Full Profile and Facts of CROSS GENE’s Shin Won Ho

CROSS GENE’s Shin Won Ho’s Facts

  • He became the leader in 2013 after Takuya decided to resign from the leader position.
  • Many fans say he resembles Infinite’s L.
  • Shin doesn’t like his own singing voice.
  • The company nicknamed him Shin instead of Won ho (which is his real name) so it would be easier for international people to shout out his name.
  • Shin may seem cold and not talkative, but he really speaks a lot.
  • Shin has a fear of heights and spiders.
  • Shin doesn’t actually like people staring at his or the other members’ groins and will cover them if he catches you doing it.
  • Shin has an uncanny awareness of what is going on around him, so he will catch you.
  • Shin is very easily moved to tears.
  • Shin lives in a dorm with the other CROSS GENE members but has his own room.
  • Shin spends his free time watching movies or playing the PS4.
  • His favorite foods are sushi and American food.
  • He collects fairly large sunglasses.
  • He said that a girl who has pretty eyes when smiling is his ideal girl. In addition, he also likes women who help him choose food and don’t have an air of tension.
  • Shin’s best friend is Japanese group member Terada Takuya.
  • Shin has N2 level proficiency in Japanese. He will soon sit for the JLPT N1.
  • Shin can speak Korean and Japanese fluently and is learning or has learned English, Mandarin, and German.
  • Shin once got hypothermia while filming for the drama BIG.
  • He won a Korean Hallyu Award for Best Rookie Actor for his performance on the romantic comedy series BIG.
  • When he appeared on the variety dating show Dating Alone (2015), Wonho was called the God of Dating by women who watched the program. Even Yuri of Girl’s Generation was impressed by him.
  • Surprisingly, Yano Shino (who is the current wife of MMA fighter Chu Sung Hoon) is the ideal woman for Won-ho. During his appearance on Dating Alone, he said that he wants to meet the Japanese model Yano Shiho at all costs. He has expressed that he likes her so much, and he walked to her neighborhood.
  • During an interview for the April issue of Ceci, Won-ho said that APink’s Eunji is his ideal type of girl among all the female stars on Dating Alone.
  • Shin hosts a weekly radio show in Japan every Tuesday on FM Yokohama.
  • Shin’s most valued possessions are his letters from his fans. So much so that whenever CROSS GENE performed “Tegami” (“Letter”, their song for their fans), Shin ended up crying through the whole song.
  • He takes a genuine interest in his fans and tries to help them. Shin has and still is memorizing the names and faces of all his fans. If you have been to more than a few events, he will eventually start greeting you by your first name. He is also known as the Shintizen as he will then track down SNS accounts and read up on his fans’ days there. There are many accounts of Shin asking fans about something that they had posted on their Twitter accounts.
  • Shin’s favorite show is Kamen Rider, and he wants to be like Satoshi (Ash Ketchum), the eternal 10-year-old. He also loves One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and numerous other shows and manga.

CROSS GENE’s Shin Won Ho’s Filmography & CFs



Year Title Role
2012 Run 60 – Game Over Park Hong-ki
2014 ZEDD Nine


Television Series

Year Title Role Network
2011 Bachelor’s Vegetable Store Lee Chan-sol Channel A
2012 Run 60 Park Hong-ki MBS
2012 Big Kang Kyung-joon KBS2
2015 Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Silver (ep.25) TV Asahi
Secret Message Choi Kang Naver TV Cast
2016 Happy Marriage!? Koide Enshio Amazon Video
Legend of the Blue Sea Tae-oh SBS
2017 20th Century Boy and Girl Sa Min-ho MBC


Variety Shows

Year Title Network
2012 1 vs. 100 KBS2
2014 Cross Battle HTB
Global We Got Married – Season 2 MBC
Pops in Seoul Arirang
Idol School MBC
Let’s Go Dream Team! Season 2 KBS2
2015 Dating Alone JTBC
Music On TV M-On TV
Quiz to Change the World MBC
2017 Law of the Jungle in Sumatra SBS
Yang Se Chan’s Best 10 JTBC
Boat Horn Clenched Fist SBS
Weekly Idol Masked Idol segment as Face Genius MBC Every1
Korean Butlers O’live


Commercial Films (CFs)

– Bean Pole CF with Big Bang’s G-Dragon
– Skin Food 15 스킨푸드
– KT Wireless Internet KT올레 와이파이 지하철편
– 싸이월드
– Dunkin Donuts
– CF Auction with f(x)’s Sulli
– Pantech Vega Iron
– Sumi Chip CF 2014 with Miss A’s Bae Suzy
– Bean Pole Bicycle Repair Shop

CROSS GENE’s Shin Won Ho’s Best Personal Quotes

  • “What matters most is that you love yourself.”
  • “I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.”
  • “This person doesn’t even really know me, so why am I feeling so satisfied with a virtual date?”
  • “One of my attractive points is I’m very changeable. I’m participating in various fields such as acting, singing, and more. I don’t want to miss any one of them.”
  • “The most important goal is to be happy. Besides, I want many people to be happy because of me.”
  • “Do not look for people who only see faces. Why look at your face? What’s important is what’s inside a person. Make your heart pretty.”
  • “Because I’m not the type to think I’m good at anything, I just do my best.”