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uhm aing ran

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Um Aing-ran is known as an actress who began her carrier in the entertainment industry in 1959 and has since played in 190 films. However, it wasn’t until she played “a cheerful female college student” in a 1960 movie, that she finally got recognition and popularity.

Then, in 1964 she married a college graduate and a big star at the time, and attracted the national attention with the news, his name is Shin Seong-il. In the course of their marriage, the couple has three children, namely Kang Su-hwa, Seok Hyun-kang, and Kang Kyung-ah. After she began her married life, Um Aing-ran decided to retire from the Korean film industry, only to later return as a TV show guest also a host in the early 1990s.

Uhm Aing-ran’s Profile

Birth Name: Eom In-gi (엄인기)
Stage Name: Um Aing-ran (엄앵란)
Date and Place of Birth: Friday, March 20th, 1936, at Dong Dae Mun District Seoul, South Korea
Education: Mi Dong Elementary School, Han Yang Cyber University, Sook Myung Women’s University
Occupation: Actress
Parents: Um Jae-geun (Father) and Jae Shin-no (Mother)
Spouse: Shin Seong-il
Children: Kang Su-hwa, Seok Hyun-kang, and Kang Kyung-ah

Achievements and Film/Drama Collection


  • 1963: – the 3rd Blue Dragon Film Awards (Favorite Actress)
  • 1964: – the 3rd Blue Dragon Film Awards (Favorite Actress)
  • 1965: – the 3rd Blue Dragon Film Awards (Best Actress for The Beautiful Eyes)

Filma and Dramas

  • 1969: – Even the Clouds Are Drifting
    – Sorrow of Twilight
    – I and a Star
    – An Inn
    – A Vanished Dream
    – Streets of the Sun
    – Camellia
    – Dongsim Cho
    – Early Spring
    –  Chun Hui
    – A Grief
    – The River of Temptation
    – Affection
    – Kong Jwi and Pat Jwi
    – The Snow Falling Night
    – The Elegy
    – The Secret
    – A Lady of Destiny
    – The Red and Blue Thread
    – The Night of Truth
    – The Lasting Regret
    – The Tragedy of Kim Dan Jong
    – The Tragic Prince
    – Defiance of Teenager
    – Independence Association and young Lee Seung Man
    – Dreaming Again
  • 1960: – The Housemaid
    – A Drifting Story
    – Have I Come to Cry
    – A Romantic Papa
  • 1961: – A Wanted Man
    – A Sunflower Family
    – When Love is Flowering and Fading
    – A Beloved Face
    – A Young Look
    – A Rainbow
    – Mr. Park
    – A Daughter
    – A Bloody Fight
    – I Will Forget the Name
    – The Returned Man
  • 1962: – The Story of Jang Hwa and Hong Ryeon
    – Times of Love and Hatred
    – Between the Sky and the Earth
    – The Seven Princesses
    – The Best Young Bride and the Plain Young Men
    – Unforgettable Love
    – A Boat That Belongs to No One
    – Teacher War Yong’s Trip to Seoul
    – A Log Bridge
    – Women Rule
    – There is No Bad Man
    – Fighting Lions
    – Sorrow Is Mine
    – Farewell Tumen River
    – A Man from Tokyo
    – Eight Hours of Horror
    – Bravo, Young Ones!
    – Love Match
    – The Iron Eating Monster
    – A Salaryman
    – Tell Me, Earth!
    – Daughter’s Secret
    – Ignorant but Now Rich
    – A Tragedy of Korea
    – How to Become Man and Wife
    – Horizon
    – Lim Kkeok Jeong
    – Lives of A,B and C
    – No Sorrow
    – My Father Was on a Death Row
    – Rivers Runs Only in Night
    – Talk to the Wind
    – The Coachman
    – Don’t Touch Me
    – A Bonanza
    – When Love Knocks
    – My Father
    – My Sister is a Hussy
  • 1963: – Blood Relation (aka. Kinship)
    – The Classroom of Youth
    – The Wondering Toupe
    – Angry Cosmos
    – The Stepmother
    – The Man’s Tears
    – Lover of the Earth
    – Rulers of the Land
    – Love is ti Give
    – The Night of Shanghai
    – The Mistress
    – 00:15 Train from Daejeon
    – Romantic Family
    – Prince Hodong
    – New Wife
    -12 Fighters
    – A New Recruit, Mr.Lee
    – Great Challenge
    – A Women Judge
    – Only for You
  • 1963: – Daughters of Pharmacist Kim
    – Monyeo Ridge Where The Flute Is Played
    – My Old Jealous Wife
    – Hope
    – Private Tutor
    – Bye Dad
    – The Phone Call at Night
    – Black Gloves
  • 1964: – Barefooted Youth
    – Are You Really a Beauty?
    – The Gentleman of Jin Gogae
    – Don’t Sing, Water Bird
    – Mom is the Best
    – The Competition of Love
    – The Girl is Nineteen
    – The Cheste Women Arang
    – My Dear
    – Betrayal
    – The Thirsty Tree
    – The Woman of Myeongdong
    – The Lost Sun
    – The Beautiful Maid
    – Let’s Walk As Looking Up
    – The Lovebirds Boat
    – The Headwoman of Pai Tong and Pai Ban
    – The Peacock Lady
    – The Younger Brother in law
    – The Apron
    – Run with Bare Feet
    – I Don’t Want to Be Forgiven
    – The Daughter’s Medal
    – Please Bury me Deeply
    – The Bachelor Pub
    – The Three-forked Crossing of Cheo An
    – Women of Spirit
    – The Ridge of Youth
    – Miss Kim’s Double Life
    – Eagle Five
    – The Eight Swordsmen
  • 1967: – The Life of Na Woon-gyu
    – Forbidden Lips
    – A Seoul Boy
    – A Grand Escape
    – The First Love
    – Unexpected Love
    – Never Regret
    – Let Me Rest under the Blue Starlight
    – The Legal Wife
    – Hot Wind
    – When a Woman Goes Over the Hill
    – The Beautiful Eyes
    – The Heir
    – Love is Terrible
    – The Shadow of the Sun
    – The Last Passion
    – The Great Sokgulam Cave Temple
    – The Field Glow with the Setting Sun
    – Fading in the Rain
    – Bad Girl Jang Mi
    – The North and South
    – The Life in the Re Figures
    – My Innocent Lady
    – The Camellia Girl
    – The secret Agent Service in the Continent
    – The Student Couple
    – The Regular Costumers
    – The Picked Radishes
    – My Mind Is Like a Lake
    – Keep Silent While Leaving
  • 1999: – A Pair
    – Testimony
    – Sigeodun Tetojina Malji
    – New Year’s Soup
    – Woman in the Deluxe Suite
    – Taming of the Shrewd
    – What’s Parents?
    – Remorse
    – Madame Anemone
    – Myeongdong Hussy
    – Yu Gwan Sun
    – Chastity for Men, Bravery for Women
    – War and a Female Teacher
    – Horse-year Bride
    – An Angel Without a House
    – A Night Of Yeongdeungpo
    – The Sun Rises Again
    – Miss Bo Kyeong
    – Mother
    – Divorce Clinic