Profile of Former F-ve Dolls Member Ryu Hyo-young


Get to Know to Ryu Hwa Young’s Identical Twin, Ryu Hyo Young!

Hyo-young and her twin sister, Hwa-young, were scouted by Core Contents Media (now MBK Entertainment) after they made an appearance on SBS’s variety show “Star King” back in 2009. While Hwa-young managed to debut first as the additional member of T-ara, Hyo-young made her debut a year later with a brand new co-ed group formed by the agency, Co-ed School. The group was later separated into a female unit and a male unit, which caused Hyo-young to be a part of 5Dolls / F-ve Dolls from that on.

However in 2015, MBK Entertainment confirmed that F-ve Dolls had decided to disband. Following this, Hyo-young left the agency and shifted her career into acting. Keep on reading to know more about Hyo-young’s career & life!

Full Profile of Ryu Hyo-young


General Info
Name : Ryu Hyo-young
Hangul / Hanja : 류효영 / 柳孝榮
Stage Name : Hanbit Hyo Young/One Light Hyo-young (한빛효영), Hyo Young (효영), Hyong (횽), Chunhyangi (춘향이), Kkangju (깡주)
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Date : April 22, 1993
Birth Place : Gwangju, South Korea
Talent Agency : MBK Entertainment (past), Y Team Company / 와이팀컴퍼니, BAM Company / 비에이엠컴퍼니
Former Idol Group : Co-ed School , Five Dolls
Former Position : Visual, Main Rapper

Personal Info
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Rooster
Western Zodiac Sign : Taurus
Weight : 52 kg (112lbs)
Height : 167 cm (5’5″)
Blood Type : O
Hobbies : Shopping, Reading, Cooking
Specialties : Cooking, Acting
Language : Korean
Family : Parents, Hwa Young (twin sister), youngest sister (born in 2003)
Religion : Catholic
Education : Gwangju Seungil High School
Twitter : @Rhy93
Instagram : @ryuhoyoung93

Ryu Hyo Young as Former of Idol Group Co-ed School & Sub-unit F-ve Dolls


Hyo-young made her debut as an idol in the mixed-gender group called Co-ed School back in 2010. The group formed by the record company Core Contents Media (now MBK Entertainment) and officially debuted on September 30, 2010. The original group consisted of four female members & six male members : Soomi, Hyo-young, Hyewon, Chanmi, Taewoon, Sungmin, Jungwoo, Kwanghaeng, Kangho, and Noori. But after Kangho’s controversy hit the group, they were eventually divided into two sub-units : an all-female group called F-ve Dolls (2011) and an all-male group called Speed (2012). Their agency stated that the group would not reform again, as the sub-units have became independent from each other.

Hyo-young continued her career as a part of F-ve Dolls (5Dolls), with the addition of a new member, Eun Kyo. Even though 5Dolls had some minor success since their debut, things didn’t get any easier as Soomi and Chanmi left the group sometime later. After the two left, 5Dolls has reformed again with other additional members, but eventually disbanded late in 2014. Based on sources, the original female members & original male members have all parted from the agency.

In August 2015, following 5Dolls’ disbandment, it was reported that Hyo-young had requested to terminate her contract with MBK Entertainment. The request was accepted in March, 2016, and she later signed an exclusive contract with Y Team Company in August 2017, debuting as an actress.

The Gorgeous Yet Controversial Ryu Twins : Hyo-young & Hwa-young’s Bullying Scandal


After Hwa-young and Hyo-young left their previous agency, both have continued their careers in acting to the present day. As they’ve been charting their courses through their new field, however, an old bullying controversy involving the two had been stirred up several times after some evidences was leaked. Here’s the info you should know about the  news related to the twins’ bullying incident, which shocked T-ara fans in 2012!

  • They made an appearance on tvN’s “Taxi” reality show in February of 2017. According to some reports, the show invited Hwa-young with the idea of ending the witchhunt of T-ara, but Hwa-young basically went off-script as Hyo-young encouraged her. Many fans and netizens were angered by it, because they basically acted like they were the victims.
  • The staff member posted images of text conversations, which have been confirmed as real between Hyo-young and Areum (T-ara’s youngest member at the time). The chat logs showed that Hyo-young was threatening Ahreum via KakaoTalk. Hyo-young threatened to slice Ahreum’s face with a knife & cussed out T-ara members. The leaks came after both Hwa-young and Hyo-young appeared on “Taxi”, and Hyo-young later admitted the chats.
  • In response to the bullying controversy, a representative from the show “Taxi” revealed they deleted the sisters’ episode because unnecessary controversy seemed to be resurfacing after the broadcast.