Profile of Former F-ve Dolls Member Ryu Hyo-young

Facts & Trivia About Ryu Hyo Young


A beautiful child born to a relatively well-off family, Hyo-young grew up lacking nothing. But because she has an identical twin sister, the public often compares the two girls in terms of talents and recognition. To differentiate between the two, here are some facts you should know specifically about Hyo-young!

Ryu Hyo-young Pre-Debut

  • She won the Miss Chunhyang 2010 contest.
  • On May 29th, 2010, she appeared with Hwa-young on SBS’ “Star King”, where mainly Hyo-young showcased her musical talents and aegyo.
  • She was an ambassador of Goodwill of the City of Namwon (June 2010).
  • Hyo-young is one of the original members of Coed School. At first, she was supposed to be in T-ara but Core Contents Media changed its mind.

All About Ryu Hyo-young’s Family & Her Twin Ryu Hwa-young

  • She was born about 1 minute after his sister Hwa-young.
  • The two sisters shared that they call each other by their pet name “Ryu”.
  • Despite being Hwa-young’s twin, they can be differentiated by the small mole under the right eye that Hyo-young has.
  • Hyo-young was discovered after she and her sister made an appearance on the SBS “Star King” variety show. Both were then hired at Core Contents Media (now MBK Entertainment).
  • “We’re twins, but our personalities are different, so I never worried (about being compared). A lot of people say we are the same and they can’t tell us apart, but if you look carefully, we’re very different. Our acting styles are different, too”.
  • They’re twins so they’re bound to be a lot alike, but some people said that Ryu Hyo-young is more feminine and shy, while Hwa-young is more bright and is a little bit tom-boyish.
  • Their mother has flawless skin (photo here).
  • There is gossip by netizens said that Ryu Twins’ father is a very rich and powerful person. Some even said he is a gangster and has a high rank in military. Some said he is a politician or a congressman. But anyhow, the father is rumored to be someone who can help them realize their dream to become celebrity/artists.
  • On January 2, 2018, Hyo-young posted a black and white image of her, her twin, and their youngest sister via Instagram. On the caption she wrote that she is the shortest of the three (photo below).