Full Profile of MBLAQ Members (Name, Age, Height..etc)

Park Sang-hyun (Thunder/Cheondung) – Former Member


Birth Name: Park Sang Hyun (박상현)
Stage Name : Thunder or Cheondoong (Cheondung)
Birthday : October 7, 1990
Position : Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Height : 181 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Religion : Atheist
Blood Type : A
Languages : Korean, English, Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese
Instruments : Violin, Piano
Hobbies : Listening to Music, Composing Songs
Siblings : Older sister 2NE1‘s Dara & Older sister Durami
Fans : Soonja

Education :
– Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Academy

Facts :
– He was born in Busan, South Korea but grew up in the Philippines.
– His older sister is 2NE1’s Dara.
– Thunder said in a magazine interview that he had originally decided to pursue a professional career as a soccer player, specifically as a midfielder. He gave up and instead started auditioning for entertainment agencies, one of which was JYP Entertainment.
– He eventually became a trainee of Loen Entertainment, then transferred to J.Tune to replace member Sang Bae after he left MBLAQ before the group’s debut.
– He revealed that he doesn’t like girls who have a lot of guys around them on the December 8th broadcast of Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.
– He is now an artist under APOP Entertainment (music label under Mystic Entertainment).
– In 2015, he appeared in MBC drama’s Make a Woman Cry and was criticized for his foot (bad) acting.
– He finally debuts as a solo artist on December 2016 with Sign featuring Goo Hara.
– On 6 February 2017, it was announced that Thunder would be the first Korean idol to star in a Korean-Indonesian movie, titled Forever Holiday in Bali.

Kim Sangbae (Moos) – Former Member


Birth Name : Kim Sang Bae
Stage Name : Moos
Nicknames : UNICEF
Birthplace : Hampyeong, Jeonnam, South Korea
Birthday : April 29, 1991
Nationality : Korean
Height : 175cm (5ft8 in)
Weight : 61kg (134lbs)
Blood Type : O
Education : Hankwang High School

Facts :
– He was supposed to debut with MBLAQ, but dropped out before their debut due to personal reasons. Thunder took his place.
– Now he is a member of MADTOWN (formed in 2014 by J. Tune Camp). Starting December 22, 2016, MADTOWN’s contract was sold to GNI Entertainment after J. Tune Camp closed.

MBLAQ Members Popularity Ranking


Back in 2009, MBLAQ and BEAST both debuted at the same period and are therefore known as rivals. Fast forward to 2014 and the tables are completely turned. With the announcement that 2 members Lee Joon and Thunder were leaving MBLAQ, it was clear to all that BEAST (Now HIGHLIGHT) would end up on top.

During MBLAQ’s Mirror comeback showcase on June 9, 2015, the remaining three members of MBLAQ discussed the hardships they’ve been enduring up. They said that they were in some turmoil or at least a slump since the departure of the two members, but there had been no choice. That’s why they have chosen to reflected a lot about what’s already happened.

G.O once said that he was thought of as the new substitute member, but he ended up staying as a trio. Seungho also said they had an extremely hard time and it was also hard because they were reorganizing things in preparation for a new MBLAQ, but after putting things in order and finding a new image, he regained strength. Mir added that he even went down to the rural area to become one with nature.

According to an insider, J.Tune Camp wrapped up all loose ends in the beginning of February 2017. Their contracts with all their artists were ended, and the managers and staff all left the company as well.  It happened when member G.O enlisted for his mandatory military duties in February of 2016, while the remaining members Seungho and Mir were focusing on individual activities.

MBLAQ actually has had popular songs, but they have only won a few awards. MBLAQ is well-known, and many people think that means that the group is successful. But a boy band that doesn’t gain recognition for its music is not necessarily ideal. That’s why all of them ended up pursuing solo careers in different fields.

When they were still together as five members, Lee Joon, Thunder, Seungho and G.O had gained recognition for acting (in movies, dramas or musicals), and G.O had gained a lot of attention for his vocals and his producing skills. Mir has also become renowned for his rapping skills. MBLAQ members were also popular on variety shows and have featured in numerous songs.

Based on popularity and recognition itself, we know that Lee Joon is the most popular one among the rest, because his acting and variety skills are no joke. Meanwhile Thunder and Mir are almost comparable because they are also widely known from having celebrities’ siblings (Sandara Park & Go Eun-ah). As for Seungho and G.O, they were pretty much active in their own solo careers but not really good at promoting themselves.

Well, eventhough they are not as popular as before, fans can have some hope in their music career return and still meet them as friends. With that being said, you can check out their coolest Music Video below!