Meet Pentagon’s Vocalist Hui: Full Profile, Dating Scandal, and Much More!

Pentagon's Hui

Get to Know Pentagon’s Hui

People usually image a leader to have a serious look, cool face, or scary image, but it looks like it’s not going to happen with Pentagon’s Hui. He has a cute face, soft image, charismatic attitude, and a warm side even as a leader of a boy group. You may not fall in love with him, but you will keep his charm in your heart. So, let’s take a closer look at him.

Pentagon’s Hui’s Full Profile

pentagon hui

Real Name: Lee Hoe Taek

Hangul Name: 이회택

Stage Name: Hui

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Birth: Gwacheon, August 28, 1993

Zodiac: Virgo

Age: 25 years old

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Blood Type: A

Special talents: Singing and playing the piano

Education: Modern K Academy

Hobbies: Playing games, football, and composing music

Nationality: Korean

Facts About Pentagon’s Hui

Pentagon's Hui
  • He used to be a JYP trainee before joining CUBE Entertainment.
  • In 2010, Hui won 1st Place Best Male Vocal at JYP 7th Audition Final Round.
  • He was a trainee for 9 years.
  • His hometown is Gwacheon, South Korea.
  • Hui confessed that he was rejected from Hanyang University (V Live with Hyung Don).
  • His mother is a retired English teacher.
  • Hui appeared in G.Na’s “Secret” MV and promotional activities.
  • He appeared in Rain’s “Rain Effect.”
  • Hui has a puppy named Happy.
  • He loves skin-ship.
  • He is a leader who acts like a maknae.
  • His teammate Hong Seok said that Hui is the naughtiest among the members.
  • He loves eating, especially rice.
  • After his audition for CUBE Entertainment in the 9-week program, he finally completed the Pentagon graph and was accepted as an official Pentagon member.
  • Hui can do tumbling (Weekly Idol ep. 305).
  • He can’t eat foreign food well (Pentagon Philippine Behind Promotion).
  • He joined a sub-unit with his former member E’Dawn and Hyuna in Triple H.
  • Hui composed “Never” for Produce 101 and wrote the song lyrics with E’Dawn and Woo Seok. Hyuna is the producer.
  • He wrote Wanna One’s debut song “Energetic” with Woo Seok. He also composed the song.
  • He composed one of Kriesha Chu’s songs in her 1st mini-album Like Paradise together with Flow Blow.
  • He wrote many songs for his group such as “Like This” and “Thank You.”
  • Hui has been confirmed for the upcoming KBS music variety show called Hyenas on the Keyboard.
  • He was an actor on the web drama Spark.
  • Hui’s ideal type is a girl who always tries her best.

Hui’s Discography

Year Title Note
2018 Breaker Part 3
2018 Retro Futurism Sub-unit Triple H
2017 Who Am I Bad Guy: City of Evil Part.1 Ost
2017 199X Sub-unit Triple H
2016 Young Team Hui for Pentagon Maker


Hui’s Filmography

Year Title Channel
2016 Pentagon Maker Mnet
2016 Spark




Hui in Pentagon Concert

Their successful promotion concert Pentagon Tentastic Vol.1 LOVE was held in December 2016, and Pentagon kicked off their 2nd solo concert in June 2017. Their 2nd solo concert Pentagon Tentastic Vol.2 TRUST was held less than a year after their debut. The concert was not only held in Seoul, South Korea, but also in other countries such as Osaka, Japan. This fact proves that Pentagon is an amazing boy rookie group.

Meanwhile, they finished their 3rd concert Pentagon Tentastic Vol. 3 PROMISE in September 2017 and Pentagon Up Cheer Concert on December 11, 2018.


Pentagon Hui’s Pre-Debut

Having a cute face makes people assume Hui’s old face and his pre-debut face look like. Many people are curious about if he had plastic surgery or not. We did not find anything about him having plastic surgery. Instead, let’s check it out his pre-debut pictures!

Baby Hui

He even looked cute and adorable when he was a baby, didn’t he?

Pentagon Hui Predebut
Pentagon Hui Predebut
Pentagon Hui Pentagon Maker
Pentagon Hui
Kpop Profile. com

Handsome and cute looks become one with Hui. Even his pre-debut photos tell us that he was born with a good-looking face. The differences in the photos are just his make-up that makes his face look more handsome and his skin look so glowing and bright.

Pentagon Hui

Pentagon Hui’s Abs!

Pentagon Hui
Pentagon Hui

Dating Scandals and Other Controversies

Pentagon Hui x G(i)dle Soojin

Pentagon’s agency, CUBE Entertainment, gave an official statement about Hui and his label mate (G)i-dle Soojin’s dating rumor on August 3, 2018. The agency said, “Regarding the dating rumor between Hui and Soojin, we have confirmed the facts, and they are reported through our official statement.” They added, ” After checking with them, we found out that they were dating before and now they are broken up.”

hui x soojin

Following the rumor, many fans left Pentagon’s official fan club. They felt betrayed and desperate because of that rumor. Also, netizens responded to the rumor as a bad scandal for a rookie group.

After observing how fans and netizens responded to the scandal, CUBE Entertainment apologized about their artists’ controversies. They stated, “We sincerely apologize for causing concern to all fans regarding our artist scandals and who love CUBE Entertainment artists. Thank you.”

Hui with Sub-Unit Triple H


Triple H is a sub-unit group under CUBE Entertainment and consists of Hyuna, Pentagon former member E’Dawn, and Pentagon’s Hui. They debuted on May 1, 2017, and produced two mini-albums called 199x in March 2017 and Retro Futurism in June.

In early August 2018, Triple H disbanded because of a dating scandal. Hyuna and E’dawn confessed that they were dating for about 2 years and then left their agency. Meanwhile, Hui is continuing his carrier with Pentagon.

Pentagon’s Latest News

Pentagon Cosmo Album Cover

On December 21, Pentagon released their album cover for their upcoming Japanese album Cosmo. The album cover looks darker than their previous Korean albums. Meanwhile, they released individual covers. Let’s check them out!

Pentagon Hui
Pentagon Wooseok