Profile and Latest News of S.E.S’ Shoo

After Being Involved in Gambling and Fraud, S.E.S.’ Shoo Has Reportedly Returned the Debt

S.E.S. member Shoo reportedly took out a loan to pay off gambling debts and also finance other expenses such as costs related to the legal fees involved in a lawsuit directed at her. Recently, it was reported that Shoo borrowed 345 million won (or around Rp. 4 trillion more) with a house guarantee that Shoo and her family currently live in.

“Shoo will now pay legal fees through joint assets (with her husband) and be willing to pay off the debt,” said Shoo’s representative. “It could be said that Shoo was being toyed with (by the plaintiff and the owner of the gambling site).”

Shoo’s representative said that the plaintiff loaned Shoo money, then gambled again to the plaintiff. This plaintiff is a loan shark who will lend money with large interest so that Shoo’s debt piles up. The plaintiff himself is suspected of being a network of moneylenders who were indeed very present around gambling sites.

“The plaintiffs lent Shoo money, and Shoo gambled with them,” he said. “All of Shoo’s gambling is closely related to the plaintiff.”

“This is finally why Shoo has a debt of 600 million won (around Rp. 7 billion), and is accused of fraud,” Shoo’s representative said. “There are still many questions about the authenticity of their claims, so we will review whether the debt has accumulated indeed.”

Previously, it was reported that there were former girl band members who were charged with fraud because they hadn’t paid off their gambling debts. When the news circulated, the defendant’s name was still kept a secret, so netizens started being suspicious and accused a former fellow partner of Shoo, Eugene. But shortly afterward Shoo clarified and revealed that she was the one who was in debt due to gambling, not Eugene.

The plaintiff sued Shoo after failing to pay the debt. The plaintiff clarified that they had indeed loaned Shoo money, but they had nothing to do with the casino where Shoo gambled, they also said that they could not contact Shoo since last June. This statement clearly refutes the statement from Shoo’s representatives that the people who loaned Shoo money were the casino itself and intended to trap Shoo.

S.E.S. Shoo Clarifies the Issue and is Ready to go to the Police Regarding the Gambling Debt Case

Name Shoo from S.E.S. has lately been a hot conversation topic among the Korean public because it was revealed that she was involved allegedly, in a debt issue related to gambling. Recently, she clarified the issue and claimed to be ready to undergo an examination.

On Tuesday (07/08), a close associate of Shoo stated that 80 million won or one billion rupiah was for gambling at Paradise City Hotel Casino, located in Incheon, that is not true. In addition to the fantastic debt case, the mother of three children is also rumored to be divorced.

Close associates again stated that the rumor was untrue and excessive. Previously, Shoo admitted to having a lot of debt. For that, she reportedly will quit the entertainment world and work to pay her total debt of 600 million won or 7.7 billion rupiahs.

As reported, two people filed a complaint to the police that Shoo had borrowed twice as much money from the two of them. Supposedly, the first loan was 350 million won or more than 4.4 billion rupiahs, and the second loan was 250 million won or around 3.2 billion rupiahs. The Seoul Prosecutors’ Office is investigating the report.

On the other hand, the Shoo’s lawyer stated that the investigation had not begun yet because the prosecutor’s office was on a summer holiday. But once the inspection process is running, the client is willing to be examined, “Shoo said she wanted to undergo an examination as soon as possible. She was surprised, and was very sorry to have entered the casino.”