rumor was a joke started by a group of people on the internet. The fact that many people have believed that Seyoung is a prince shows that he is actually suitable for that title.