Profile and Latest News of S.E.S’ Shoo

Shoo’s Personal Life

Shoo got married to basketball player Im Hyo-sung on April 11th, 2010, at the Seoul Renaissance Hotel. Shoo was pregnant at the time. In June 2010, the couple welcomed their first son, Im Yoo. In April 2013, Shoo gave birth to twin daughters, Im Ra-Yool and Im Ra-Hee.

S.E.S. member Shoo Admits To Being Involved In A Gambling Debt Scandal

On Thursday, August 2nd, 2018, Kyunghyang Newspaper media outlets reported that a celebrity who has been a member of a famous girl group is being sued by two of her acquaintances. According to the plaintiffs, the celebrity had borrowed 350 million won and 250 million won, respectively, from them to gamble. However, she has not returned the money to either of them.

After that, the two decided to take legal steps against the former girl group member on July 12th, 2018 ago. At present, the case has been highlighted by many parties not only because the money borrowed had been used for gambling, but also because the plaintiffs have stated that the defendant gambled using the borrowed money in a casino that South Korea residents should not enter into.

The casino itself is located in Gwangjang, Seoul. According to information circulating, only foreigners may enter it.

After the news circulated, there appeared many names of former members of the girl group who netizens considered were the celebrities in question, related to the news. One of them was Eugene from S.E.S.

However, it was immediately vehemently disputed by C9 Entertainment as the agency that overshadowed Eugene. They explained that the big pregnant actress did not gamble at all. In addition, they also mentioned that Eugene had asked them to take decisive action regarding the baseless rumors.

Shoo, Eugene’s colleague in S.E.S. was also suspected of being the celebrity referred to in the news. Shoo’s agency denied it, but eventually, Shoo herself decided to admit it after Eugene’s name was dragged into the case.

“I decided to reveal it personally after seeing Eugene’s name appear in real-time search results and a lot of suspicion on her,” explained Shoo. “Whatever the reason, I apologize for making this noise.”

Shoo continued, “I apologize to those who love and care for me. There is disputing news (that I am the intended celebrity), but I have never denied it directly, nor with people close to me. I think there seems to be a failure in communication.”

Shoo also revealed that at first, she went to the casino along with her acquaintances without knowing anything about gambling just to satisfy her curiosity. However, she was further trapped in it.

“It’s true I have as much as 600 million won in debt, but I didn’t borrow it and use it all to gamble,” Shoo said. “I also used the money for a number of reasons that I could not avoid. Now I understand how terrible gambling is. I will pay the money I have borrowed and no longer make such a scene.”