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Let’s Get Closer With South Korean S.E.S. Singer Shoo

Yoo Soo-young was born in Yokohama, Japan, October 23rd, 1981, and is better known as Shoo (from the Japanese name Shū Kunimitsu (邦 光 洙 Kunimitsu Shū)). Her father is Korean, while her mother is Japanese. She was originally part of a mixed-gender project group with Son Ho-young and Danny Ahn from g.o.d and Kim Hwan-sung from NRG but she decided to join S.M. Entertainment after successfully auditioning for the company. Shoo is a South Korean singer and actress. Shoo made her singing debut as a member of the female vocal group S.E.S. in 1997 and continued until 2002 when the group was dissolved. She donated her song as a solo artist after the group’s dissolution before she took a hiatus from her musical career to pursue a career in acting, in 2006. She returned to the music scene by releasing a solo album titled Devote One’s Love in 2010. After that, she took another hiatus, which lasted up until 2014, which is four years before she decided to get back to the acting world.

Shoo’s Profile
Name  Shoo (Yoo Soo-young (유수영))
Japanese Name Kunimitsu Shū (邦光 洙)
Date and Place of Birth October 23rd, 1981, Yokohama, Japan
Education Korea Kent Foreign School
  • Actress
  • Singer
Years Active 1997 – Present
Spouse(s)  Im Hyo-sung (m. 2010)
Children 3
  • SM Entertainment (1997 – 2006)
  • JIIN Entertainment (2006 – 2013)
  • RUN Entertainment (2014 – Present)
Associated Acts S.E.S.

Shoo’s Career

1997–2002: S.E.S.

Shoo made her singing debut with the girl group S.E.S. in 1997. S.E.S. achieved great success and became one of the K-pop female vocal groups with top album sales to date. This group officially disbanded at the end of 2002, after Bada and Eugene left SM Entertainment, while Shoo remained under the auspices of SM Entertainment to pursue a solo career until 2006.

2003–2015: Solo Career

After the S.E.S. disbanded at the end of 2002, Shoo remained with SM Entertainment. She contributed to several SMTown albums in 2003 and 2004, but eventually, she decided to move to JIIN Entertainment in 2006, the company that first contracted Bada. Rather than releasing solo albums, as former members of the group, Shoo was involved in musical dramas. In 2005, she starred in the Korean adaptation of Bat Boy: The Musical that sold more than 110,000 tickets in Korea and Japan. She also performed in other musicals, but they were not as prominent as when she was with S.E.S. She had said that S.E.S. has been working on a new album, but there was no official statement regarding when recording will begin. In December 2006, she stated that she had decided to pursue an acting career and take a break from her singing career.

In January 2010, Shoo made her solo debut with the release of her first mini-album titled Devote One’s Love with the flagship song “Jagibaggae” (Korean: “자기 밖에”, “Only You”).

In December 2014, Shoo & Bada made a special comeback in the 410th episode of the Infinite Challenge program titled “Saturday for Singers” by featuring two songs (“I’m Your Girl” and “I Love You”) with Girls’ Generation member Seohyun. Eugene couldn’t join the others because of her pregnancy, but she wished “she could be there.” In January 2015, she also appeared in the Roommate program with her two twin children, Im Ra-yool and Im Ra-hee, and her husband, Im Hyo-sung. She met with many celebrities at the event, including Sunny (Girls’ Generation) and Joon-Hyung (g.o.d).

2016–2017: S.E.S. Reunion

On May 28th, Shoo with S.E.S. members Bada and Eugene attended a charity event, Green Heart Bazaar. In October 2016, Shoo along with Bada and Eugene re-formed S.E.S. to celebrate their 20th anniversary since the debut of the group. They started their project of the 20th-anniversary debut with the release of the digital single “Love[Story],” a remake of their 1999 single “Love,” through SM Entertainment’s digital project SM Station on November 28th, and its music video was released on December 29th.

In early December 2016, they aired their ten episode reality show Remember, I’m Your S.E.S., which was broadcasted through the mobile app Oksusu. To accompany their 20th-anniversary debut, they held a concert “Remember, the Day,” on December 30th and 31st at Sejong University’s Daeyang Hall in Seoul.

On January 2nd, the special album of their 20th-anniversary debut Remember was released. The album contains the two title singles, namely “Remember” which was digitally released on January 1st, and “Paradise” which was released along with the album on January 2nd. They held a fan meeting as their last event, part of their 20th-anniversary project, called “I Will Be There, Waiting For You” on March 1st, 2017.