Profile of Park Jung-bum

Meet Korean Director and Actor Park Jung-bum

Park Jung-bum is a South Korean film director, screenwriter, and actor. Park Jung-bum was born in Seoul in 1976. He has a son named Park Young-duk who is also an actor and has starred in several movies Park Jung-bum directed such as The Journals of Musan (2011) and Alive (2015). Park Jung-bum has directed, written, and acted in several movies including his debut short film Templementary in 2001. Park has received several awards for his contributions towards films as a director and an actor.

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Park Jung-bum made his public debut when he directed, produced, and acted in the short film Templementary in 2001. He took a long hiatus from 2001 until 2008 when he began to direct a movie again. The short film 125 Jeon Seung-chul which he contributed to as a director, producer, screenwriter, and actor has won an award. His most successful movies were The Journals of Musan (2011) and Alive (2015). Both of the movies received much recognition from both national and international audiences.

The movie The Journals of Musan received a positive reception with, as they said, “Its awaken awareness for refugee issues.” The movie was based on Park Jung-bum’s real friend Jeon Seung-chul, a refugee from North Korea who struggled to adapt to daily life in Seoul. The two met while attending Yonsei University. The movie has received several awards such as Best New Narrative Filmmaker and Best New Director for Park Jung-bum.

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The movie Alive was filmed in a soybean paste factory in a small town located in Gangwon Province where Park Jung-bum’s parents live. The movie also received many awards such as Best Actor and Grand Prize. Park wrote the story in order to deliver his viewpoint on how humans should help other humans for hope. The movie focuses on a laborer who fails to save his friend from committing suicide. He struggles for survival as he suffers from a panic disorder. Park Jung-bum plays as the leading role in this movie. Here is the full filmography for Park Jung-bum.

  • Templementary (short film) – director, producer, actor/ 2001
  • 125 Jeon Seung-chul (short film) – director, screenwriter, producer, planner, actor/ 2008
  • Poetry – assistant director/ 2010
  • The Journals of Musan – director, screenwriter, executive producer, actor/ 2011
  • Jury (short film) – actor/ 2012
  • If You Were Me 6 (segment: “Dear Du-han”) – director, screenwriter/ 2013
  • Alive – director, screenwriter, producer, planner, actor/ 2015
  • Now Playing – actor/ 2015
  • A Quiet Dream – actor/ 2016


park jung bum

Park Jung-bum has received many awards for his roles in movies both as director and actor. Here is the list of his awards.

  • 34th Seoul Independent Film Festival: Award for Excellence – (125 Jeon Seung-chul)/ 2008
  • 10th Tribeca Film Festival: Best New Narrative Filmmaker – (The Journals of Musan)/ 2011
  • 20th Buil Film Awards: Best New Director – (The Journals of Musan)/ 2011
  • 31st Korean Association of Film Critics Awards: Best New Director – (The Journals of Musan)/ 2011
  • 54th San Francisco International Film Festival: Best New Director – (The Journals of Musan)/ 2011
  • 29th Mar del Plata International Film Festival: Silver Astor for Best Actor – (Alive)/ 2014
  • 9th Asia Pacific Screen Awards: Jury Grand Prize – (Alive)/ 2015