Full Profile Of Varsity’s Manny, Fun Facts, Personality, Etc.

varsity manny

Everything About Manny: Profile, Facts, and His Story as Moslem K-Pop Idol!

Manny was known as the Varsity member who has Moslem religion, which marked him as the first Moslem K-Pop idol in South Korea! With his mixture descent and a bunch of talent, Manny’s popularity was increased rapidly. Let’s get to know more about Manny through the article below!

Full Profile of Varsity’s Manny

varsity manny

Birth Name: Xiào Dōngchéng (萧东城)

Korean Name: So Dong-seong (소동성)

Stage Name: Manny (만니)

Date of Birth: China, November 17, 2001

Age: 19 years old

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Blood Type: B

Nationality: Chinese

Position: Maknae, Lead Rapper

Years Active: 2017 – present

Label: Jungle Entertainment, CSO Entertainment, GKC Entertainment, In Hi Media Ltd

Associated With: Varsity, Varsity-V

Instagram: manny_arab

Fun Facts About Varsity’s Manny

varsity manny
  • Manny used to known as a child model.
  • Manny also practiced music and acting since his childhood.
  • He was born in China, but his ethnicity is Uyghurs.
  • Manny was called as ‘Animal Friend’.
  • Manny also participated in MIXNINE, but he got eliminated with the final rank #64.
  • He could speaks Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.
  • He loves to playing basketball, swimming, dancing, singing, and sleeping.
  • Manny’s habit is that sometimes he was oversleeping and over exercise.
  • In Varsity, Manny was really close with Anthony and Bullet.
  • If he was a girl, Manny would be dating Bullet. He also choose Bullet as the most good-looking members in Varsity.
  • His favorite foods are chicken, beef, and lamb.
  • Manny’s favorite artists are Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, B.I.G, Tyga, and 2Pac.
  • Manny’s ideal type is a girl who looks cute, petite, and has a long hair.

Manny’s Debut with Varsity


Several years after his trainee period, Manny was finally debuted as Varsity member in January 2017! Varsity was formed under GKC Entertainment and In Hi Media Ltd, meanwhile Manny was in charged as the lead rapper as well as maknae of the group. The group was released their album single entitled Round One which marked as their debut project, with U R My Only One as the lead single.

Varsity also made their debut stage performance through M! COUNTDOWN, following by their debut stage promotion on other music program as well. Meanwhile, Varsity’s mini album entitled U & I, Date was released in October 2017 with Can You Come Out Now as the title track.

Aside of that, Manny was involved within Varsity’s sub-unit which named as Varsity-V. The sub-unit was consisted of Chinese members such as Manny, Anthony, Jaebin, Xin, and Damon and started promoting their group in China since 2018.

Although Manny was introduced as the youngest member, but his appearance was looked manly and mature with his deep-husky voice, especially when he was rapping! Other than that, Manny with other Varsity members were appeared with various concept, such as cool and masculine concept through Round One, cheerful teenage boys through Hole In One, as well as boyish and futuristic concept through Flower.

varsity manny

Varsity’s Manny’s Appearance in MIXNINE

varsity manny

Manny was participated as a contestant through the idol survival show MIXNINE in 2017! Not only that, he and other Varsity members were appeared as the representative of their agency’s artist as well. Manny and other contestant were competing to reached a spot in finalist groups and reached their goals to debut in the end.

From the audition appearance, Manny was amazed people with his rap skills as well as his interesting visual appearance! He also made a bunch of performance with other Varsity member for the song Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd or Very Good by Block B’s performance with other MIXNINE contestant.


varsity manny
varsity manny

Unfortunately, Manny didn’t make it until the final round. He was eliminated with the final rank in #64. But still, the fans were thought that Manny’s performance in MIXNINE is as great as ever, and they also hope to see Manny’s participation in other survival show as well!

Varsity’s Manny’s Religion: First Moslem K-Pop Idol?

varsity manny

Since the first appearance of Varsity, all of the members were gained a lot of attention as within Manny’s appearance as well. Manny and Varsity were becoming even more popular after the fans were found out that Manny’s religion is Moslem, which made him became the first Moslem K-Pop idol in South Korea!

The fact was revealed when Varsity performing their debut single U R My Only One in KBS’ Music Bank and was involved in an interview session. The members were talking about their favorite breakfast menu until Seungbo was revealed that there are Varsity members who couldn’t eat pork due to his religion’s prohibition. Later on, Manny was revealed that he was that members and explained the reason he couldn’t eat pork because his religion is Moslem.

varsity manny

The fans also praised the way Manny was revealed his religion truthfully since Moslem people in South Korea is quite minority. Aside of that, sometimes Manny also revealed his religion through social media by posted his picture while he was in Mosque, or simply greeting his Moslem fans during Ramadan Mubarak as well.

Varsity’s Manny in Mosque

varsity manny

As Varsity member with Moslem religion, Manny was gained even more attention after his appearance in Mosque was spreading through the internet. Manny was posted his picture while he was in Mosque and done his obligation as a Moslem, despite of his busy activities as Varsity member!

varsity manny
varsity manny

Varsity’s Disbandment and Manny’s Dance Activity

varsity manny

Even though Varsity has been released a bunch of great music and established their popularity, but it wasn’t last that long. It was reported that one of the Varsity members, Damon has confirmed that the group was disbanded. It also made all of the Varsity members were separated within their paths in the entertainment industry, included Manny.

varsity manny

After the group’s disbandment, Manny was still active in the entertainment industry as a choreographer. He made a bunch of great choreography, dance covers, and many more!

That was all of the information about Manny! From his debut as a Varsity member until became a solo choreographer, Manny has been amazed people with his talent and his interesting appearance as a Moslem K-Pop idol. Let’s always supporting Manny and his future career!

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