Full Profile of Korean Actor Park Hyuk-kwon: Dating Life, Height, Drama List, Movies, and TV Shows


Meet Korean Actor Park Hyuk-won

Park Hyuk-kwon is a South Korean actor. His name became famous after starring in the drama Behind the White Tower and became one of the more popular actors in South Korea. Wanna know more about him? Here’s his profile!




Name: Park Hyuk Kwon

Date of Birth: July 11, 1971

Place of Birth: Incheon, Seoul, South Korea

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Education: Seoul National University of Arts, Department of Theater

Agency: Mystic Entertainment (Mystic Actors)

Official Site: http://www.hyukwon.com/gnuboard4/

Official Company Site: http://www.mystic89.net/artist/hyukkwon-park


Drama List

Year Title Network
2004 You’re Not Alone – Guest SBS
2007 Behind White Star Tower

Time Between Dog and Wolf



2008 Drama City “In the Name of the Father”

Painter of the Wind



2009 The Return of Iljimae MBC
2011 Dream High

My Princess


You Are So Beautiful – Cameo

Deep Rooted Tree






2012 You Can Do It, Writer Goo Ha Ra!

A Wife’s Credentials

Drama Special “Still Picture”

I Like You

Horse Doctor

MBC Every 1





2013 The End of the World

Drama Festival “The Marvelous Sunshine Funeral Home for the Elderly



2014 Secret Love Affair

Trot Lovers

Plus Nine Boys

Flirty Boy and Girl





TV Daum


2015 Unkind Ladies

The Producers

Six Flying Dragons

Last – Special Appearance

Awl – Special Appearance

Lily Fever






Naver TV Cast

2017 Super Family

The Best Hit – Cameo



2018 Something in the Rain JTBC

Movie List

Year Movie Title
1998 Alex in Shinchon – Short Film
2001 Déjà vu – Short Film

The Road to Samcheonpo

2003 Desultory Empire – Short Film
2004 Yohoho, Mr. Rabbit! – Short Film

Please Stay with Me – Short Film

To Catch a Virgin Ghost

So Cute

2005 Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Short Film

Save My Earth – Short Film

Princess Aurora

Quiz King

2006 Running Wild

Portfolio – Short Film

Forbidden Quest

South of the Border

Don’t Look Back

2007 Once Again – Short Film

A Good Day to Have an Affair


Boys of Tomorrow

Milky Way Liberation Front

Twins – Short Film

2008 Open City

Girl Scouts


Truly, Madly, Deeply – Short Film

In Joke – Short Film

2009 The Room Nearby

The Day After



The Rennin or Lenin – Short Film

2010 Secret Reunion

The Man Next Door

Read My Lips

Enlightenment Film

Villain & Widow – Special Appearance

Family Plan – Short Film

2011 Re-encounter

The Last Blossom

If You Were Me 5

Dr. Jump – Script Writer

The Client

Laughing Gitar

2012 Soar into the Sun – Cameo

26 Years – Cameo

2013 The Body

The Gifted Hands

Short! Short! Short!

A Hungry Woman – Cameo

2014 Another Promise


Night Flying

Prominent Women – Cameo

2015 Twenty – Cameo

Now Playing – Special Appearance

Proof of Innocence

Girl on the Edge – Special Appearance

A Break Alone

2016 Tunnel – Cameo

Proof of Innocence

Her Secret Day – Short Film

2017 Taxi Driver

Daddy You, Daughter Me

The Way

The Mayor

The Mimic

2018 The Pensions


TV Shows

Year Title
2011 UV Syndrome Begins
2014 Somessing
2015 Radio Star – Guest

Infinite Challenge – Guest

2016 Radio Star Christmas Special – Guest
2017 Let’s Eat Dinner Together – Guest

Theater and Musical List

Year Title
2002 Theater- Subway Line 1

Theater- Checkmate

Musical- Fire Carmen

2003 Theater- Seoul Note




Year Awards
2007 6th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival – Special Jury Prize for Acting Award
2010 15th Busan International Film Festival – Best Actor Award



