Profile of Former F-ve Dolls Member Ryu Hyo-young

Miscellaneous Facts & Trivias About Ryu Hyo-young

  • She posted photos of herself while swimming at a resort in Vietnam. She showed her perfect figure in a black swimsuit (photo above).
  • Because her original dream was to be an announcer, she said that she didn’t have any fun during practice or activities for her idol group.
  • I do not even know why I’m here, and the person who was going to be an announcer is practicing dancing endlessly. Dancing teacher was always angry to me, and i felt sorry. I have to go to scale my weight every day, those times were too painful for me“.
  • When an interviewer asked when was the best time in her life, Hyo-young said when she quit being an idol.
  • In March 2013, she was selected as an ambassador of Nice Student Service School Violence Survey Public Relations.
  • In the Asia Model Festival 2017, she won the ‘New Rising Star’ award for her role in “Golden Pouch”.
  • In the video of “Lovey-Dovey Plus” by SPEED, she’s the girl who dances with fairly short hair, thereby distinguishing herself from her sister who has a little longer hair than her, appearing near the end of the video clip.
  • On August 3, 2014, she requested the cancellation of her contract with MBK Entertainment to devote himself completely to acting through another agency. The Central Court of Seoul decided in March, 2015, to accept Ryu Hyo-young’s request to terminate her contract with MBK Entertainment, leaving her free to return to work.
  • At the 2017 MBC Acting Awards, Hyo-young received attention for her sexy look, showing off her S-line body in a tight dress. Ryu Hyo-young’s dress had a bold neckline and a side slit, at the time she was showing the most skin among all the actresses who have stepped on the red carpet (photos below).
  • She was cast in the historical TV series “Grand Prince” (2018), which achieved a rating of 5.6% for its finale, becoming the highest-rated TV Chosun series since the network’s establishment in 2011.
  • She wanted to play a role as a mother or bad girl in future.
  • She wanted to challenge acting regardless of genre. It was because of “School 2013” that she wanted to go into acting in earnest.
  • When asked about her relationship, she said she would be open about it to her agency.
  • “I can not give up eating”.
  • She hasn’t thought of doing plastic surgery yet.

Drama & TV Show List for Actress Ryu Hyo-young


Before Hyo-young quit her idol group and left Core Content Media, she made several appearances as a supporting actress on KBS’ hit dramas such as “Jungle Fish 2” (2010), “The Greatest Love” (2012), “School 2013” (2013), etc. After she joined the new agency, she decided to focus on her acting career and was cast as the lead role in MBC’s daily drama “Golden Pouch” (2015). Here is the complete list and information about Hyo-young’s dramas & TV appearances!

Year Type Network English Title Hangul Title Role
2010 Variety Show SBS Star King 놀라운 대회 스타킹 Herself
2010 Drama KBS2 Jungle Fish 2 청소년드라마 : 정글피쉬 2 Jung Yoo Mi
2011 MBC The Greatest Love 수목드라마 : 최고의 사랑 Harumi
2012 KBS2 School 2013 월화드라마 : 학교 2013 Lee Kang Joo
2014 Show insiteTV Hyoyoung’s Beauty Vlog Cast Member
2014 Drama JTBC 12 Years Promise 주말드라마 : 12년만의 재회: 달래 된, 장국 Young Joo Da Hae
2014 tvN Family Secrets 아침드라마 : 가족의 비밀 Ko Eun Byeol / Baek Soo Jeong
2016 MBC Golden Pouch 일일특별기획 : 황금주머니 Geum Seol Hwa
2018 TV조선 Grand Prince 토일드라마 : 대군 – 사랑을 그리다 Yoon Na Kyeom

Other Appearances of Actress Ryu Hyo-young : Movies & Music Videos

Year Type Title Artist Notes
2011 Movie “Jungle Fish 2” Role as Jung Yoo Mi
2012 Music Videos “Lovey-Dovey” zombie ver. T-ara with Coed School
2012 “Lovey-Dovey Plus” ver. 1 SPEED with Ryu Hwayoung
2012 “Lovey-Dovey Plus” ver. 2
2013 “Turtle” Davichi
2016 “Saying with Love” Im Do-hyuk

Advertisements & Magazine Photos of Ryu Hyo-young

  • 2011 : Vogue Girl August
  • 2013 : Sure Korea Magazine March Issue
  • 2013 : Hollyshop
  • 2014 : Beauty Vlog
  • 2016 : AddyK Magazine November Issue
  • 2017 : Benetton Winter Collection (with her twin)

Photo Collection of Ryu Hyo-young