Personal Life


Park was born on July 11, 1971, but on his birth certificate, he was born in 1973 because his parents registered his birth in 1973. He spent his childhood in Suwon. When Park was in junior high school, he only went to school for two days and then stopped going. He hated everything about school. Because of that, he moved to Inchoen and stayed for 2 years. To support his living expenses, Park worked as a waiter and seller at the market. After finishing his GED (General Equivalency Diploma), he returned to his hometown.




Park made his debut in 1993 with Sanulrim theater. He saw an ad looking for new recruits for a theater troupe in a sports newspaper and then applied for it. Luckily, after the audition, Park got accepted right away. However, acting was not his first dream. Park did acting because he was greedy. But, because Park was already a member of theater, he thought he could do much better in acting so he applied for the theater department of Seoul Institute of Art. Unfortunately, he got rejected. Then, Park applied again a year later and got accepted. His first show was the musical Subway Line 1 and theater production Seoul Note. In 2002, Park received praise for the first time with his musical Fire Carmen.


After playing with his theater troupe, Park got cast for the short film Alex in Shinchon and marked it as his debut movie. After that, he only got offers for short films or minor roles. The work that turned his acting career was the medical drama Behind the White Tower. In the drama, Park’s role is Hong Sang Il, one of the doctors in the hospital. This drama got high ratings in South Korea because of its impressive production. To get into character, Park even observed people at a university hospital and studied for free.


One of his famous movies is A Taxi Driver. In the movie, he acted as a reporter trying to gain information about Gwangju Democratization Movement in 1980. The movie got positive reviews and became a box office hit in Korea after reaching 12 million viewers.


To challenge himself, he took a role in the movie The Mimic. This movie marked his first horror movie since debut. Park’s role in the movie is Minho, a husband that is suspicious of the daughter his wife brought. After accepting the script, he became curious about the finished product with sound and visual effects. So, he started to search and study about The Mimic ghost. The other reason Park chose this movie is because he always liked psychological horror movies like Kill Bill.


Not only in movies, Park also acted in many dramas. He became the main character for the first time in the family drama Super Family 2017. In the drama, Park became Na Chun Il, a married man with a daughter in adolescence. Even though the drama got low ratings, Park’s comedic performance left an impression on viewers. His character left an impression because he was not yet married but he played a father character. In the press conference for the drama, he expressed his thoughts.

“I have never been married. I have never been a father so I don’t have much affections and such feelings. To have these feelings, I remember my cute nephew,” said Park.

Park’s favorite actor is Javier Bardem from the movie No Country for Old Men. He was impressed with Javier’s performance and wants to play a strong character like Javier’s character in the movie.

Love Life


In the interview with Asiae (6/15/2010), Park revealed he had a girlfriend and has been dating her for a year and a half. For marriage, Park didn’t give attention to it because he thinks it’s just a social system made for the comfort of human beings. However, Park still wants to get married.

Until now, Park still hasn’t gotten married, and he feels rushed about this.

“I want to be in a hurry now because I was already late,” said Park.

He also shared his thoughts about having his own family. When an interviewer asked about his current relationship, Park said that he is still looking for the right one to be his wife.



  1. Park wants to establish a school where people can discuss social issues. He had this idea while he was studying acting.
  2. Park didn’t have television because there’s so much falseness on TV. The only TV program that he watches is Animal Kingdom.
  3. Park can cry very easily, and that’s something he is born with.
  4. Park doesn’t like traveling. One time, he even went to Cuba alone but regretted his decision right away.
  5. Park likes to spend whole days observing people.
  6. Park’s smoky eye makeup in the drama Six Flying Dragon became a hot topic every time the drama aired.

  7. Park accidentally showed his underwear while pillow fighting on the show Infinite Challenge.